TLO Restaurant Review: The Eagle’s Nest

With its collective cheese history, miniature horses and non-racist mascots, Watonga is a great small town to visit and spend a few dollars in; I threw down some of my own cash this past Friday at the metal-encased diner known as the Eagle’s Nest, 1201 Eagle Lane.

Located across from the high school, the Eagle’s Nest is an edible tribute to the Watonga Eagles, with wallpaper made from yearbook photos and framed football helmets over the tables. But, as I sat in the dining room that resembled a fabricated building, one that houses booster club flapjack fundraisers and volunteer fire department chili cook-offs, I realized the Nest is so much more than just Watonga’s version of The Max.

Tulsa PD takes down prostitution ring in “Operation Velvet Fury”

It’s a little more challenging to be a desperate john in Tulsa.

Last week, law enforcement officials announced the results of a prostitution sting called “Operation Velvet Fury.”

Via Fox 25…

TULSA, Oklahoma – Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office and the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office announced on Friday the results of an ongoing investigation into illicit massage businesses. The joint operation, called “Operation Velvet Fury,” targeted people running what are alleged to be fronts for prostitution – and websites used by the businesses.

Tulsa Police and a task force of local and state agents started making arrests Thursday in a year-long investigation of prostitution. Their work centered on use of an online scheduling system that connected the leaders of the group with customers. Police say they have identified several hundred women involved in prostitution, and many hundreds of men who paid for their services.

First of all, there is something really awesome about this operation. While the officers are seeking to arrest those who paid for the services or actually ran the business, apparently they are not arresting the prostitutes. According to the article, because many prostitutes are victims of sex trafficking themselves, Tulsa PD is sending them to victims’ services centers rather than jail time.

However, there are two things very wrong with this operation. One, the name doesn’t really match the crime in the case, because anyone who is associating “velvet” with sexual encounters obviously hasn’t seen a porno since 1976. And two, with numbers reaching far into the hundreds, it’s astonishing how many average Oklahoma men took advantage of the sex trafficking trade.

Report: Oklahomans Still Fat

It seems like every week or so, some national website in search of backlinks releases a patchwork “study” that rudely reminds everyone how fat, dumb and lazy Oklahomans are.

Last week was no different.

Via The Oklahoman:

Oklahoma ranks ahead of Alabama in one poll at least.

The Sooner State is No. 3 in the nation when it comes to the most obese, according to a survey by

The survey says 36.5% of Oklahoma’s adult population struggles with obesity, compared to the national average of 30.1%. looked at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data on obesity, exercise and healthy eating habits.

On the topic of trimming fat, I’d like to point out it took two Oklahoman writers to patch together those 150 words of clickbait. And we wonder why journalism is failing.

Although the rest of the country is doing their finest to catch up to our waistlines, expect Oklahoma to cling to the number three spot like a fat kid holding a Braum’s Ice Cream cone.

According to another clickbait study picked up by The Norman Transcript, Oklahoma’s youth are doing their part to keep us a #Top10State in obesity.

Should Oklahoma raise minimum wage for the service industry?

You’re taking your partner out for a date to your favorite restaurant. The lighting is dim, the wine is fine, and the chicken-fried steaks will satisfyingly rest in your gut for the rest of the evening until you go home to Netflix and snooze. The server, who has been on their feet all day, feigning interest and pleasantness, drops off the check. Right above where you scribble your signature is a dot matrix printed line, to the left of it the word: “TIP.”

That’s what the server (or bartender) relies on to pay their bills. Their hourly wage in Oklahoma is $2.13, which equals $17.04 during an 8 hour shift, and that’s before taxes. The vast majority of bars and restaurants do not supply health insurance, and if you’re sick and can’t get your shift covered, well, pack up your apron and look for another job.

There’s been a movement across the country to change the way that service industry people are paid, and it’s come up in conversation locally often in the last few years. Cities like Seattle have pushed to remove the tipping system entirely, making sure that front of house (FOH) employees are paid a straight wage and tipping doesn’t exist There are a few states that pay tipped employees over $10/hr, some that pay over the minimum required, but does that traditional tipped system really work for anyone?

Let’s lay out some pros and cons:

Con Queso: Samples Galore at the 42nd Annual Watonga Cheese Festival

We entered Watonga around 10 a.m. on a Friday morning. It was a strange time to stage the 42nd Annual Cheese Festival, but, in Oklahoma, anything goes at these small-town celebrations, including a startling array of miniature horses that were out and about, just begging for a wannabe horse whisperer like me to befriend and, ultimately, love.

As we parked the car on the edge of the festival, past the Extreme Survivor inflatable bounce, standing in the morning shade of their trailer was about five or six of the specially-bred horses; were we supposed to be messing with these unguarded behooved treasures? Probably not, but after ten minutes of hanging with these little guys, the town of Watonga had already won me over.

Derplahoman Lawmaker to challenge Markwayne Mullin for Congress…

It looks like the Republican primary for Oklahoma’s 2nd Congressional District may turn into a good old fashioned Derp’off!

Yesterday afternoon, radical right wing Oklahoma lawmaker Joseph Silk – the guy who owns one of the most perfectly polished and penile heads in Oklahoma political history – announced he’s going to take on Marcuswayne Mullin in the 2020 upcoming election.

Here are details via The Tulsa World:

The Lost Ogle Show (Ep. 12): OKC Ghost Tours w/ Jeff Provine

On this week’s episode of The Lost Ogle Show presented by “Haunt the Zoo: All Grown Up,” we chat with a real spooky crew!

OKC Ghost Tour operator, Jeff Provine and our very own Louis Fowler, discussed the metro’s haunted locations. We also brought into the studio Candice Rennels from the OKC Zoo to tell us all about Haunt the Zoo: All Grown Up.

Here’s a look at some topics the gang talks about:

  • Those folks in the truck bed riding down the highway
  • Barresi’s inability to register domains privately
  • Haunt the Zoo All Grown Up
  • Haunted locations in Bricktown and Oklahoma City, and what ghosts really are

Subscribe to The Lost Ogle Show on Apple PodcastsSpotifyI HeartStitcher, etc, or just listen below:

Everyone’s Neighbor: My Dinner with Liz Sawyer, Bethany (Ward 1) City Council Candidate

I first met Liz Sawyer almost twenty years ago, at a party thrown by our mutual pal Nick. While our circle of then-friends was a mostly unctuous group of raucous twenty-somethings, Liz and I bonded almost immediately, primarily through our mixed-race backgrounds, our love of ghastly Italian horror and, of course, our insatiable love of Latino food.

Sadly, I hadn’t talked to her over the past few years—with the exception of a supremely strange sighting at a Kraftwerk reunion concert in Denver—but, like most former friends who had recently heard about my life-threatening health problems after the fact, she messaged me wanting to reconnect and, possibly, reconvene over a well-cooked Guatemalan meal that she was, in fact, buying.