Sen. Dahm Proposes Anti-Commie Rhetoric to Be Taught in Schools

Those rascally Republicans are at it again!

In his latest bid for immediate attention, Oklahoma State Senator and US Senate Candidate Nathan “Sweater Boy” Dahm and his big-boy beard filed Senate Bill 1102, which would require Oklahoma social studies courses to include “at least 45 minutes of instruction” about the evils of Communism.

The bill was apparently inspired by disgraced former president Trump’s declaration of November 7th as Victims of Communism Day, which is sandwiched by 364 days of Victims of Unchecked American Capitalism Day.

Here’s his rationale, courtesy of KFOR:

“It’s been more than 100 years since the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, and Lenin’s formation of the first communist government,” Dahm said. “Since that time, communist regimes throughout the world have murdered more than 100 million people and subjected countless more to unthinkable atrocities. We must ensure our citizens understand the brutality of these regimes and the real danger they pose to our freedoms and lives.”

That’s nice and all, but isn’t communism already taught in public schools? Plus, as a take no prisoner capitalistic society, don’t we already do a pretty good job demonizing communism?

When confronted with these facts, he casually ignored whatever was said and continued on his pointless rant:

“Through false promises of equality and liberation, communist regimes throughout the world have systematically robbed their own citizens of their fundamental rights of religion, speech and association,” Dahm said. “Those who spoke out faced persecution as political prisoners, and many were killed in state-sponsored purges. We’re all familiar with the saying that those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. If we ignore this lesson, we risk our very republic.”

“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” says the authoritarian alt-right beard boy who wants to overthrow the results of a national election.

We’re constantly warned of the illicit dangers and utter evils of forgetting American history—with the exception of, of course, Indigenous removal, slavery, and so on—with lawmakers like Dahm believing that children should be indoctrinated about the evil’s of communism, lest they repeat the same Yankee-doodled mistakes as the Russians, the Chinese and, worst of all, the Californians.

But, with the exception of teenagers trying desperately to shock their parents by hanging a hammer and sickle flag on their door—because fuck you, mom and dad!—the communist threat and its supposed dangers are pretty far removed from the American psyche as we’ve already become so entrenched in absolute capitalism; if you ask me, that’s already a win in your corner, Dahm!

But, I guess unless it’s got Trump’s seditious thumbprints on it—already far more dangerous than any hammer and sickle—that doesn’t make a difference and, soon enough, children will be forced to learn an additional 45 minutes of anti-communist theory once a year that could be better spent doing something more educational, but I guess saying that make me a communist.


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20 Responses

  1. Looks like he gathered a huge crowd. What they lack in numbers, they more than make up in girth.

  2. Maybe the

  3. I don’t know y’all, we were planning on moving but these guys are pretty Dahm interesting and by interesting I mean amazingly stupid with the likes of pandering never seen before. If this guy is representative of American values you can paint me red and call me a communist. Dahm sounds like he won a lead chip paint eating contest back in the day when America was great. And speak of the devil, is that freedumb fighter Timothy Harper!? Gravy Seal numero uno is backing Dahm! I guess Tim is limited to just open carrying a American flag now.

  4. Dahm should spend more time actually looking out for his constituents as in the soon to come OCC hearing on the ONG 1.2 BILLION dollar screw up we’re all going to pay for for the next 20 years, on top of all the coming rate increases.
    Senator, should ONG be forced to acknowledge “Climate Change” exists, as a Corporation?
    If they won’t how can the customers ever believe that ONG will ever acknowledge that a Siberian style weather change can be the one and only thing that could create a ‘basis’ changing non hedgeable Natural Gas event that could implode their business model. Wait, is ONGs business model to simply pass every single screw up to the ratepayer?
    Besides rate increases are the ratepayers going to be forced to bail out incompetency at ONG again and again and again over the decades?
    How much Natural Gas did your marketing department hedge when spot NG futures went to 1.50$? Maybe they could answer that at the coming hearing.
    Will the CEO of ONG receive a raise for dumping his own incompetency onto the ratepayers if they pull this 1.2 billion dollar ratepayer rape off?
    Senator, we’ve all read at least a couple paragraphs about Communism growing up. Hell, we had our very own Mao ‘mini me’ for 4 years just a while back.
    Senator, will you ever hold the CEO of a public utility to responsible for anything?
    Capitalism? OCC? I was under the understanding the OCC worked for the ratepayer? What say you, Senator?
    If you have time to stand by the street and holler about Communism, I’d suspect the most important thing you do for the taxpayer during the course of a taxpayer funded day is figuring out if you should eat that last bugger you picked, rub it under your desk, or on your slacks.

