TLO Restaurant Review: Grandy’s

Editor's Note: In case you missed the last update, Louis is doing better! He's still working hard with physical rehab and speech therapy, and as he continues to recover from his stroke, we're going to republish some of his classic reviews from over the years.   For today, I thought it would be fun to revisit his very first food review for this site – the now-defunct Grandy's on N. Lincoln. Published in May of 2014(!), it would be the first of over 300+ restaurant reviews he'd write for this site. Although that Grandy's is long gone, the review is timeless...   Enjoy...   grandys   There are a few places around OKC that I always imagine would fit perfectly in the world of John Carpenter’s 1981 film Escape from New York. For example, couldn’t you see Snake Plissken shopping for Hiland yogurts and day-old ciabatta rolls at the Buy for Less at 23rd and Penn? Or perhaps strolling down the Wig District to donate a few pints of life-saving plasma for a few extra bucks?   I like to think that, when it comes to good ol’ fashioned Southern fare—especially after all the authentic restaurants have left town when OKC became a walled-in penal colony after President Mary Fallin installs a jack-booted local theocracy—he’d dine practically everyday at the Grandy’s at NE 36th and Lincoln...  
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