TLO Show: Natalie Bruno, Libertarian Nominee for Oklahoma Governor

Are you a fan of limited government, personal freedoms, and drugs? If so, then do we have a podcast for you!

Last week, I had a great discussion on The Lost Ogle Show with Natalie Bruno – the Libertarian Nominee for Oklahoma Governor. We talked about Libertarianism, her stance on a wide variety of local and national issues – from abortion and guns to healthcare and education – and what it would take for Oklahoma voters to actually elect a third-party candidate.

Check it out below:

We’d like to thank Natalie for stopping by the podcast, Anthem for sponsoring it, and Randy “mile High” Mitchell for producing. You can stream, download and subscribe to The Lost Ogle Show wherever fine podcasts are bought, sold, and traded.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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9 Responses

  1. Librarians are usually nice people.

  2. These are the Libs that R’s and D’s can BOTH own.

  3. No chance in hell.

  4. The Koch Brothers are, we’re Libertarians. One even ran as a VP candidate on the National Libertarian ticket.
    One of their concepts was legal pot. Another was to in allow them to refine ‘dirty’ oil from Venezuela and then ‘tar sand oil’ from Canada.
    If a Koch was a Libertarian then we should want none of what that party is selling.

  5. I swear, if this candidate takes votes away from Joy and ChickenStitt gets reelected I’m breaking out a pitchfork and torch.

    1. I think it’s more likely to be the other way around. Lots of people can’t stand Stitt but won’t vote for a Democrat. She will suck more votes away from Stitt.

  6. I mostly like the Libertarians on social issues. They think that government should leave us the alone if we aren’t bothering anyone else.

    On fiscal and business issues I think they’re nucking futz. It’s time for jungle-style predatory capitalism, baby! You’re entirely on your own with no protection from the government against fraudsters, poison merchants, polluters…. As the late oilfield services guy (and Libertarian hero) Eddie Chiles used to say, “Government should deliver the mail, defend our shores, and leave us the hell alone.” That made Eddie something of a heretic in Libertarian circles. Why should the government be in the business of delivering mail? Privatize that sucker!

  7. Here in Mustang, I’ve always preached about being a Libertarian. Who’s business is it if I’m banging my younger co-workers on the clock? I’m a big boy and I can do as I please!!!!!

  8. Libertarians are just failed Republicans

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