Stitt spent $12,199 in taxpayer money to pander in Texas…

As we noted over the past week, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt recently spent time in Texas to pander to right-wing folks who hate immigrants and/or enjoy OU football.

According to a Don’t Carmen My Foreman report in The Oklahoman, that trip only cost taxpayers $12,199, which equates to about .003 cents per resident.

Via The Oklahoman_:

Oklahoma taxpayers will foot the bill for Gov. Kevin Stitt’s charter flight to Texas last week to join Republican governors for a news conference to criticize President Joe Biden’s immigration and border policies.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation, whose plane was not available due to maintenance issues, is processing the $12,199 bill for Stitt’s charter flight to and from south Texas, the governor’s office said Monday.

The flight appears to be the only taxpayer-funded cost associated with the governor’s trip, an event that some critics have called a political stunt.

Stitt and his staff did not stay overnight in Texas and the cost of security at the border was not paid for by the state of Oklahoma, the governor’s office said.

That’s kind of funny. One of my favorite media tropes is the classic <politician> spent <dollar amount> in taxpayer funding on trip to <destination> to do <blank>.

I should know – we had a bunch of fun with it back in the Mary Fallin days, when she and Hipster BooBoo would spend the taxpayer dime to attend bowl games, east coast speaking gigs, and trips to Italy.

In fact, Mary spent $250,000 on travel expenses during her first two years in office. Since Kevin Stitt seems to go out of his way to hand Mary his beer, he has some catching up to do in that department.

That being said, although I appreciate the outrage pageviews they deliver, I don’t have a major problem with politicians using a little bit of taxpayer funding every now and then to sneak away on a little “work trip.” It’s a bipartisan perk of the job that politicians in both parties enjoy, and people who didn’t vote for them like to complain about it. What’s the fun in being Governor if you can’t take a free work trip every now? Those Santa Fe ski slopes are nice!

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15 Responses

  1. From my old mentor: “When someone says it’s not about the money, it’s the principle of the thing… you can be damn sure it’s about the money.”

    Or maybe not. Yes, it’s “only” about $12,000. But you know that the State would be coming with full force after people whose unemployment benefits were overpaid… if only they knew who they were. “Oklahoma Employment Security Commission officials said they have no way of knowing how many Oklahomans were overpaid for unemployment benefits or how much they owe.”

    I’m still wondering who paid for the damage that Mrs. Stitt caused when she ran a red light in a State vehicle and T-boned another car, injuring the other driver.

    I’m less resentful of politicians who take personal junkets for pleasure at taxpayer expense than I am when the junket is pure campaigning on the taxpayers’ dime. With Stitt in office, is it too much to ask that he spend a little time on Oklahoma’s many problems instead of running against Joe Biden all the time?

    And doesn’t Stitt realize that his party’s presidential nomination for 2024 is already locked up unless the Grim Reaper intervenes?

    1. Can we get that lucky!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So he flew home from Texas that day…. but how did he get back down to Dallas for the Saturday 11:00 am kickoff of OU/TX? Just pondering…

  3. As someone who works 24/7, doesn’t have a pot to piss in to show for it, would get arrested for just thinking of crime in general but follows the law anyway out of respect for for it, I would say it’s time to change the “rules for thee but not for me” situation. I did not sign up to be a citizen of the “Confederacy of Citizen Abuse for Big Business”. I am not a soldier, an enforcer, nor do I pledge any allegiance to this horseshit and if you are a federal investigator, attorney, or lawmaker, reading this… shame on, you are in dereliction of duty.

  4. The only problem with that concept is usually the person who created the many problems is not the same person who cleans up the mess, re: Bush/Obama or trump/Biden.
    All evidence clearly shows stitt is the creator of problems, not the clean up guy.

  5. He sucks. But you are the tapeworm that lives off the lamprey.
    What would you do without something to bitch about?

    1. Says the bitch!

    2. Have a marginally better life as I would have one fewer thing to bitch about?

  6. Shitt’s an ugly, evil, hate-filled racist and
    misogynist man tits MONSTER. No costume necessary. Happy Halloween!

  7. Probably be happy and thrive, BitchJames.

  8. He looks like a tourist with that water bottle.

  9. First couldn’t the schmuck borrow a pair of tactical pants from ‘Ol Scotty Pruitt? Secondly is he too stupid to realize he won’t even come in as Miss Congeniality in the Miss Trump USA pageant? He hasn’t got the balls to beat out DeSantis, Abbott, Cruz, or even Noem.

    1. Pruitt is quite short, and Stitt is tall. Pruitt’s pants would look like pedal-pushers on Stitt. He looks ridiculous enough as it is.

  10. Stitt doesn’t own a plane? I thought he was rich. Also, what’s with the vest? It looks like he should have a couple of extra clips showing like the guy in the middle. I can’t see his firearm do you think they may have taken it from him for safety’s sake? Maybe he’s trying to look tough but he comes off as a tourist. Oh, alas Mayor Mick I sure wish that you had a better campaign manager for your gubernatorial run maybe things would be slightly different in our state.

  11. While Bull Stitt is out pandering to the right wing nuts in Texas, on Oklahoma taxpayers’ dime, his local rich buddies at certain state agencies DHS, are redirecting taxpayer social net funds to Bull Stitt’s rich funds up in Edmond and the Tulsa area via non-competitive contracts.

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