Last night, a broad coalition of local media outlets, conveniently excluding us, hosted a debate of the three candidates vying for second place in the OKC Mayoral Election on February 8th.

Incumbent Mayor David Holt wisely dodged the debate. He has a massive polling lead, lots and lots of campaign money, and a new selfie-stick to break-in at the Jones Assembly, so you can't blame him for finding something better to do than stand around on a stage while three people with axes to grind talk a lot of shit.

Since Holt skipped the debate, the organizers went the passive-aggressive route and put a tiny picture of him on a little table for the other event attendees to comically address throughout the evening:

Instead of a photo, they should have used an iPhone with a David Holt selfie as the background wallpaper, or maybe a pic of him posing with a celebrity who's in town shooting a film at Prairie Wolf Studios. That would have been more realistic.

Thanks to that tiny picture, the general low-fi production values, and the fact that 1/3 of the participants were affluent racist Karens spouting nonsense that bordered the lines of self-parody, the debate felt at times like an SNL sketch come to life.

If you want to feel civically engaged or enjoy a decent freak show, you can watch the full thing on Facebook. If you have better things to do than watch three people attack a photograph of a man for an hour, here's a quick-hitting report card:

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