About Us

TheLostOgle.com is an independent news and info website that covers the (occasionally) great state of Oklahoma. The content is satirical in nature and may be considered crude, indifferent, irreverent, politically incorrect, tacky, offensive, etc. Basically, think Daily Show meets frat house meets Onion meets Buzzfeed meets Chive, but not nearly that good. If you have a problem with TLO, the satire is working too well or you need to dumb down your sense of humor.

The site was founded in 2007 by three guys that really had no clue what they were doing. It’s now run by one of those same guys who doesn’t have any clue what he’s doing. If you want to familiarize yourself with our style of content, check out the archives or “year end” features.

Here’s a little bit about our writers:


Publisher / Editor-In-Chief / Co-Founder

Patrick was born in Oklahoma City in 1978 and has lived in various parts of the metro his entire life. He had a preadolescence crush on Patti Suarez, a current crush on Joleen Chaney and a man crush on Gary England.

Patrick oversees all operations of The Lost Ogle, including poor editing, ad sales, events, partnerships and social media. When he is not doing those things, he likes to drink beer with friends, listen to great music and complain about sports. If you are a girl, Patrick lied about that, and actually likes puppies, long walks at Lake Hefner and to just cuddle-up and watch Girls. He also occasionally writes about himself in third-person and has premature white hair that makes him look 20-years older than he actually is.

Email: okcpatrick at gmail.com
Twitter: OKCpatrick

Associate Editor / Contributing Writer

Marisa has been a contributor for The Lost Ogle since March of 2010. She’s Master’s Degrees and Library Sciences from the University of Oklahoma.

When Marisa isn’t doing stereotypical librarian writer things, she can be found drinking whiskey, knitting quilts and taking off her top.  Occasionally, she does all three at the same time.

Twitter: @GentleMarisa

Contributing Writer / Co-Founder

Tony is one of the three founding writers of The Lost Ogle.  His lifelong goal is to see an MLS team arrive in Oklahoma City.

Tony was raised by Linda Soundtrak, the McCain brothers, and the BC Clark jingle, but not in that order. He misses the good old days, when Mayor Mick was a television sportscaster wearing a toupee and Molly Murphy’s was still around. His personal heroes are Mitch Jelniker, Jason Skurcenski, and Robo-Niner. He’s currently working on a historical fiction piece tentatively titled “Tears for Jenifer Reynolds.

Twitter: TonyInOKC

Contributing Writer

Spencer has red hair. He is from Shawnee and graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University.

He started performing stand-up comedy in 2004 and had his degree revoked from OBU shortly thereafter. In 2010 he won the OKC Comedy Competition and has opened for Dave Chapelle, Paul F. Tompkins, Kyle Kinane, Rob Delaney and many others.

He was the personal assistant to Governor Brad Henry from 2005-2011. When he’s not writing posts for TLO, he is an acting coach for Rit Mathis and the Mathis Brothers.

Twitter: @SpencerLenox

Contributing Writer

Chelsea hails from Tulsa, and after an action-packed four years in Norman studying economics at OU, she returned to her motherland. Chelsea currently works as a consultant, which is really just a fancy way of saying she is either too lazy or too ashamed to say what she actually does for a living.

Now a retired sorority girl, Chelsea spends most of her spare time talking to her cat and Facebook stalking Price Fallin. She’s also been known to request “Free Bird” at dubstep concerts, reference Chuck Klosterman essays, work movie quotes into everyday conversation, and recite “The Humpty Dance” in its entirety. If you’re single and resemble Val Kilmer in his Batman days, Chelsea is a whiz in the kitchen and enjoys cleaning house in in lace teddies.

Twitter: @xcawoodstock

Clark Matthews
Co-Founder / Assistant Editor Emeritus

Clark Matthews is a world champion checkers player and the son of an amateur storm chaser. He was raised believing that Gary England was, in fact, a deity. His childhood was spent following “Those Terrible Twisters” presentations as if they were Phish concerts. He is obsessed with politics, basketball and Oklahoma State Athletics.

Clark took a break from writing for The Lost Ogle in July of 2012, but occasionally contributes to site material.

Email: clarkFNmatthews at gmail dot com.
Twitter: twitter.com/ClarkMatthews.