Enjoy Pre-Thanksgiving Fun with Lost Ogle Trivia & Bingo!

Need a place to meet your old friends from high school who escaped Oklahoma? Want to get out of the house before someone asks you to peel potatoes?? Looking for one last night of sanity before the in-laws arrive???

If so, get your thankful on for Free Team Trivia (or Jackpot Bingo or Music Bingo) presented by The Lost Ogle and Anthem Brewing!

We have SIX live Free Team Trivia games going this week at some of the best spots in town. In addition to giving away over $500-worth of prizes, we’ll also be sprinkling in a seasonal blend of trichophyton-fueled Thanksgiving-themed trivia questions, covering topics from classic Thanksgiving TV episodes to Macy’s parade balloons to grandma’s favorite sides.

If trivia isn’t your gravy, we also host Jackpot Bar Bingo and Mix Tape Music Bingo! It’s an awesome way to have some fun, win some prizes and maybe take home a huge cash jackpot, with no questions asked.

Our full Thanksgiving week event calendar is located below. We hope to see you out. Gobble Gobble.

Free Team Trivia: Bar Cicchetti @ 8
Jackpot Bingo: Fassler Hall @ 8 ($850 Cash Jackpot)

Free Team Trivia: Solo’s Park & Pub @ 7
Music Bingo: Anthem Brewing @ 7
Free Team Trivia: Fassler Hall @ 8
Jackpot Bingo: Cock O’ The Walk @ 8 ($140 Cash Jackpot)

Free Team Trivia: Anthem Brewing @ 7
Free Team Trivia: Cock O’ The Walk @ 8

Free Team Trivia: Buffalo Wild Wings (NW Expy) @ 9

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