Stitt’s Education Puppet Gets Ratioed For Stupid Tweet

The guy pictured above with racist OKC mayoral candidate Crazy Carol Hefner is Governor Kevin Stitt’s chummy Education Secretary Ryan Walters.

In 2020, Stitt appointed Walters to be his Puppet of Public Education. As evidenced by Walter’s glitzy overly-photoshopped headshot, flack-driven non-profit work, and the fact that he once wrote an op-ed saying the Governor doesn’t have enough control over public education, it didn’t take an honors student to see that Walters is a right-wing wolf in teacher’s clothing, and was being groomed by Stitt and other GOP grifters to help privatize/sabotage public education in the state.

Knowing all that, we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Walters is now running for State Schools Superintendant, where he’ll be able to do even more damage to public education.

We also shouldn’t be surprised to learn that yesterday afternoon, as schools across Oklahoma canceled classes and went to distance learning due to Omnicron-fueled staffing shortages and student absences, Walter’s hopped on Twitter to lecture and insult administrators, grandstand to right-wing voters, and score brownie points with his big bossman.

Check this out:

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