For What it’s Worth: An Amtrak Adventure from OKC to Texas

I may be a few years removed from being a college student, but I am still as cheap. That’s why when my sister was planning our yearly trip, I was hella stoked when she booked us tickets aboard Amtrak’s “Heartland Flyer.” The train travels back and forth between OKC and Fort Worth and will set you back around $62 roundtrip, which is more than worth it for 1. not having to drive yourself and 2. feeling like an Indiana Jones-esque explorer ready for an excursion.

TLO Restaurant Review: Das Boot Camp

Although Germans are responsible for one of the greatest evils mankind has ever faced, I have to admit, they do have some pretty good qualities too: their houses are reasonably well-built, their women are a sturdy folk and, best of all, their food is always a filling proposition, usually based around something that I truly love, sausages.

That’s the main reason why this weekend I had a lonely dinner at Das Boot Camp, 229 E. Main Street in Norman. With a name that’s apparently a play on the 1981 film Das Boot—at least I hope so—it’s a Teutonically rustic restaurant on a somewhat modernized block, with a menu that screams nothing is over $12.00. They should be proud of that…but not too proud.

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