Five Ways to Make Those Green Scooters Less Dweeby

Ladies, gentlemen, and people-folk, Oklahoma City needs to step up our game. It turns out all those lime green scooters that litter the corners of OKC and Norman have not been being used to their full potential.

In case you haven’t seen it, check out this video from Missouri:

Come on, Oklahoma. We cannot be shown up by Missouri. Again. According to US News & World Report – they beat us on almost all major fronts as a state – quality of life, education, fiscal stability and pretty much every other criterion. We win in Crime and Corrections. But by all the gods on Olympia, they will not outsmart us when it comes to multi-purposing electric scooters. They have discovered the furniture dolly application. We can do better, Oklahoma.

Here’s a starter list of inventive ways to make use of the Lime Scooters…

5 Best OKC Police Chases of March 2019 (so far)

Writing for TLO on the surface seems like all glitz and glamour, but most of the gig consists of peeling through local news in the search for anything interesting enough to write about. This part of the process is generally very depressing, but occasionally entertaining.

While doing my daily deep dive through the usual slog of awful crime stories, editorials from energy company execs, and the other soul-sucking articles that flood my local news feed, I noticed a trend. Maybe it’s a slow news cycle, or perhaps spring fever has car jackers feeling frisky, but I noticed an inordinate amount of stories about police chases over the last several weeks.

Today, we present to you a power ranking of the most thrilling, dangerous, and interesting March police chases:

Ogle Madness: South Region, Upper Bracket

Welcome to the first round of the South region!

Here are this afternoon’s matchups:

(1) Paul George vs. (16) Kevin Stitt’s eyebrows
(8) The Franchise vs (9) The Sports Animal
(4) Darci Lynne Farmer vs (13) Joe Exotic
(5) Jesse Jane vs (12) Emily Virgin

We have some stiff competition when it comes Oklahoma icons. Some great, mostly strange. Vote to see who will be the champion

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7 Better OKC Thunder Jersey Sponsors than Love’s

As you may have heard, the Oklahoma City Thunder recently signed an advertising deal with Love’s Travel Stop & Country Stores that put the company’s heart logo on the front of each players’ jerseys.

Here it is in case you haven’t seen it.

Because it sticks out like a turd on the floor of a Love’s bathroom, the patch has naturally received its fair share of criticism. On social media, most people have lamented its size, clipart feel, or the fact that a highway truck stop is the best the Thunder could do for a jersey sponsor. The Thunder players must agree, because they haven’t won a game since it was unveiled.

As a result, Hayley and I thought it would be fun to come up with seven alternatives that would be better fits…

1. Toby Keith’s “I Love this Bar and Grill”

This week’s Lost Ogle Trivia Night theme: Must See TV!

How you doin’?

From the laugh-getting highs of Friends to the laugh-losing lows of Joey, this week’s Lost Ogle Trivia Bonus Questions are all about that Thursday night television tradition – Must See TV!

With mythical origins starting in the early 1990s, it started of with a block of sit-comedy featuring the likes of Mad About You and Wings, but would eventually broadcast such powerhouses as Frasier, Seinfeld and The Single Guy…well, two out of three ain’t bad!

So grab a couple of your Grandpa’s recently highlighted and heavily annotated TV Guides from twenty years ago and do a little research–because it’s Must Play Trivia all week, with bonus points and bonus laughs!

Here’s this week’s trivia schedule:

Ogle Madness: West Region, Lower Bracket

Here’s the lower half of the West Region. To vote for the upper region of the bracket, click here.

(6) Elizabeth Warren vs. (11) Lawton
(3) Carrie Underwood vs (14) Paul Scott
(7) OKC Streetcar vs (10) Steve Lackmeyer
(2) Lacey Swope vs (15) Jason Harris

Here are some of our funniest, most cringe-worthy Oklahomans we have to offer. This should make for an interesting fight!

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Ogle Madness: West Region, Upper Bracket

Day two of Ogle Madness is upon us! Cast your vote to find who will triumph over all.

Here are this morning’s matchups:

(1) Marla Morgan vs. (16) Bradford Pear Trees
(8) Buying Wine at Grocery Store vs (9) Buying Cold Beer at Liquor Store
(4) Kevin Stitt vs (13) Maps 4
(5) Nipple Church vs (12) Ogle Brothers

The first match-up is pretty juicy. We’re likely to see these two face off in real life pretty soon, so let’s see if we can predict the winner!

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TLO Restaurant Review: The Diner

I had gone to Norman early that Saturday to meet up with my brother and nephew for lunch before taking them to see the latest Marvel movie. When I suggested eating at the Diner for their all-day breakfast, it was roundly shot down, mostly because my nephew only likes French fries from McDonald’s.

So there I stood, in front of the Diner, with a mostly small-time decision: to dine in this historic eatery all by my lonesome or to give up everything I culinarily hold dear and head on down to McDonald’s for some sup-par grub based around the uneducated whims of a 5-year-old…

Sorry, kid.