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Here in the next (hopefully) month or so, we plan on introducing big changes as we prepare for our next 15 years of obscure, local social existence.

You know, things like unveiling an updated logo and color scheme, partnering with a membership-focused publishing platform, and flipping our OKC bar entertainment empire into its own stand-alone brand and business. In addition to that, we’ll be looking to add a new generation of Oklahoma writers, journalists, and content creators to the TLO team.

As I said, they’re some pretty big changes.

As we continue to work behind the scenes on those projects, we’re requesting some feedback, advice, and direction from our most valuable asset – the people who financially support us!

If you’re an active Lost Ogle Member and/or Subscriber, we’d like to invite you to participate in our now annual TLO Reader Survey! The whole thing is simple, straightforward, and should only take about 5 – 10 minutes of your time. It can also be submitted anonymously.

In the survey, we gather some demographic data, get your opinion on this little website of ours, and, most importantly, pick your brain on the direction you think we should take. If you’re a Lost Ogle Member, we cordially invite you to log in and complete the survey at the end of the article.

If you’re not a member and want to provide some input and direction on what The Lost Ogle will become over the next 15 years, you can always grab your credit card and sign up for $5 a month. I’ve asked around, and there’s nothing more thrilling and fulfilling than supporting an obscure local media website that, for better or for worse, keeps the local ruling class on its heels with a unique blend of content.

Anyway, the survey is embedded in the article below. Here are some links to log in or sign up.

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