Report: Stitt Still Confused By Office Speakerphone

Yesterday, a couple of Ogle Moles sent us this candid photograph of Kevin Stitt apparently talking to President Trump – or the warranty center for his new remote control – on speakerphone. I can’t locate where the photo originated, but one Mole said it was shared on social media by one of Stitt’s staffers:

I love making fun of dopey politicians, so any photo that makes a dopey politician look extra dopey is cool in my book. I also like it when other people do my job for me, so I think we’re going to make this a good old fashioned “Caption Contest.”

You know the drill. Leave a caption in the comments for the world to see. The person who leaves the best caption, as determined by me, Emily Sutton and Sir John Michael, will win a FREE one-year membership to The Ogle Mole Membership Club.

Funny Norman Cop Emails Hysterical KKK Meme to Coworkers

In today’s edition of our long-running series, “WTF w/ Oklahoma Cops,” we take a look at Jacob McDonough with the Norman Police Department.

Earlier this month, after receiving a mass email on new facemask protocol for the Norman PD, Jacob thought it would be funny to forward some of his cop buddies a random, out-of-context meme from Django Unchained.

Haha. Get it? Facemasks, just like early KKK hoods, can fit kind of funny! That’s hysterical! Send this guy to Gary’s Chicarro or the Six Shooter Saloon for open mic night. He’ll bring the house down!

After he sent the email, McDonough was quickly scolded by Norman PD Lieutenant Lee McWhorter, who – for what it’s worth – totally looks like a Lt. McWhorter. Here are details via The Black Wall Street Times.

TLO Restaurant Review: Taqueria El Dolar

Walking the cracked pavement of Oklahoma City for the past couple of years, I’ve only been threatened with bodily harm once, when a derelict dude pulled a camping axe on me outside of the Valero on the notorious corner of NW 10th and Penn late one fall evening.

All I had on me was ten bucks that night and it was all for Taqueria El Dolar, a taco truck that is totally worth dying for.

Nowadays, older and wiser and packing my own cuchillo courtesy of that same gas station, I still make the dusky walk for their grande menu, featuring foodstuffs that you’d normally have to hit up a well-meaning restaurant to enjoy; it’s not unusual to order a few delicacies and eat them on the concrete island, the smell of freshly pumped gas surrounding you as the security guard watches your back.

Brave cop suggests Norman Mayor be tried – and possibly hanged– on courthouse lawn

As we have documented on this site a few hundred times over the years, Oklahoma cops routinely set a national example when it comes to serving with grace, character and values.

As a result, we shouldn’t be surprised that Eddie Zaicek bravely stood up to tyrannical Norman Mayor Breea Clark in a rightwing “Reopen Norman” Facebook group, suggesting that the diabolical, authoritarian public servant be tried, and possibly executed, on the courthouse lawn for implementing necessary public safety guidelines during a global pandemic that has killed 288 Oklahomans – and 19 Norman residents – in just a couple of months.

Via The Oklahoman:

RIP: The Wilshire Club

So far, the OKC bar and restaurant scene hasn’t fallen seen a high volume of permanent closings as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, but there have been some victims.

A few weeks back, The Wilshire Club – a small, venerable, 62-year-old dive bar tucked away in a downtrodden building near Wilshire and May – quietly closed its doors. Not to be confused with the Wilshire Gun Range, a camo-clad mashup between a shooting range and a bar & grill, it was one of the most authentic old school dive bars in Oklahoma City.

Here’s the official announcement from something called The Wilshire Club After Dark:

Pecan Rolled: Stuckey’s Travel Center Now Open in Seminole

This weekend, I got out of Oklahoma City for the first time in a few months to help my ladyfriend move some antique furniture down from the ill-begotten town of Muskogee, where they don’t smoke marijuana. While there, I stopped at the sensually-named Kum & Go convenience store to, well, come and go with a couple of much-needed drinks for the ride home.

I was planning on writing about the place, but didn’t spend much time in there as a truckload of dirty white boys with handguns strapped to their hips came in and shot me with their evil eyes. I figured it probably wasn’t best if I took out my camera to take incriminating pictures, so I paid and left, nothing more than a stain on this Kum & Go’s memory.

That’s all right though mama, because cruising down I-40, somewhere around Exit 200, I noticed there was a newish Stuckey’s on the green landscape.

Goofball State Senator Introduces Bizarre Bill to “Prove a Point”

Yesterday afternoon, Clifton Adcock with The Frontier reported that State Sen. Roger Thompson was trying to sneak in legislation that would allow our moral, righteous and highly-ethical lawmakers to use campaign funds for personal expenses, like their mortgage, vacation, or a full download of “Hot Wife Chloe Needs To Be Punished.”

Here are details via The Frontier:

As legislative session winds down, Senator proposes amendment to allow politicians to spend campaign funds on vacations, mortgages, gifts and other personal expenses

As the Oklahoma Legislature enters the final days of its 2020 regular legislative session, a last-minute proposed amendment to a bill in the Senate has emerged that would allow politicians to use campaign money to pay for personal expenses including country club dues, mortgage payments, vacations and a other personal items.

The proposed amendment to House Bill 3996 authored by Sen. Roger Thompson, R-Okemah, would remove the state’s prohibition against candidates for office and office holders spending money donated to their political campaign committees for personal use. The amendment, which would replace all language in the original bill that was approved in March by the House, has yet to be voted on by the Senate.

As most of our readers know, I love to criticize Oklahoma lawmakers for their idiotic ideas, but I don’t have a big problem with this one.

First of all, most politicians do this already, so we might as well make it legal and put everything out in the open. Seriously, if you’re a political candidate who hasn’t figured out how to pocket your campaign dollars for personal use, you’re doing it wrong, and should probably contact Oklahoma “ethics” attorney Glenn Coffee. He can show you all the innovative, legal and totally ethical ways you can take advantage of your campaign cash.

Second, it will finally give me the financial incentive I need to run for public office! I’m think I’ll start small and go for Mayor of Oklahoma City. It seems like a pretty easy gig. You just need to post a lot of stuff on social media, wear sneakers with a suit, and like or RT every compliment people from the Chamber of Commerce shoot your way.

Unfortunately, it looks like all of that is a moot point. Not too long after The Frontier reported the story and generated some online outrage, Senator Thompson reached out to say the whole thing was just a big joke:

Move over, Judy: Oklahoma’s very own Gary Busey is now a TV “judge”

Every generation or so, Oklahoma produces an individual whose talent is as diverse as it is entertaining. Take Will Rogers, for example. Oklahoma’s favorite son was known for the humor and wit in his writing as much as his agile and flawless vaudeville roping routines. Our state hasn’t seen such a versatile entertainer in decades. Until now. Move over, Oklahoma’s “favorite son.” Oklahoma’s “sketchiest uncle” is back on the scene with a brand-new gig.

Via Rolling Stone…