Is This A Great Oklahoma Podcast Or What? (Volume 6)

Another week, another list. Let’s keep things poppy this week and take a look at those shows that keep us grounded in the outside world of non Okie pop-culture.

The Okie Show ShowYOU LAUGH LIKE A GIRL! (feat. standup comics Melissa McGinnis & Julie Drake)

Hosted by Brian Gililand

The local entertainment industry does stuff that is not Thunder or Toby Keith related, believe it or not! Brian of Prairie Dog Pictures helps us explore the scene around the metro area. This episode, he chats with two local stand-up comics, and these aren’t just any comics: they’re lady comics. Melissa McGinnis and Julie Drake are here to give you the low down on being funny ladies here in OKC. Even though it is 2017, the world is still shocked that we women are able to crack jokes about something other than our periods (tbh, period jokes are just as funny as boner jokes).  Every episode features an improv game with Brian and his guest, and this is one is too hilarious to be missed.

The GoodTrash GenrecastManhunter

Hosted by Alexandra Bohannon, Dustin Sells, and Dalton Stuart

Monday Morning Tweets

Howdy, pardners! It was great seeing y’all at the TLO 10th Anniversary Party last Saturday. By that, I mean literally seeing you, since I didn’t really talk to anybody. I was the awkward dude in the Conway Twitty t-shirt sloppily scarfing down a smoked bologna sandwich and semi-responsibly sipping barrel-aged beer before going into my regular job for the night. Thanks to Patrick and Anthem Brewing for throwing the party. Maybe by the 20th Anniversary, we’ll finally be the Found Ogle’s…

Continental Resources sent Hamm Lemmings to protest at the Capitol…

Yesterday afternoon, a busload of oil and natural gas industry employees left the corporate high rises of downtown OKC to encourage lawmakers not to raise gross production taxes as part of a new budget agreement. I guess they don’t mind living in a hell hole as long as they have a job, gated community and can afford to send their kids to private schools.

Overall, the “protesters” put on a pretty good show. They clapped their hands, held up signs and reminded everyone that Oklahoma energy industry employees are a diverse lot of grateful, business-casual white people who will do whatever their employer asks.

Here’s a pic from Dale Denwalt:

Oil and gas votes too? I thought they just bought off politicians! No wonder this state is such a shit show.

The not-so-big secret about the protesters is that most of them arrived together on this bus:

TLO 10th Anniversary Party!

This is a very special edition of Friday Night in the Big Town. And no, I’m not just saying that because I’m writing it.

Somehow, some way, we’ll be celebrating TLO’s 10th Anniversary tomorrow at the Anthem Brewery Taproom located at 908 SW 4th. Yeah, I can’t believe we made it 10 years without getting shut down either. Hopefully our run of luck continues.

The celebration runs from 3pm – 9pm and is very chill and casual. It’s basically just an excuse to get out and drink some great craft beer. We’ll have a couple of food trucks, my friend Randy will be playing guitar from 3 – 5, and my friend Tom will be spinning vinyl from 7 – 9. We’re also going to have a toast at 5:13 in honor of Gary England, because that just sounds like the responsible thing to do.

If that doesn’t seal the deal for you, Cardboard Jim will be available for photos and we’ll be giving away some TLO tees and ink pens. Anthem is also tapping delicious barrel-aged selections from their cellar, including Babalon, Pappy Burleson, Domestique, Bourbon Barrel Golden One, Brandy Barrel Uroboros, Bourbon Barrel Uroboros, and Festivus. Sounds good, huh?

I you can’t make it out, we get it. There’s a lot going on tomorrow. The Energy will be playing soccer. They’re so good they made the top plays on SportsCenter. DeadCenter Film Festival is having a party for Gary Busey, too. Since he’ll be close by, that means he should probably swing by Anthem and bring us ice cream.

Anyway, we hope to see you Saturday. If you want to invite your friends, here’s the Facebook invite. LYLAS.

Toby Keith to Play a Free “Men’s Only” Concert for Trump in Saudi Arabia

For over twenty-five years now, Toby Keith has personified the big hairy calf fries of country music, refusing to take a dive and be anything less than the disgruntled drunken redneck from Moore, Oklahoma, that he truly is just as much off-stage as he is on. From supporting Jimmy Buffett and George Bush to supporting the troops and the weight of a restaurant franchise on his shoulders, say what you want about Keith, but at least in a music biz full of faux-farmers and grab-assers alike, he’s pretty much who he says he is and has the overpriced menu items to prove it.

And, as one of the few Big Dawg Daddies to play President Trump’s inauguration, he’s probably earned himself a lifetime pass to that special C.I.A. weed that only the upper echelon of elites ever get to puff, puff, pass, something that I’m sure that just had to be an integral part in his decision-making process–or lack thereof–when asked to play a special “men’s only” free concert in the Saudi capital of Riyadh this weekend in an event that celebrates Trump’s first overseas visit, according to an AP report.