TLO Restaurant Review: Shogun Steak House of Japan

“Jūnin toiro.” – Japanese proverb

When my ladyfriend asked where I would like to go for my long-awaited birthday dinner, this year I had only one place in mind: Mr. Tacos in Tulsa.

However, when that idea was ruefully shot down, I told her my second choice: Shogun Steak House of Japan, 11900 N. May Ave., in Northpark Mall. It’s a restaurant that I feel is a lot of people’s second choice in the OKC Japanese steak house scene, which made it all the more appealing to me and my tastebuds.

Dumb OU Students Don’t Care About Coronavirus

Week One of the 2020 college football season is officially in the books, and it’s safe to say we’ve already learned a few things about the Oklahoma Sooners.

1) Spencer Rattler looks the part. Sure, the competition was inferior, but the ball zipped off his arm like a laser-guided missile. Barring injury, or a job at Big Red Sports and Imports, it looks like OU has another Heisman caliber QB on its roster.

2) Dumb OU Students Don’t Care About Coronavirus. Just as OSU students taught us why we shouldn’t open college campuses, OU students reminded us why we probably shouldn’t be treated to the joy and privilege of college football. Just check out this video of an off-campus pre-game party taken by Norman Transcript reporter Reese Gorman:

Just Brew It: Celebrating 42 Years of Life at the New Flix Brewhouse

I recently saw a poll that said 71% of Americans are afraid to go back to the movies. As I was about to turn 42 last weekend, my mortality always in question, I could really see that cinematic fear alive and well at the opening weekend of the Flix Brewhouse, 8590 Broadway Extension.

A mostly lowkey celebration all by my lonesome, I decided on a quiet evening of dinner and a movie at this recently opened restaurant and cinema combo, a theater that is trying desperately to kindle an Alamo Drafthouse explosion of fandom here in Oklahoma City, almost succeeding.

Jim Inhofe Is Still An Idiot (#58,213)

Last night, as Oklahomans watched the spectacle of the National Football League, our diabolical old pal Senator Senile decided to charm Derplahomans, conspiracy theorists, racists, and other Oklahoma Republicans with the following campaign commercial:

Wow. For an ad that panders to his delusional base, that’s not too bad. It hit all the talking points and even included a throwback reference to flag-burning! With all the national flack focused now on athletes taking knees during the National Anthem as a protest to police brutality in America, it’s nice to see an old-school non-existent wedge issue be used to galvanize a political base.

Since it’s apparently Bartlesville week on The Lost Ogle, I should probably point out that Bartlesville Radio published the transcript to the commercial. I reads like an epic poem written by Alex Jones:

Lost Ogle Show: OU Football Preview with Jason Kersey

The coolest thing about building a massively popular and influential online media platform is that I get to do things that regular OU fanboys can’t do, like host my own OU Football-focused podcasts with ex-athletes and real journalists that cover the team!

For example, on this week’s 2020 OU Football Preview presented by The Grand Casino and Resort, I spent about an hour talking with The Athletic’s Jason Kersey about this year’s Sooners! We analyzed the roster, previewed the schedule, and (I) even found a way to make fun of OSU! We also got sidetracked by some extra-curricular conversations, like the time Mike Stoops went alpha on Jason at Starbucks, or what I would do if Jenni Carlson confronted me in a dark alley with a baseball bat… or something like that.

Give it a listen:

In a perfect world, we’ll be dropping a new OU football podcast the Friday before each game this season. If you’re a journalist, ex-player, or the old OU twirler, and want to come on the program, hit us up!

Anyway, you can follow Jason on Twitter and read all his great content at The Athletic. You can download The Lost Ogle Show wherever fine podcasts are bought, sold and traded. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

The Architectural Fear and Petroleum Dread of Bartlesville, Oklahoma

It wasn’t a dark and stormy night, but instead a gray and drizzly afternoon when we pulled into the deceptively large town of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. With very few people on the streets this Sunday, I told my ladyfriend how the eerie quietness of the city reminded me of the first ten minutes of The Omega Man.

Bartlesville is renowned for many things, but perhaps best known as the home to Price Tower, an odd skyscraper of sorts designed by legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It was to be our first stop on a solemn journey through the city that was built by oil barons, most famously Frank Phillips, the founder of Phillips Petroleum Company.

With its copper-colored skin and razor-sharp design, it’s hard not to be momentarily amazed by the looming edifice. Ominous clouds gathered behind the structure and a few flashes of lightning lit up the horizon, quickly turning that open-mouth “ooh”-ing into fearful “ahh”-ing as thunderous chills rumbled up and down my spine.

Built like a simpler labyrinth, the slim doors led to even slimmer elevators that fit, at the most, two people; like standing coffins that moved us closer to our graves, the contraption creaked upward. Buttons that never responded were pushed as the first people we’d seen all day—the sleepy kitchen staff—stood in the doorway as we went out on the terrace to view Bartlesville in all its dark power.

Epic Charter Schools celebrates 10 years of ripping off Oklahoma taxpayers!

Let’s send a big TLO kudos to Epic Charter Schools!

Thanks to this piece on Channel 5, we’ve learned the district is celebrating 10 official years of ripping off Oklahoma taxpayers in the name of public education.

The largest school district started the near year with its largest enrollment on record.

“We’re excited starting our 10th year of having school. It’s an epic year with 60,000 students enrolled,” Epic Charter Schools Assistant Superintendent Shelly Hickman said. “We started surveying families coming into us, trying to find out is this about the pandemic or is it about something else. And about one-in-two parents are telling us it’s about the pandemic.”

Yeah, the pandemic may suck for most of us, but it’s been great for shady charter school operators with poor track records who are under state investigation for embezzling public funds!

That being said, you can’t use taxpayer funding to make millionaires out of unethical school administrators without having a few growing pains:

7 Improvements For The Oklahoma County Jail

In this turbulent era where the cries of rightfully defunding the police are rarely heard, Oklahoma County Commissioners have told area social justice types to go to hell—or, most likely, go to jailallocating around $36 million dollars in CARES Act money for the ailing county jail last week in a contentious meeting.

And while, sure, this cash could have gone to mental health programs, homeless outreach or local organizations like LifeChurch or a DC bible museum, the money will instead be going to “Covid-19 response at the jail,” whatever that means.

Hearing something like that, you have to wonder where this funding will really be going when their check comes in the mail. If it’s actually used to make much-needed improvements on the county jail, $36 million can fix a lot of problems. In case they need some help, Patrick and I have a few ideas they can borrow.


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