7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Support The Lost Ogle…

Whenever media publications beg people for money, they usually list all the important and bumptious reasons you should support them.

You know, something like “by helping fund our operations, you not only get any time, anywhere access to our content, but give us the support we need to stay afloat, overcome the Google and Facebook online advertising duopoly, and continue to produce our unique, locally-produced, occasionally humorous and sometimes important content about this place some of us for some reason still call home.”

That’s a pretty good reason to support an independently owned and operated publication, but to be fair and impartial, there are also some reasons you shouldn’t.

Here are seven of them:


1. We ruined your Santa Fe ski trip

If there wasn’t a Lost Ogle, the people of Oklahoma probably would never have known that their Governor fled his state to go skiing right after he declared a state of emergency. If you were that Governor, I wouldn’t give us any money either!

2. You’re cheap and stingy like my brother

Are you the type of person who makes a lot of money in sales, but hits up your brother for his The Athletic password when you want to read an article about OU football? If so, you’re probably the last person in the world who would send $5 to support a tiny website trying to stay afloat in today’s treacherous media age.

3. You’re Poor

If a $5 monthly subscription equals 33% of your hourly salary (or more), you honestly shouldn’t be a member. At least for now, you can still read our stuff for free with 24 hours. Save that $5 for the school supplies for your classroom.

4. You’d rather give your money to media “non-profits” backed by the Oklahoma ruling class

I’m not knocking the local non-profit media outlets that get a large chunk of their funding from Oklahoma elites like George Kaiser or the Gaylord-backed Inasmuch Foundation. Even though these outlets are well-funded, and generate more money in a month than we probably do in a year, I support some of them, because, like you, it makes me feel better about myself.

5. Your name is Carol Hefner

If that’s the case, we can’t blame you. That being said, can you DM random people and ask them to support us?

6. You will not give money to websites that still show ads

If you’re one of those people, I respect your stance. Although it would suck to not have cable television, or be able to attend movies or sporting events or festivals or the doctor’s office or any other place that charges you for a product or service and still shows you advertisements, I can see where you’re coming from. I’ll hit you up when we make ad-free browsing a new member perk.

7. You want our contributors to make as little money as possible

Like any compassionate capitalist, I give shares of our monthly membership revenue directly to our stable of contributors so they can make some extra money each month. If you hate their columns and work, please don’t become a member!

Anyway, that’s just 7 reasons why you shouldn’t support us. I’m sure there are dozens and dozens and dozens of other reasons, too. Let us know in the comments.

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21 Responses

  1. # 8 automatic renewals are the only choice to subscribe.

    1. #8. You refuse to adapt to the times.

      1. automatic renewal is the times?

  2. 1, 3, and 7 work for me

  3. I am retired, so am careful about where my money goes. I do support TLO; I consider it to be money well spent.

    1. Thank you, Marybob!

    2. Same for me marybob. Another retired member here

  4. Q: What’s the greatest country on the earth?
    A: Dough-nation!

  5. You think there’s too much advertising here? (Reason #6) Visit the Tulsa World website! It’s hard even to find the content between and under their blizzard of ads. It’s the worst I’ve ever experienced.

    The TW even limits you to one or two free articles PER MONTH without being a paying subscriber. And even if you pay, you still see their extremely annoying blizzard of ads. (Pro tip: if you visit there, first disable javascript. There’s a sneaky way around their paywall too, but it’s a bit too complicated to explain here.)

    I don’t pay to read what little worthwhile content there is at the Tulsa World for reason #1. But I do support TLO and Nondoc monthly even though I could read their content for free – because I consider them to be a good value for the money. The TW – not so much.

  6. #9 No PayPal option.

    1. What’s special about PayPal? (Serious question – I’ve never seen any point to it.)

      1. Safer than using a credit card. Someone will eventually hack TLO and get our CC info

        1. We don’t store your credit card info on the site. That’s all handled through Stripe.

        2. Someone won’t eventually hack PayPal?

  7. Why does the site let me log in, but won’t let me read the articles?

    1. Because you ended your membership on May 10th.

      1. “Thank you for contacting customer service”

        -The Lost Ogle

  8. engaging in the comments is worth the price alone.

  9. I’m a member. God bless TLO for the good work they do.

    1. Where else can you fund poking Gov. Stitt in the eye for the low monthly price of a Pumpkin Spice Latte Grande?

  10. Hobo Joe. You can read my endless posts on Facebook that do more than poke Clueless Kevin in the eye but you should remain supportive of the real professional in this business…TLO. I’m just on a learning curve barely started.

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