Report: Markwayne Mullin is a tiny little man

I failed you, Moles. Last week, I recapped the derp-off Senate debate between Markwayne Mullen and T-Dubya Shannon. You can read it here. In my haste to hit the publish button, I missed an important detail that we should have noticed – Markwayne is a tiny little man! — rebecca yanez (@beccahasaplan) August 3, […]

Gavin Newsom asks film industry to boycott Oklahoma…

For the most part, I’m a fan and supporter of the local film industry, especially when it involves getting drunk at DeadCenter.

Sure, it’s overly subsidized and generates lots of tax breaks for the local ruling class – and it gets annoying to see “David Holt: Celebrity Hunter” in action – but I have a lot of friends and colleagues who’ve worked on local productions, and for the most part, it’s been good for them.

Plus, let’s admit it – it’s fun to have something filmed in Oklahoma being streamed onto your TV screen and it not involve a tornado. Well, unless you’re watching Twister… or Reservation Dogs.

Anyway, I bring this up because California governor Gavin Newsom is now asking Hollywood studios to boycott Oklahoma.

I guess he’s mad that Oklahoma’s controlled by regressive right-wing politicians who want to trample on people’s rights and limit their personal freedoms based on the interpretations of a 2,000-year-old book of myths and fables.

Here’s a full-page ad he placed in Variety. Check it out…

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