Stitt and Co. working hard to keep Recreational Marijuana SQ off November ballot……

Over the past couple of years, our right-wing, power-hungry “we know better than you” Oklahoma politicians have been working extra-hard to sabotage two of the things that make our state a semi-tolerable place to live…

1) Marijuana Legalization

2) Citizen Petition Initiatives

Knowing that, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised to learn the Oklahoma Ruling Class is now pulling out all the stops to keep SQ 820 – a citizen petition that would legalize recreational marijuana sales in Oklahoma – off the November ballot.

Even though the group behind SQ 820 submitted all the signatures they needed on July 5th, a private contractor Stitt and Co. hired to verify the petitions conveniently took forever to do so. This now puts the petition in serious jeopardy of making the November ballot.

Well, unless you follow the news on Channel 25:

Although it would be nice if the Channel 25 headline was true, it’s probably not. Oklahoma Watch has a very different and probably more accurate take on things.

Check this out:

Recreational Marijuana Question Unlikely to Make November Ballot

Organizers of an effort to place recreational marijuana before Oklahoma voters were notified Monday they have enough signatures and are asking the state’s high court to make sure the state question gets placed on the November ballot.

But the Yes on 820 campaign faces several obstacles in the last part of its journey to the ballot as another challenge period will last at least 10 business days and the state Election Board needs time to print ballots for overseas voters…

Michelle Tilley, campaign director for SQ 820, said delays in the signature verification process by a private vendor mean the proposition may not make it to November’s ballot.

“The last petition Oklahomans voted on took 17 days to count 313,000 signatures,” Tilley said in a news release. “In contrast, we submitted half that amount and it has taken three times as long. This delay means the election board may not receive the green light to print the ballot in time for voters to vote on it in November.”

Yep, the contractor the notoriously authoritarian and anti-weed Stitt Administration hired to verify signatures pulled an ODOT and treated the whole thing like a batch of driver’s license renewals. What a surprise, huh?

The contractor the state used is Western Petition Systems. It’s owned by Bill Shapard – a conservative Oklahoma political consultant who owns the polling firm Sooner Poll. I believe their slogan is “60% of the time our polls are right every time.” And even that may be generous.

I talked to my good pal Ryan Keisel – one of the organizers of the petition – about the delay. They’ve lawyered up with some badass from Crowe and Dunleavy and filed a very persuasive brief with the Supreme Court to try to expedite things, with the goal of getting it on the ballot this November. If you like to read that type of stuff, you can do it here.

Although I wish Ryan, Michelle and the SQ 820 organizers the best in that fight, the Ruling Class usually gets its way with things like this, so I’d put my money on the SQ being delayed until 2024 at the earliest. Oh well, I guess it’s a good thing medical marijuana exists so we have something to keep us entertained while we wait.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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11 Responses

  1. They could have put SQ 820 on the upcoming mid-term election that has every bubba and bubette ready to come out and vote to burn Biden at the stake; not likely the pro-MJ crowd. Instead it’s going to be on the next super low turnout election where it’s just going to drive voter turnout for sane people that want to end the counter productive criminalization of MJ and make it more likely to pass. Well done Kevin!!

    1. He cares less about this question passing than he does about the question ushering more people to the polls that will vote for Joy! while there.

      1. Exactly. They don’t want another embarrassment… like Kendra winning. And, oh yeah, Kendra is running.

    2. Dean is right. 820 would be less likely to pass in the November general election where turnout is large, and more likely to pass in a low-turnout election where mostly the pro-cannabis forces will turn out.

      What does Stitt value more: 1) assurance that only Republicans will win in November, or 2) killing a pesky but popular initiative petition by exposing it to the masses to vote against it? I think he’ll pick door #1.

  2. Stitt’s private company buddies are all a bunch of turds.

    1. I’m sure the employees are old farts plum tuckered out from ballot counting in Arizona for Cyber Ninjas, then taking the Greyhound/RV to Kansas for the abortion recount, then on to Oklahoma for the MJ signatures. Probably lost 50% of their counters due to paper cuts and nodding off and missing the bus. Not to mention the Depends shortage (thanks Obama).

      [note that I am a geezer and this is partially in jest.]

  3. same thing is happening in Ark

  4. Shocked, just totally shocked. Nothing more common than a politician going against the will of the people. And if there is anything you need to know about Kevin Stitt its that he is common. I hope him and Ryan Walter’s get Monkeypox.

  5. I suppose keeping the question off the ballot was just more insurance for Stitt, Lankford and the other republican jackasses to be named later.

  6. There is still a chance, the tribes get involved and push with money-clout to cause an issue on this measure. It may not help get it on the ballot, but I’m betting it will result in some heavy baggage for Stitt. I hope I’m correct that the Tribes and those not in the Trump Nazi camp have learned to hold their fire until it’s too late for the Stitt’s/Trump model to come up with idiotic but plausible explanations for their base. This is why the Swadley’s seem to have gotten quiet, it will resurface closer to the vote. Let’s hope they rain down hard on these morons to the point they turn on each other and burn their own house down and stop burning everyone else’s.

  7. Obviously, Sooner Poll should be renamed Later Poll.

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