Lost Ogle Trivia returns to Norman!

After a long and dreary hiatus, The Lost Ogle is proud to announce its blazin’ return to the Norman trivia scene! Starting July 7th, we’ll be hosting FREE Lost Ogle Team Trivia each and every Wednesday night at 7pm at the Buffalo Wild Wings located at Highway 9 & Classen. Here’s a fancy graphic about […]

TLO Restaurant Review: syrup.

One thing that has always kept me from sampling the breakfast restaurant syrup.—besides the somewhat irritating but wholly stylish punctuation in the name—was the fact that, for many years, people had told me that it was a front for a religious organization, much like the coffee shop cult I was once involved with in a popular Oklahoma City district.

Still, waking up hungry and looking for breakfast in Norman last weekend, I stopped by the hot spot on 123 E. Main St., mostly because I was craving pancakes of any denomination, religious indoctrination be damned. The fact it was located by Guestroom Records was just a fortuitous coincidence for me and, I’m hoping, God as well.

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