Newest Ogle earns right-wing backlash after horse dewormer fake news controversy…

I hope you had a fun, festive and relaxing Labor Day holiday, and it was a lot better than Katelyn Ogle’s!

In case you missed it, Katelyn – daughter of Kevin, sister of Abigail, and the latest Ogle to enter the Oklahoma City news scene – became the subject of online ridicule and criticism from the right-wing social media echo chamber after a kind of flawed, kind of misleading story she reported for KFOR was aggregated into a very flawed, very misleading viral news story for Rolling Stone.

Here’s a breakdown of what happened:

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God Save the Memorabilia: Gently Repeating “Oi! Oi! Oi!” at Tulsa’s Punk Rock Flea Market

As I’ve written about here many times, I absolutely love flea markets. And while said second-hand sales are usually far-reaching in their goods and services, I had never once been to a themed one; when I saw that Tulsa was having a Punk Rock Flea Market, I dusted off the old Doc Martens and made a spastic fit for the Expo Square Exchange Center, 4145 E. 21st St.

The large Tulsa driller-killer welcomed my friend, my dog Sean, and me to their fixer-upper fairgrounds, with a large banner weighing heavily on the frontage, although we knew where we were when we saw scads of youthful Hot Topic regulars standing out front bumming smokes and scamming for change. I felt like I was in tenth grade again, a sense of mild repulsion hurtling over me.