Cops need help finding this coward…

The coward pictured above holding a brick in an FJ-Cruiser who looks like a composite blend of all the people in the Trump supporter sunglasses meme is… well… we don’t know who he is (yet), but thanks to the hard work of law enforcement, every media outlet in town, and a brave mom with a cell phone camera, I bet we’ll find out soon enough.

In case you haven’t seen it on social media, the dude got very mad while waiting in the Burger King drive-thru line near Covell and Santa Fe in Edmond after a mom did what pretty much all suburban moms do and checked her order at the window, meaning he’d have to wait at least 5-10 seconds to pay for his food and then wait for it.

This minor inconvenience apparently sent the man into a psycho rage. He followed the mom and her kids out of the drive-thru and out onto the road, where he stalked, harassed, and berated them before throwing a giant brick through their windshield. Here are some details from News 9:

The mother said it all started at a drive-through near Covell and Kelly.

“As she was checking her order the vehicle behind her begin yelling at her to move and she said back ‘I’m checking my food and I’ll move’. Before she was able to, he pulled out onto the median and passed her onto the road,” said Ward.

Thinking the altercation was over, she drove off.

“He pulled up alongside her and began yelling profanities at her and her children. She went on and still felt threatened by him,” she said.

Just when she thought she had lost him the dangerous situation came to a head near Santa Fe Avenue and Big Cedar.

“He had gone off out of her sight down a private drive and apparently picked up a rock there,” she said.

“He blocked both sides of the road with his vehicle and as she slowed down to pass him and take the photo that is when he threw the rock at her windshield, shattering it. Glass came in on her and her children no one was harmed but obviously a very dangerous situation,” said Ward.

That’s insane! I guess we should all feel lucky that he only attempted to throw a rock through the window and not his giant titanium explorer watch. That could have really caused damage!

Here are two other quick thoughts:

1. Although I called the guy a coward in the headline, it does take a weird level of psychotic courage to have the nerve to stop your car, grab a rock, and then catch up to a car with a mom and kids inside and attempt to throw that said rock through their windshield.

2. I know it’s inconsequential and trivial, but there is something irrationally maddening about waiting in a slow drive-thru line, usually at Braum’s, and then having the person in front of you take a few seconds to check their order. I’d compare it to the feeling you can get watching someone in front of you in the TSA line taking an extra five seconds to take off their shoes. It doesn’t impact anything because you still have to likely wait for your order to be completed, but if you’re in the wrong frame of mind, it can really set you off. Granted, it’s not an excuse to go full psycho and then stalk a mom and her kids and throw a rock through their windshield, but it’s annoying nonetheless.

Anyway, if you see this guy I guess call the cops. If you see him waiting in line behind you in a drive-thru, get out of the car and run for your life.

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22 Responses

  1. If this had happened after visiting a McDonald’s, he probably would have yelled “You deserve a brick today!”

  2. I googled “Oklahoma road rage” and was surprised at how many hits I got on many different violent incidents. We must be a Top Ten State for road rage. Sometimes its rocks, sometimes its the vehicle itself, sometimes it’s even guns!

    What the hell is wrong with us? Why do we carry so much baseline anger around that we get violent when another driver annoys us?

    1. A big part of it, is we are terrible high traffic level drivers. I didn’t realize how bad until having driven in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas-where the traffic is so much more voluminous, yet is so much more navigable. Also in Los Angeles semi’s are required to take specific routes so they don’t clog up the freeways-and most of the on ramps have traffic lights-even when 5 lanes are full, the traffic is smoother than here when we have high traffic.
      Also the other cities have learned traffic flows so much smoother when you let each other in, etc., versus always trying to make sure to beat the guy next to you.

      Isnt’ it amazing that this woman “checked” her order and that caused this guy to chase her, go get a brick, stop and throw it at here-which must have taken 100 times more time than she cost him by checking her order. Also if he was in that big of a hurry and the drive thru was long GO THE FUCK INSIDE YOU LAZY BASTARD!
      I bet this guy would have no way done this if the driver was a man close to his age or his size, he’s a certified pussy through and through-GUARANTEED!

      1. Really? Los Angeles is navigable? I guess, if you count sitting in traffic for hours in one spot peacefully with no mega-chad attacks. This happens here because people are miserable and stressed because of just plain miserable people like this overgrown mall rat.

        1. I honestly have never sat for longer than a few minutes-it always seems to be moving-slowly but moving- also in over a week’s time there recently during some of the most high traffic areas/times I only saw three wrecks and only two were affecting traffic flow, I see 3 to 5 wrecks every other day on I-40/240/44/Broadway ext/Hefner Parkway etc.
          It looks so crowded and daunting but I really was able to get places that wasn’t horrible time wise. Maybe I was lucky but I’ve been there over 10 times in the last few years and for extended time frames and while it’s not ideal, it doesn’t hamper car travel as I thought it would. But I could be wrong and just was fortunate.

