7 Reasons to play “Mix-Tape Music Bingo” at Anthem Brewing!

Each Tuesday night at 7pm, we’re proud to present Mix-Tape Music Bingo at Anthem Brewing – our twist on the new music bingo craze sweeping America.

What is Music Bingo?

It’s a lot like regular bingo, but also a lot more fun! Instead of someone calling out letters and numbers, we play music! When a song on your card is played, you mark it off your card. The first player to get a “bingo” then wins a $25 Gift Card to Anthem!

Wait. So it’s Singo?

Kind of, but Singo is a very trademarked name, so we can’t really call it that.

Anyway, there are lots of reasons to swing by Anthem Brewing any Tuesday night this month for Mix Tape Music Bingo. Here are 7 of them:

1. Free to Play. There are no hooks, gimmicks or CODs. Every round of Mix Tape Music Bingo is 100% free to play.

2. Great, Recognizable Music. From classic hits to today’s Top 40, we play the hooks, choruses and sing-a-long moments from your favorite songs. If you don’t know the name of a song, ask a friend or another team, they may help.

3. Cool Prizes. Okay, so we don’t hand out trophies, but the winner of each round wins a $25 gift card to Anthem Brewing! The person who finishes second wins a free beer ticket!

4. Tasty Craft Beer. Anthem Brewing is one of Oklahoma’s most decorated breweries. From standard classics like Golden One to seasonals like Festivus to their latest and greatest brewmaster creations, they always have a great selection of Oklahoma craft beers on tap!

5. B.Y.O.F. Anthem doesn’t have a kitchen, so bring your own food or order from a delivery app instead! With a convenient downtown location, any and all food is nearby.

6. Pet Friendly. Anthem has a gorgeous patio and the taproom is pet friendly, so bring your little furball buddy by for some musical fun.

7. Be home by bedtime. Music Bingo runs from 7 – 9pm, so you can still get out, have some fun and be home in time to fall asleep to Matlock. Or you can just hit up another bar. It’s up to you.

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