New Tulsa King trailer prepares us for disappointment…

When I first heard that Sylvester Stallone was starring in a show called Tulsa King – a fish-out-of-water streaming series about a former mafia henchman who is released from prison and sets up shop in Tulsa – I had high hopes it would follow the lead of recent set-in-Oklahoma hits like Watchmen and Reservation Dogs, […]

TLO Restaurant Review: Ole Town Gyros

Like many classical tales, a fanciful Greek restaurant and an old bodega had a baby out of wedlock and, apparently, it was named Ole Town Gyros, 402 E Main St. in Norman. Opa!

Before I went, I did a cursory glance at the online reviews. Some of them were not very good, which lit a fire in my belly and made me want to go there even more! So, with a spring in my torturous step, I traveled down Main St. and found a nice-enough eatery, with a warm atmosphere and a few charming hostesses to boot; I was into it.

After a few of my selections were ordered, I took a seat and…

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