1. About Patrick

Patrick is Co-Founder and Editor-In-Chief of The Lost Ogle.  He oversees all operations of the website, including ad sales, events, partnerships and social media.  He has premature gray hair.

Patrick was born in Oklahoma City in 1978 and has lived in various parts of the metro his entire life.  He had a preadolescence crush on Patti Suarez, a current crush on Liz Dueweke and a man crush on Gary England.  Before making The Lost Ogle his full time job, he worked for various companies doing Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising.

When he is not writing for this site, Patrick likes to drink beer with friends, listen to great music and watch and talk about sports. If you are a girl, Patrick lied about that, and actually likes puppies, long walks at Lake Hefner and to just cuddle-up and watch Glee.  He also occasionally writes about himself in third-person, which is what he is doing right now.

If you want to contact Patrick about anything, like TLO advertising, content ideas or a a lawsuit, email him at okcpatrick at gmail.com.  You can follow him on Twitter at twitter.com/okcpatrick.