TLO Show: Natalie Bruno, Libertarian Nominee for Oklahoma Governor

Are you a fan of limited government, personal freedoms, and drugs? If so, then do we have a podcast for you! Last week, I had a great discussion on The Lost Ogle Show with Natalie Bruno – the Libertarian Nominee for Oklahoma Governor. We talked about Libertarianism, her stance on a wide variety of local […]

Oklahoma prepares Sylvester Stallone for life in Hell…

It didn’t take Sylvester Stallone long to figure out what Oklahoma is really like!

Four months after jovially proclaiming Oklahoma is “the Paris of the Southwest,” Stallone is now singing a different tune and claiming the state has prepared him for a life in Hell.

We learned Stalone’s thoughts about this fiery fly-over cauldron of eternal damnation we call home when he replied to an Instagram comment that Andrew Dice Clay left on his Instagram…

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