Sassan Moghadam – Brick-Throwing, FB Porn-Following, Unite Norman Organizer – Tosses Hat Into HD 46 Race

Today is the final day that politicians, aspiring politicians, and other clinically insane people can file for state office in Oklahoma.

Over the next couple of weeks (or months), we’ll try to take a look at some of the more extreme, nutty, and wacko candidates that Oklahoma has to offer, but one deserves a special stop-the-presses mention.

Sassan Moghadam – the right-wing Unite Norman organizer who became famous after he accosted a car full of rambunctious teenagers at brickpoint – has heaved his hardhat into the ring for State House District 46, which is currently held by Norman Democrat – and your nephew’s history teacher – Jacob Rosecrants. Remember Sassan?

Like a lot of people, the brick incident was my first exposure to Sassan. Although I also can’t stand teenagers, it wasn’t a very positive first impression.

That being said, now that Sassan’s an actual candidate and not just a wannabe political kingmaker, I thought it would be fun and fair to learn more about him and where he stands on the issues.

As a result, I went to his Facebook and clicked the “About” section. This is the first thing I saw:

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