Venn, Vidi, Vici: Give the People Slices of Venn Pizza!

Recently, I’ve had to go back through a few writings from my life, thinking about the harsh words I’ve forcibly shared about area pizza places.

For far too long, I’ve loudly proclaimed that I just don’t care for pizza, but it seems that I should probably find a new food to dislike because the last five or six pizza parlors I’ve visited I’ve absolutely loved.

We might as well add Venn Pizza, 915 W. Britton Rd., to that list.

As soon as I walked into the pizza joint, with photos of Prince and John Travolta on the wall, I was lulled into an absolutely tangy sweet spot. As my friend and I found a booth—right under Lady Gaga, if you’re interested—the waitperson was Johnny on the spot, bringing us waters and menus as soon as we sat down. After a few minutes of picking and choosing, we hungrily decided on dinner.

Like many appetizers at many pizza joints, Venn had their own variation of a starter bread, here called Meemi Bread ($10.00). While this may not sound all that intriguing to you, when it came to the table in separately balled selections, as I looked closer, I saw that each piece had tasty variations: one was stuffed with cheese, another had slices of pepperoni and the third knob was packed with sausage.

With a distinct and delicate reason to live, the bread turned out to be a stellar choice, allowing everyone at the table to experience the trio of different flavors, my own favorite being the sausage, filled with plenty of spicy cuts that had me immediately reaching for the others, if only for a bite in the spirit of the review; it was worth it, nearly filling me up, far faster than I expected.

As I begrudgingly pushed the bread away with a slight attitude, our waitperson brought us our specifically made pizza, consisting of a half Okie Dokie ($16.00 for a full pie) and a half Gorlami ($18.00 for a full pie), ordered that way so both of us could sample the pizza that we individually craved; Venn was apparently nice enough to oblige my sauce-covered whims.

The Okie Dokie, surely named after both this “great” state and the pie’s very reliance on artichokes, had the famed sauce slathered on the somewhat light crust and, even better, was topped with marinated and roasted artichokes, as well as plenty of house mozzarella and a balsamic glaze swirled all across the top. With a highly vegetable taste that has made the artichoke one of my new favorite produce marks, it mixed very well with the mozzarella and the glaze just added to the proceedings; with a farm-fresh taste that gives it true originality, I should have put on a pair of overalls and left on a tractor.

I, on the other hand, selected the Gorlami—for reasons that, I’m sure, many of you wouldn’t get or understand. With sliced sausage and red and green peppers for extra excitement, the addition of mozzarella cheese and whipped ricotta added to my own celebration; it seemed as though the majestic richness of this pizza could never be topped.

While I liked the Okie Dokie, I loved the Gorlami. The only way for me to ever have sausage and peppers again, they were gently cushioned by the life-sustaining crust, the fat drops of ricotta topping a generous surprise in every bite. Even though, after the first slice, I was dutifully full, I still made room for, at the very least, half of slice number two. I felt like I had to.

Has pizza changed over the past twenty years? As someone that was pitifully raised on Totino’s Party Pizzas—always a combination, never a party—when I had my first cheesy slice from a parlor, I felt unknowing and unsure. Now, with Venn being the latest in my long line of saucy tastes, I guess I really do like pizza. And I especially like Venn’s.


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  1. Louis: if you grew up and matured on crappy cheap pizza, it is fair that you might have developed an unfair prejudice against all pizza.

    Glad that you have seen the light now that you’re on a TLO expense account. There is some great pizza out there. It’s one of the basic American food groups.

  2. Nice Squid Games logo on the door

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