Peace, Love and Thunderstanding: Post NBA Draft Thoughts

For weeks, the media had been certain that Auburn sharpshooter Jabari Smith, Jr. was going to be the first pick of the NBA draft. Even as the Vegas odds shifted suddenly on the eve of the draft, with Duke point forward Paolo Banchero going from distant third to clear favorite, the people who are paid […]

5 “New” Ways To Get An Abortion in Oklahoma

Editor’s Note: Earlier this year, our contributor Lenna shared 5 “new” ways for Oklahoma women to get an abortion if the Supreme Court overturned Roe Vs. Wade. 

Well, since that officially happened today, and medical abortions are basically illegal in Oklahoma except to save the life of the mother, I figured it would be prudent would re-share Lena’s tips. 

5 “New” Ways To Get An Abortion in Oklahoma.

As a woman who likes to A) Plan, B) Keep my options for abortion always open, and C) Shitpost, I figured why not share several new ways – which are also old ways – you too can get an abortion once our state inevitably bans it.

1. Fall Down the Stairs at the Oklahoma State Capitol…

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