Oklahoma woman makes up incredible story about “saving” Afghanistan girls robotic team!

A couple of weeks ago, national and local news stations were all aflutter after Allyson Reneau – an Oklahoma biological mother of 11 who was featured on the Today Show 10 years ago for pursuing a "Harvard" degree and currently sits on the Board of Directors for the totally credible non-profit "Explore Mars" – claimed she was instrumental in saving an Afghanistan girls robotics team from the Taliban.

Fox News and CNN were eager to interview Allyson, giving the hero a platform to share her story of befriending the girls at a conference and coordinating a rescue mission with influential people across the Middle East to get the girls out of Afghanistan. In the Oklahoma Twittersphere, media, politicians and bots were all eager to take the bait and praise the Oklahoma Standard in action:

Unfortunately, just like the Oklahoma Standard, Allyson's story appears to be a media-manufactured lie. According to the Washington Post and other outlets, a lawyer for the girl's robotics team sent Allyson a cease-and-desist, claiming the girls have no idea who she is, and that she was not "involved in any material way with the girls leaving Afghanistan."

Check this out:

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