    1. Maybe we could use the $495 million opioid settlement to offset some of the $billion+ bill?

      What? Oh Shit!

  5. We’ll never get rid of hate-filled nut jobs like Dahm, John Bennet and their ilk until Oklahoma voters wise up – We’re never getting rid of them.

  6. “Communism” and “socialism” remain two go-to “stop think” words that have the ability to stir up the passions of followers of the likes of Dahm, i.e. people who have stopped thinking (if they ever started). Our capitalist oligarchs consider anything at all that smacks of socialism as threats to their plutocratic way of life – even things as harmless as credit unions, electric co-ops, and the GRDA. So the oligarchs have been waged a 100-year propaganda war against such things, with considerable success. How many hours has it been since you heard a “conservative” politician promise that America will “never be a socialist country,” even though our economy already has a small bit of benign socialism mixed in to take away some of their profits.

    I was born too late to experience the full ugliness of the McCarthy era anti-communist witch hunts, but I’m plenty old enough to remember the work of J. Edgar Hoover’s own Stasi. He is still perhaps the most evil man ever to hold high public office in America. My schools twice force-fed me Hoover’s silly book, “Masters of Deceit.” Even in my teen years I could smell bullshit when I held it in my hands. Then as now, anti-communism was a successful means of gaining and holding political power. Just scan the rogues’ gallery of politicians of past decades who made their bones through anti-communism, and the picture becomes clear.

    It’s a shame that it took Planet Earth most of the 20th Century to discover that Communism doesn’t work. Its only achievement was political power for its revolutionaries and self-appointed rulers like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro… and Kim-Il-sung and his prodigy. As an economic theory, Communism was and is a dismal failure everywhere it has been tried.

    If we’re going to re-visit 1950s – style anti-communism, might we at least give equal time to the evils of Fascism and all other forms of anti-democratic political extremism? Sadly, America has always winked at and flirted with Fascism while obsessing over Communism. Haven’t you heard fairly recently that free elections are passé, and that fascism can make Deuchland America great again?

    1. “ but I’m plenty old enough to remember the work of J. Edgar Hoover’s own Stasi.”

      Too bad you never compared the fbi with the real Stasi that communist east Germany used to lock up and kill any of their citizens who simply wanted to leave.

      F communism all you whiny stooges.

  7. McCarthyism is alive and well in our midst. How many synonyms are there for “idiot”?

    1. Well here is a new one for the ages, Dahm idiot.

  8. Dahmass.

  9. Dahm and Dahmer….
    I wonder what he thinks about Critical Race Theory taught in kindergarten….

    1. That’s his next fill-in-the-blank sidewalk rant. Honestly, how many people are in his district that aren’t church or family members? He’s term-limited in 2024 so that explains his US senate bid working a real job wouldn’t allow him to keep up his incoherent street rants. In my opinion, all candidates should have to submit the findings from a recent psychological evaluation at the time of filing. Unfortunately, he’s our equivalent to Ted Cruz not well liked but keeps getting elected. How sad.

  10. “Are you going to eat that?” he said to Lorena Bobbit…

    (Old joke but still funny.)

  11. File it in the cabinet that’s labeled:

    Sharia Law, Gay Marriage, Late Term Abortions, Critical Race Theory, Cancel Culture, Colin Kaepernick, White Water, Benghazi, Her E-mails, Stolen 2020 Election, Vax Mandates, Mask Mandates…… and all the other shit that don’t mean shit but causes right wingers to shit.

  12. Every time I see Dahm I think he is the Oklahoma version of Ted Cruz. Stitt of course is the Oklahoma version of Donald Trump, and of course his communication director Carly Atchison is the Oklahoma version of Kelly Ann Conway. There are many more examples.

    The list goes on and on, and like the house brand of soda at the dollar store, their belief of what a cola tastes like is so different than the national brand. But hey, it’s cheaper and we we can call it our own. Kind of sums up politicians in Oklahoma.

    1. Well said. All of the poor man’s version of course.

  13. The old generation used to call Communism “The Red Menace.”

    The Red Menace is still alive in well in Oklahoma, but today it has an entirely different meaning, and Nathan Dahm and his extremist ilk are exemplary of it.

  14. Dahm. The great man who refers to pregnant women as “hosts”. Freaking pig.

  15. He’s out of his vulcan mind. This is why we need to quickly come up with a solution to continued inbreeding within OK politics. #dikcheeze

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