Have a Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I hope everyone had a super week! I usually try to publish a news round-up at the end of the week, but with it being the Friday before a Labor Day weekend and OU Football Eve, the Oklahoma Internet scene is basically a ghost town. Instead, I think I’m going to call it an early […]

Oklahoma’s Abortiotourism Industry Is Booming!

Be prepared to see a new abortion clinic or two open up on I-35 near the Red River!

Thanks to the state's new restrictive and draconian abortion laws, News 9 is reporting that Texas women who want to be the ultimate decider on whether or not they welcome a new life into the world are now flocking to Oklahoma to get their abortions.

That's pretty wild. Back in the olden times, Texas was the place Oklahomans would visit when they wanted to legally buy strong beer, purchase hardcore pornography or get a tattoo. Now Oklahoma is the place Texans visit to legally gamble, buy weed or get an abortion! It's funny how the sin-based tourism pendulum swings.

Unfortunately, I don't think Oklahoma's abortiotourism industry is going to be booming for very long. Here's why:

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