5 ways to stop abortion in Oklahoma!

Surprise, surprise, my friends!

Earlier this year, Oklahoma lawmakers and our esteemed governor passed five brand, spankin’ new bills that aim to reduce access to abortion in Oklahoma.

While the bills are already being challenged and the Oklahoma Supreme Court has overruled approximately a bajillion other abortion restriction bills in the past, Oklahoma lawmakers would much rather waste time and resources passing useless –if not harmful—bills instead of actually doing anything helpful.

For some folks, abortion can be a necessary, but difficult and even sometimes traumatic decision. For others, terminating a pregnancy is a mindful, straight-forward decision that does not necessarily lead to grief or regret. Whether it’s due to financial instability, age, risk, or just not wanting small sticky things sucking their milk and bank accounts dry, there are multiple reasons why people choose to have an abortion.

But if our esteemed lawmakers are so hellbent on decreasing the number of terminations in this state, I’ve got a few ideas to help that don’t include passing unconstitutional bills, including…

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