          What I’m not wrong about is they drive better there, the letting people in, etc., is better than here, also the no semi’s makes a huge difference. And I agree we got a lot of miserable people here-our elected officials and our road rage definitely reflects it. I say well played on the “oversized Mall rat”, that’s comedy gold there!

    2. 80% of us live in cities and suburbs that could be better handled cheaper and more safely for all involved with cycleways and mass transit. We build infrastructure for transportation for the 20% of the population that actually lives somewhere that driving is reasonable to be the primary option. This is what happens when you force people who don’t want or need to drive to spend thousands of dollars a year to drive just to get around the city.

  3. I will dispense with my usual BS and be serious for a moment.

    There are A LOT of people running around who are “on the edge.”

    And you never know who they are, or what they might feel like doing, until you see them doing it.

    More and more, little things lead to big violence. People speak of “senseless violence” and they’re right…except, the violence makes PERFECT SENSE to the person who feels like being violent. It doesn’t have to make sense to the rest of us, it only has to make sense to HIM. He chooses the time and place, and the “justification” for his action.

    Point is, the moment you encounter someone like this, get away from him ASAP. If you can’t get away, do everything you can to suppress your ego and de-escalate. Once people get to the point where they’re argumentative and seem interested in conflict, TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY. Shit can, and does, get out of hand with astonishing speed.

    You never know who you’re dealing with out there.

    1. Thanks for being uncommonly sensible, Skiff. You’re absolutely right; people are nucking futz out there.

    2. The above is the best advice you could read today. Just walk away. Don’t escalate, don’t try to reason with them. If you can, call 911 and give them all of the pertinent information.

      What’s worse is that Oklahoma’s great lawmakers have more laws to protect assailants than to keep victims safe. Get ran over and killed by a driver? The driver will most likely walk free. Have a person shoot you and cause bodily harm? Somehow the person causing harm with a handgun will walk free.

      We’re living in an upside down, boozy bear world.

  4. No wedding ring. Wonder why?

  5. Prediction: The cops already know who he is because he’s a cop.

    1. Speculation but there is a ring of probability about it. And now that he’s been ID’d but name not publicized, makes it even more probable.

      Can you imagine if he wasn’t a white male ?

  6. Automobile Jousting League of OKC
    Women’s league.
    Mens Mixed league, 3/4 ton and down/ 3/4 ton and up diesel only
    Mixed doubles league, for those who need help reloading
    Men and Women’s League, 2+ DUIs
    Verbal only league, just for folks who can do considerable emotional damage verbally.

  7. If you can’t wait in the drive-thru line…GO THE FUCK INSIDE!

  8. Update: Edmond Police Department – After numerous tips, we have ID’d the suspect. Thank you to everyone who took the time to call or send messages! (via thier Facebook)

    1. I hope someone here/other newsmedia run a story and his picture so he can be lambasted and identified for his asshole actions. Maybe lose his job and do some jail time AND suffer from being outed in public for this behaviour. You know he’s had other incidents and now he should be accountable.

      1. I think his name and picture need to be public knowledge.

  9. Sadly there are a lot of these people out there. The only positive thing I can comment is that it is a good thing he wasn’t one of those people who feel compelled to carry a firearm, because we all know it is that is the right in the Constitution that they care to follow. Evidently he chose to keep a rock close in his vehicle in the event of trouble.

    You do have to wonder about someone who carries a rock in their vehicle. But then again you also have to wonder the logic of someone who would break a windshield of someone who they felt took too long to go through a drive through.

    Evidently he is one of those Oklahomans that Stitt talks about that always do the right thing, like getting vaccinated, wearing a mask in a pandemic, and taking out people who take too long at a Burger King drive through.

    This guy needs some court ordered anger management after he pays for the damages he has caused, court costs, fines and possible prison time. Perhaps he is a friend of the guy who was initially let off on I-35 for road rage, because the cop didn’t want him to get in trouble for child endangerment because he had his young son in the car as he tried to run someone else off the road.

    Road rage is a huge problem in Oklahoma, and am guessing most of it goes unreported so it probably is a lot bigger than anyone knows. There are a lot of angry people here, just look at some of the rhetoric in political campaigns.

  10. Hmm. Hurling a heavy sedimentary object at innocent young people in an automobile. He’s most likely a protégé of head coward mogagoddamn sassan.

  11. All of this violence and anger, and yet we have more churches on each corner than CVS/Walgreens. I’m beginning to think the answer is fewer churches, and more dispensories.

  12. Maybe he’s kin to The Norman Brick Hurler?

  13. Has this been covered up? It seems the suspect had been identified. Have charges been levied? Who is this loose cannon? Something seems rotten in Denmark.

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