We talked to Madison Horn & Jason Bollinger on The Lost Ogle Show!

Greetings Moles! Last week, I was happy and honored to record Lost Ogle Show podcast episodes with Madison Horn and Jason Bollinger – the two young Democrats competing in a runoff to lose to James Lankford in one of our state’s two US Senate races. In individual interviews, I talked with them about their backgrounds […]

TLO Restaurant Review: El Ranchito #1

Okay… from the top…

Since that bastardly stroke took my will to culinarily live six months ago, I have subsisted on various bran muffins, lukewarm bottles of water, and, best of all, prepackaged low-sodium dinners—try the Salisbury steak with mushroom gravy!

But I knew that someday I would be reunited with my beloved Mexican food…and, finally, with doctoral permission, this dream came true.

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