Corporation Commissioner Bob Anthony isn’t letting up!

A few weeks back, we let you know that term-limited Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Bob Anthony has gone rogue, and is having a merry old time breaking Oklahoma Ruling Class protocol and exposing just how bad Oklahoma consumers have been hosed by the corporation commission, lawmakers and our super-friendly public utilities.

Fortunately for Joe Powerless Oklahoma Consumer, it doesn’t look like Anthony is letting up anytime soon.

Earlier today, he filed a follow-up to his January 2022 “DISSENTING OPINION” over the state’s decision to issue bonds to cover the $1.28 billion we owed ONG – a division of the NYSE-traded company One Gas – to cover the price-gouged natural gas they billed us for during the February 2021 cold spell. 

Thanks to rising interest rates over the past six months or so, I guess the actual cost for that $1.28 billion has nearly doubled to $2.25 billion, which is something we’ll all have to pay back over the next 25 years or so. Even the folks at David Stanley think that’s a ripoff. 

Well, at least I think that’s the gist of everything. I’m just some dude with an English degree who writes words on the Internet for a living. You don’t actually expect me to understand how bonds work, do you?

You can check out Commissioner Anthony’s full opinion below:

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