Unhinged Anti-Vaxxer Edmond Moms Return From Summer Break


Edmond school children are facing a dangerous situation every time they go to school. This time, COVID-19 is the least of Edmond parents' worries...

Via OKC Fox...

Parents in Edmond protested Thursday morning at the district's administration building saying students are being segregated and discriminated against based upon their vaccination status.

Edmond Public Schools released new COVID-19 protocols which indicate how vaccinated and non-vaccinated students will be treated if exposed to COVID-19.

Angela Grunewald, the Edmond Public Schools Superintendent, said the policy was changed because of a spike in cases...

Children that are unvaccinated will be required to complete a 7-day or 10-day quarantine per recommendations by the Oklahoma City-County Health Department.

If the child has been vaccinated they will not have to quarantine if they are not showing symptoms.

The new restrictions have led Edmond parents to protest in front of Edmond schools, as well hop on social media to voice their warped and unhinged discontent for regulations.

For example, take a look at this video by Edmond resident Stephanie Brady, who was also interviewed in the OKC Fox article above. She's married to former OU standout Ricky Brady and compared life-saving vaccines to spicy chicken tenders that give you explosive diarrhea. At least I think that's the point she was trying to make.

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