Measles returns to Oklahoma! Congrats Anti-Vaxers!

I’ve sat at this computer for over an hour attempting to find the right speck of sugar to make this medicine go down. Then again, if people would have taken their medicine in the first place, maybe we wouldn’t have to be in such a shit predicament. That’s right, ladies and gents – measles are back in Oklahoma.


The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) and the Okmulgee County Health Department have confirmed the case of measles in Okmulgee County.

Based on collected information about the measles case during the time the patient was contagious, public health officials want to alert anyone who visited Saint Francis Glenpool emergency room, May 11, from 8 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. about potential exposure to the measles virus.

There are a couple of ways to look at this story, and it depends on if you’re pro or anti-vaccine. As a result, and in the name of fairness, I decided to look at it from both sides…

Drunk Red Dog Dancer Arrested For Hitting Boss In Face With Billiards Ball

Here in a few weeks, a new documentary about the Red Dog Cafe – or Saloon, I’m not sure what it’s called anymore – will make its debut at the DeadCenter Film Festival.

I haven’t seen the movie, but it apparently focuses on the club’s rise during the 1970s oil boom, the colorful characters who worked there, and all the cool diseases they passed around.

If they ever film a sequel, this may be a fun story to include.

Via KOKH FOX 25:

26-year-old Ashley Priola is accused of throwing billiard balls at her former boss after getting fired for showing up to work intoxicated according to police.

Police said they were called to Red Dog Saloon for an assault after an employee was fired and had hit the manager with a billiard ball.

When officer arrived they were told Priola had gone the convenience store in the back room. Police retrieved Priola and brought her back to the scene.

I, admittedly, haven’t been to Red Dog since I took Louis there for his legendary food review about the club’s spectacular and now defunct kitchen, but when did they get a convenience store in the back? This takes On Cue’s expansion across the metro a bit too far.

Here’s more:

AMC Memorial Square 8 Theatres: The Best Job I Ever Deserved to Lose

Most of us have been lucky enough to have had that one magically clichéd summer job that, looking back on it now, probably could’ve been the basis for a coming-of-age teen comedy some years later if we had made the right connections instead of just fucking off at work.

For me, it was the AMC Memorial Square 8 Theatres, long since destroyed to make way for a Super Target, I believe. A classically partitioned eight-screen movie-house, it was surrounded by a Black Eyed Pea and a Christian book store; it was also my first job since quitting the Belle Isle Library as a wanton high-school senior. I mean, going into college soon, I felt like I needed a job with a bit more of a future—after all, eight-plex movie theaters weren’t going anywhere anytime soon, right?

Frontier City Brings New Thrill Ride To Downtown OKC…

In case you missed it, Frontier City launched its new thrill ride – The Devon Tower Screamer – yesterday morning in downtown Oklahoma City.

The ride joins the Silver Bullet in the theme park’s new “Terror in Real Life” adventure series, and gives thrill-seekers of all ages the chance to experience the sensation of facing certain death while trapped inside a swinging, out-of-control lift basket high above the Oklahoma City skyline.

It also comes with a complimentary fire department rescue.

The inaugural ride, which was taken by couple of professional window washers, captivated viewers from around the globe and made national news:

Airport ‘Jet Sets’ program doesn’t fly with local musicians

If you’re a frequent visitor to Will Rogers World Airport, you’re probably familiar with constant parking garage construction, limited direct flights and lukewarm Schlotzsky’s sandwiches. You also may be familiar with the airport’s pun-driven live music program, Jet Sets. Here’s how the airport abstractly describes it:

Music is an invitation. It invites you to move; to tap, snap, or groove. Music invites you to hum, sing, or whistle; to relax, meditate, or remember. On behalf of music, WRWA invites you to enjoy Jet Sets, the airport’s live music program showcasing Oklahoma’s very talented musicians. Check the calendar below for upcoming performances.

Here at The Lost Ogle, we love to see both talented and untalented musicians get their due, so we applaud Will Rogers for giving local musicians a platform to showcase their talents and make some money. In fact, Jet Sets pays anywhere from $120 to $200 for a short set.

Unfortunately, the platform the airport provides seems to be way too limited. Despite booking five paying gigs a week, many Local Musician Moles have asked us to look into Jet Sets, because it’s apparently one of the more difficult stages to get booked on in the metro.

Jet Sets began in late 2015 and, according to airport spokeswoman Karen Carney, the airport has had more than 300 applications but only approved 33 musical groups to perform — an approval rate of about 10 percent.

Fake Tulsa Cop Pulls Over Real Tulsa Cop…

At one time or another, we’ve all probably fantasized about being able to pull over a cop. Let’s be honest – it would be fun to turn the tables and one ask them the same rhetorical questions they ask you, like “Do you know how fast you were going?” or “Did you see that stop sign?” or “Why is there an open beer can in your cup holder?”

Of course, our common sense keeps us from doing something that stupid. Fortunately for those who like to live life vicariously through other people, Aaron Forbis does not have common sense. He was arrested in Tulsa on Monday night for posing as a police officer and trying to pull over another police officer.

Check out this Facebook post from the Tulsa police department:

10 potential replacements for OU President Jim Gallogly…

I hope you saved your limited-edition Jim Gallogly buttons! They’re now valuable souvenirs for collectors of irony.

As I’m sure you heard by now, University of Oklahoma president and Mike Pence cosplayer Jim Gallogly announced on Sunday night that he will be retiring from OU, once plans for his successor are in place. I guess destroying David Boren and being almost universally loathed around campus has taken its toll on the ole’ overlord.

There’s already a bunch of speculation and guesswork going through the rumor mill about who OU will select as Gallogly’s replacement. As a result, Brandon and I thought it would be fun to give our best guesses…

1. Mary Fallin

If the Oklahoma ruling class is as hellbent on destroying public education as they seem to be, there would be no better choice for OU president than former Gov. Fallin. Her first cost-cutting measure would be to replace the dorms with more affordable trailer park student housing. And with all of her political experience, she could teach remedial civics courses to students who still need to qualify. – Patrick

2. James Hale

Del City Teacher Shows Epic Takedown Skills in Student Prank Gone Awry

A Del City High School student found out the hard way that teachers watch WorldStarHipHop, too.

What started as a silly senior prank involving silly string and a mask went a little sideways earlier this week.

From a Steve Shaw report on News 9:

A Del City High School teacher is shown on a Snapchat video taking a student down to the floor of his classroom. But the Mid-Del School District says it was the student who was in the wrong.

A Del City High School parent, who shared the video clip with News 9 Monday, says the students involved were participating in a harmless senior prank. She said the student in the video wore a mask into the classroom and sprayed the teacher with silly string.

“If the teacher didn’t know this was happening, still I think he could have had a different recourse,” the parent said.

Obviously, News 9 aired footage from the Snap Chat video. Check it out: