Cowardly Markwayne Mullin dodges US Senate debate…

In three weeks or so, simple-minded Oklahoma Evangelical voters will go to the polls to choose which radical right-wing lunatic will be the next fearmongering chode to represent and embarrass our state in the US Senate.

To help voters figure out which candidate best represents their bizarre ideologies and not-reality-based fears and insecurities, News 9 is hosting a debate where candidates can pander to voters’ biases and prejudices through the use of distorted political messaging and rhetoric.

Until today, the plan was for the five most well-funded conservative nutjobs  –  T.W. Shannon, Scott Pruitt, Luke Holland, Nathan Dahm and Markwayne Mullin – to explain their takes on made-up issues like Biden’s socialist agenda, the stolen election, Critical Race Theory, and other warped topics the GOP flack machine creates to feeds to its supporters.

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