The Lost Ogle celebrates 15 years of obscure local social existance!

15 years ago today, I was a lost and wayward corporate marketing guy, staying up late on a Sunday night, hammering away words on a keyboard about the Channel 25 weathermen and (holy inflation) 80-cent draws at Henry Hudson. It was an old-school TLO media riff that introduced our “strikingly attractive” presence to the world, […]

Stitt’s C.O.O. ignores Swadley’s subpoena for Caribbean vacation

Yesterday afternoon, The Oklahoma House Special Investigative Committee began its public probe into the Swadley’s Foggy Bottom Swindle.

One person who spoke at the meeting was L.O.F.T. director Mike “Man In The Mirror” Jackson. He answered a litany of questions from lawmakers that revealed all the tender juicy chunks of possibly incriminating evidence his office has gathered during its investigation.

One person who was not at the meeting was Stitt’s C.O.O. Steven Harpe. Although he was subpoenaed to appear before the committee and answer questions about how this swindle went down, he took a trip to the Virgin Islands instead…

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