TLO Restaurant Review: Los Tacos

Editor's Note: Before we get to this TLO Classic Food Review, I wanted to pass along that, all things considered, Louis is doing way better! We met for lunch a couple of Saturdays ago, and even chatted briefly on the phone last night, so yeah, it's safe to say he's improved dramatically since my Super Bowl Sunday trip to see him in the OUHSC ICU. He appreciates all the love, support, and encouragement he's received from TLO readers.   Louis is still working hard with physical rehab and speech therapy, and as he continues to recover, we're going to republish some of his classic reviews from over the years. For today, I thought we'd take a trip back to Los Tacos, a classic south OKC eatery that, as former Lee Elementary School Lion, has always been near and dear to my bean-loving southside heart.     Once upon a time in the Southside of Oklahoma City, many years ago, hiding in plain sight amongst divvy, working-class businesses along SW 44th was a much-loved little drive-in named Los Tacos that specialized in, shall we say…gringo variations of popular Borderland delicacies, aimed at the appetites of those that desire a little more than usual Tex in their Mex. They succeeded admirably.   But, like all good things, Los Tacos, and that location, eventually came to an end (it's now a 7-Eleven) and the family behind the food went off into another business venture selling ephedra pills, leaving a Texas-sized gap in the hearts of their many regulars who would often lament about their overstuffed Sancho burritos and so on to anyone within earshot.  
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