Earn your spot in Lost Ogle Trivia Bowl III…

Dust off your brain cells and gather your smart friends! The qualifying period for the $1,000 Lost Ogle Trivia Bowl III at Anthem Brewing begins next week!

For the new and uninitiated, The $1,000 Lost Ogle Trivia Bowl is our way of giving back to all the brainiacs and beer drinkers who regularly play our unique brand of bar trivia!

Here’s how it works:

• Teams earn Trivia Rewards Points each night they play trivia and/or finish in the Top 3 at any one of our seven metro trivia venues from May 9th to July 29th.

• At the end of the 12-week qualifying period, the Top 15 point-getters earn an automatic invite to the big $1,000 Lost Ogle Trivia Bowl in August!

“That’s awesome! How does my team earn Trivia Rewards Points?”

Here are the two ways:

• Play Trivia = 2 points
• Place in the Top 3 = 1 point

Simple, huh?

Additionally, the 10 teams with the most points will earn one mulligan for the Lost Ogle Trivia Bowl. And if your team doesn’t make the Top 15, don’t worry – we’ll also have a weighted drawing for 5 wild card entries.

Here are some more details:

How Long is the League Qualifying Period? It runs for 12 weeks from May 9th – July 29th.

What does it cost? Just like our nightly trivia nights, it’s free to join and play!

Can the same team play at multiple venues? Yes, teams can play and accrue qualifying points at any trivia venue. The more you play, the more points you get!

How do you track qualifying points? You’ll need to register a League Name for your team, and then submit it to your host each week, so we can track it.

What are the Lost Ogle Bowl prizes? It will be a 50/50 split of Cash and House Cash from Lost Ogle trivia venues and sponsors: First Place: $500; Second: $300; Third: $150; Fourth: $50. First place also gets a trophy.

How many players can be on a team in the Lost Ogle Bowl? Teams are allowed six players.

I have other questions! Ask your hosts when you play trivia night!

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