KFOR names Mason Dunn as new chopper pilot!

A familiar voice is returning to the Oklahoma storm chasing scene!

Earlier today, KFOR Channel 4 announced that Mason Dunn – Gary England’s old chopper pilot at Channel 9 – will be the new pilot of Not Bob Moore Air Comfort Solutions Chopper 4.

Mason will be replacing Jon Welsh, who replaced Jim Gardner in 2012, when Jim replaced Mason at Channel 9. Got all that?

Here’s a special welcome video that KFOR threw together:

Kevin Stitt doesn’t want to live in the Governor’s Mansion…

Now that Kevin Stitt has been governor for almost a week, some of the top priorities of his administration are starting to take focus. One of them includes spending millions of dollars to make the Oklahoma Governor’s mansion habitable.

Via News 9:

Governor Stitt is planning to move his family from Tulsa to Oklahoma City this summer, once his kids are through with school, but it’s not clear at this point just where he will move them.

That’s because the traditional residence for the state’s chief executive, the Governor’s Mansion, has fallen into disrepair.

Based on the “uneducated Derplahoma redneck” theme of her administration, I don’t think anyone really expected Mary Fallin to get her deposit back on the mansion. But how did she let the place fall into disrepair? We know how determined she was to keep the hot tub temperature at 104-degrees. How much damage did she cause?

In fact, the mansion is in need of millions of dollars in maintenance and repairs. Officials with the Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES) roughly estimate that, between the mansion and other structures on the property, it will require $8 million in tax dollars to make all the needed repairs.

Holy shit! $8-million dollars? I know it isn’t cheap to deodorize ferret urine, but that seems expensive! Did Mary Fallin strip the copper wiring and convert every bathroom to a meth lab? Just how many Native American headdresses did Hipster Boo Boo hang on the walls???

News 9 has the details:

Racism makes surprise public return visit to OU campus!

After a few years of hiding in the underground where the Oklahoma ruling class prefers it to stay, blatant and obvious racism made a public return to the University of Oklahoma over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday with the surprise release of a Snapchat video showing a white racist sorority girl giggling around in black face and proclaiming… well… here’s the video just in case you haven’t seen it:

Wow. All racists are idiots, but these girls really are racist idiots. How stupid and ignorant do you have to be in today’s day and age to film a video of you or a friend wearing blackface and dropping N-bombs, and then post it on social media? Even David Duke would say that’s a bad idea! They’re supposed to keep that stuff hidden under red MAGA hats where it belongs.

Naturally and deservingly, the video made the local and national media outrage rounds. It also generated PR disaster kit responses from the institutions the two racist girls represented – The Tri Delta sorority and University of Oklahoma.

Tri Delta immediately apologized and kicked one of the racist girls out of the sorority, providing a stern warning to other racists in the OU Greek System that racism will not be tolerated if you are caught on camera saying (or singing) racist stuff.

In a letter to students, OU President James Gallogly acknowledged that although the students have the “freedom of expression” to be racist idiots, they have offered to apologize and “reflect their regret.” Check this out:

TLO Weekend News Recap

Every time we get jaded about radical weather changes in Oklahoma, we get a week like we just had. There was fog, lightning, snow, 30 degree temperature shifts, 40+ mph winds- basically, any dumb thing a meteorologist could wish for other than a tornado.  Hell, last night we even had a total lunar eclipse on a full moon. I feel like the universe is trying to tell us something that has absolutely nothing to do with Kevin Stitt’s inauguration. Ignore the raining frogs and locust plagues that are planned for next week.

State Senator introduces bill to limit protests at Capitol

It’s mid-January in Oklahoma, which means the wind is cold, the sky is gray and batshit crazy law proposals are starting to trickle out of the capitol.

Last night, an Ogle Mole alerted us to SB 592. Introduced by State Senator Mark Allen – one of the handful of Oklahoma lawmakers who voted against the teacher pay raise plan and still kept his job – it will require any organized group of over 100 people to post a $50,000 bond with the state before they can protest at the capitol, effectively limiting the ability of groups and individuals to stage protests.

Here’s the full bill.