Colbert Police Chief Bonds with Teens by Teaching Them How to Flip People Off

These days, Oklahoma police departments seem to be struggling with maintaining a positive image. With the recent police involved shootings, left lane driving tickets, and the fact that your sister’s hot roommate chose to be a slutty nurse rather than a sexy cop at your Halloween party a couple of weeks ago, it has been hard for adults to have a positive outlook on the police, let alone teens. However, Colbert Police Chief David Peterson is trying to change that.


Drummond Family is the 23rd largest landowner in America…

Not since the Land Run of 1889 has a white Oklahoman made so much profit off of the stolen land of Native Americans, but, then again, it’s seems as though there’s very little the Pioneer Woman can’t do when she sets her buttery dimples to it.

Mostly famous for popularizing plagiarized recipes from Green Country cookbooks and basing an entire cottage industry around it, according to a recent article in the Land Report—THE magazine of the American landowner, you dumb poor bastards—Ree Drummond and her brood come in at number 23 in terms of American land ownership, claiming over 433,000 acres of property as of 2016. Oddly enough, this is all Land Report had to say about the deal:

Oil Overlords thank GOP Political Minions with newspaper ads…

Broken records are annoying, so please forgive me for not writing about last week’s failure of the Oklahoma legislature to, once again, do their jobs and address the perpetual Oklahoma budget crisis. I feel like I’m running out of words to describe the thing.

In case you missed it, a band of soulless GOP political minions – along with a few noble Democrats who had the nerve to stand for what is right – voted against “A Grand Bargain” budget package created by the Oklahoma political establishment, ensuring more draconian cuts to state services, teachers not getting pay raises, and Oklahoma making more clickbait “10 Worst States To Live” lists.

Naturally, the greedy Oil Overlords who have infiltrated all levels of the Oklahoma private and public sector were very pleased with the bill’s failure. They celebrated the accomplishment by running newspaper ads thanking the saboteur GOP legislators who made sure oil companies (and their out-of-state shareholders) keep more profits while Oklahoma slides further into a wastewater injection shit hole.

Check it out:

Four New Oklahoma Breweries To Visit

What a time to be alive in Oklahoma! Sure, the state may be gutting the budgets of every department because they’re too scared of charging ONG the going rate for extracting precious resources. But damnit, SB 424 went into effect a little over a year ago, giving breweries the ability to sell full-point beer right where it’s made. Since then, the kegs have been flowing, and it seems like anyone with money and an Untappd account can open up their own local brewery.

During the next two weeks, four new breweries are set to open in Oklahoma, and there are many more to come along the way. This is not only good news for our economy, because it builds up jobs in a new industry, but better news for consumers. I grew up in a land where all you could find was Bud Light, German beers that had been sitting on the shelves for a century, and maybe Sierra Nevada Pale Ale if you adventurous. Now, it’s easier than ever to go to a bar or liquor store and find fresh, locally made beer.

Here are the ones to keep an eye out for in the future: