Report: OKC still fat and unhealthy

Last week, a clickbait ranking of the healthiest big cities in America hit the Internet. Guess who was ranked dead last.

Via News 9:

Oklahoma City is ranked dead last for healthiest big city in America. Health experts in the state said they're not surprised.

In reference to things like health care access, obesity rates, and recreation opportunities, Oklahoma City fell short.

Yeah, that's about the least surprising news to hit the Internet this year, but why does it have to be so negative? If you want to live a lazy, sedentary lifestyle in an unwalkable, button-bursting town with a fast food joint (and marijuana dispensary) on every corner and poor access to healthcare, come to Oklahoma City! Around here, every week is meat week, especially if you like it fried.

Because this news doesn't involve someone praising him on social media, Mayor David Holt has been relatively quiet on the issue. I'm not sure why. He could totally use this as an opportunity to get more attention for himself, which is the whole reason he's the mayor in the first place... right?

If Mayor McSelfie needs some guidance, he should just look at his mentor and predecessor...

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