It’s a great day for owners of vicious, deadly dogs that kill people…

To steal a bit from the late, great Norm MacDonald, it’s finally official – second-degree manslaughter is legal in the state of Oklahoma! In what’s considered a landmark verdict for people who want to own dangerous dogs, but face no criminal accountability when those dogs get loose and kill a person, a jury acquitted Antwon […]

Even Some Republicans Don’t Want Stitt to Kill Julius Jones!

Well, at least five of them don’t, but that’s a start.

In Oklahoma’s long history of incarcerating and executing minorities, very few cases have ever reached the fever pitch as halting the imminent execution of Julius Jones. The verdict has brought to light the inherent evils of the American justice system and their absolute prejudices against non-whites, especially in Oklahoma.

But, yesterday as Stitt sat in his multimillion-dollar house double-checking his trusty Bible for the facts about God’s ideas regarding justice—I thought one was “Thou shalt not kill…” but I could be wrong—five Republican lawmakers vocally went against their party’s beliefs, asking the Oklahoma governor to grant Jones clemency.

These five brave Representatives are Garry Mize and Preston Stinson—representing Edmond, where Jones allegedly committed the murder—as well as Rep. Logan Phillips, Rep. John Talley and even Rep. Kevin McDugle, a man of stand-up character that we’ve written about multiple times on this site.

From the Tulsa World:

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