Abby Broyles to run for Stephanie Bice’s congressional seat!

Earlier today, we learned via The Ogle Mole Network that Abby Broyles – the former KFOR anchor turned lawyer turned US Senate candidate – filed paperwork announcing her statement of candidacy for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District seat that’s currently held by stale IPA Stephanie Bice.

Here’s the paperwork:

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Peace, Love and Thunderstanding: The Process

When Sam Presti was hired by the Seattle Supersonics on June 7, 2007, by the new Oklahoma-based ownership of the team, his first action made an immediate mark. In a draft night trade with the Boston Celtics, Presti shipped Ray Allen, the face of the franchise, out of town. In return, he got Wally Szerbiak, Delonte West, and a draft pick that would be used to take Jeff Green. Only Green remained with the franchise beyond the next draft. This was not equal value for a future hall of famer that helped the Celtics win a championship that very next season.

It may have been the best deal Presti has ever engineered.

TLO Restaurant Review: Blue J’s Rockin’ Grill

Over the past few years, various mass dining collectives have been taking the places of aged mall food courts, usually in Oklahoma City’s semi-fashionable downtown districts. However, in the particularly white-bread suburbs of Edmond, a group of upscale eateries has seemed to develop near the lonely train tracks, to great effect.

It’s called the Edmond Railyard, 23 W. 1st St., and inside are many places I deftly dream of someday trying, but, for this review, I focused primarily on Blue J’s Rockin’ Grill, a hamburger joint modeled after a moderately destitute Hard Rock Café, with rock, rap and country posters covering the walls, as well as a few guitars here and there; look upwards though and you’ll notice a drum kit painstakingly transformed into a lighting rig for the place, which, really, is kind of ingenious.