TLO Restaurant Review: Mathis Brothers Thirty Four Bistro

Editor’s Note: As Louis Fowler continues to recover and rehabilitate from a stroke, we’re going to republish – per his request – some of his classic TLO Restaurant Reviews from over the years.

  Today we take a look at his March 2020 excursion to Thirty Four Bistro – a small eatery tucked away inside Mathis Brothers.

We'll have an update on Louis and his incredible recovery efforts soon. If you’d like to help out and donate to his Louis’s stroke recovery fund, please do so here. Now, to the review...

Sweet Lady Americana: The Passion of Mathis Brothers’ Thirty Four Bistro

As a self-proclaimed Latin lover, I thoroughly believe in romantic gestures like treating your special ladyfriend to the finer things in this life, like brand-name furniture, bottom-shelf steak and, in the case of Mathis Brothers’ Thirty Four Bistro, both.

I had heard rumblings about a snack bar tucked away in the famed sibling-based furniture store, but, little did I know that located in their wholly upscale Design Center, rested this French-style—I’m presuming it’s French-style, at least—bistro that, while at first glance might look like an employee break-room, was in reality a high-class eatery.

Under the smooth guise of treating her to a new Lady Americana divan or a Broyhill breakfast nook—if those things do exist—upon entering Mathis Brothers, you would think with a fully-operational kitchen inside that you’d at least smell the used grease from the fryer, but, instead, the scent in the air was a mildly woven ox-musk, probably from the hanging rugs that we walked by on our way to said bistro.

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