Mardel pulls all Disney products…

In late April, when Disney was facing backlash from right-wing cancel culture over the company’s response to Florida’s infamous “Don’t Say Gay” law, I got a tip via the Ogle Mole Network.

The Mole claimed that during a recent shopping trip to Mardel – the regional chain of Christian bookstores that are owned and backed by the Hobby Lobby family – they noticed that Disney merchandise had been pulled from the store’s shelves.

Honestly, I was more surprised to hear that an Ogle Mole was shopping at Mardel than I was that Mardel was pulling Disney merchandise from its stores, but still thought it was interesting:

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Stitt’s Communications Bro Scores Sweet Lobbyist Gig!

There’s been a major shake-up in Stitt’s Ministry of Propaganda!

Yesterday afternoon, Charlie “The Chaz Man” Hennema – the Tulsa weekend sports anchor turned Stitt Communications Chief – announced he’s relinquishing his $110,000 a year state job for a lobbyist gig in the private sector.

The news was announced on social media: