Louis Fowler vs. the Pioneer Woman: Fried Chicken w/ Cheese Grits

Fried chicken and cheese grits, though pretty synonymous with living in a countrified state like Oklahoma, is surprisingly hard to make and even harder to make well. So, of course, for this installment of my petty culinary battle with Ree Drummond and her The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook, I decided to try my hand at this pair of somewhat popular recipes.

After a list-heavy shopping trip to the grocery store of my choice—sorry, Whittaker’s—I laid out the ingredients on my ladyfriend’s counter, finding it a bit harder this go-round to use healthier substitutes, right down to the cooking oil; I mean, after last month’s choir of kitchenette crybabies bemoaned my use of olive oil to cook chicken fried steak, my heart be damned, this time I went with vegetable oil. Happy?

7 fun activities for Oklahomans to do after 11:00 PM!

Because research suggests COVID-19 transmission only occurs after dark, our esteemed governor has implemented new restrictions that require restaurants and bars to close at 11:00 PM. Since many of our dear readers never had the chance to grow up in rural Oklahoma where everything closes by 8:30 PM, I decided to make a list of activities you can do to keep yourself entertained after town shuts down. Here’s 7 fun things for Oklahomans to do after 11:00 PM!

Open Letter to OG&E Chairman Sean Trauschke…

On Monday morning, OG&E Chairman and C.E.O. Sean Trauschke sent a letter to all the utility’s customers thanking them for being patient while the company dropped the ball on its response to the powerline-crippling Great Oklahoma Ice Storm of 2020.

The letter (full copy here) was about as corporate and arrogant as you’d expect a letter from OG&E would be. I can only imagine how many drafts, revisions, and – due to the size and magnitude of the ice storm – brave out-of-state PR contractors it took to put the thing together.

Naturally, the letter doesn’t apologize for – or even acknowledge – the company’s seemingly caught off-guard, poorly-communicated response to the ice storm. It also doesn’t specifically explain why so many tree limbs, which the company is supposed to keep away from power lines, caused so much damage.

It did, however, appeal to the mythos of the Oklahoma Standard:

Even under daunting conditions and facing extensive damage, we witnessed the Oklahoma Standard in action. Thousands came together from across the nation with a singular goal of restoring power safely.  Neighbors helped neighbors and community organizations, working through United Way of Central Oklahoma, mobilized resources to help families and individuals in need — truly a model for the country.

If you ask me, the real Oklahoma Standard here is that whenever an ice storm hits the Oklahoma City metro, hundreds of thousands of residents have to go days, if not weeks or more, without power, and OG&E and their politicians don’t seem to want to do anything about it.

As a result, I’ve decided to write an open letter to OG&E CEO Sean Trauschke. Who knows? Thanks to our large and popular platform, maybe he’ll actually read the thing, call a board meeting, and then direct his company to take steps that will prevent such massive power outages from affecting customers when the next once in a generation weather event hits the metro in a couple of years or so.

Hahaha. I’m just kidding, but I guess it’s worth a shot. Check this out:

Insurance Spy Cams Coming To An Oklahoma Intersection Near You

If you were to construct a Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for Oklahomans, the bottom of the pyramid would be cars. Ascending from there comes oil, severe weather panicking and “personal responsibility.” At the very top is gravy.

I bring this up because Oklahoma is about to pit to of those needs – driving around in unnecessarily massive automobiles, and the desire for freedom and personal responsibility – against each other.

From The Tulsa World:

The Dana Plato RV is for sale in OKC for only $42,000

You can now own a piece of Moore history for only $42,000!

Over the weekend, we got a tip via the Ogle Mole Network that the RV where Different Strokes star Dana Plato took her own life while parked outside a house in Moore in 1999 – pictured above – is available for sale in the OKC area for the bargain-bin price of only $42,500.

Here are the details via RV Trader:

TLO Restaurant Review: Paladar Cubano

I sat in the darkly lit dining room, sipping on my glass of ice water as I waited for my food, thinking back about how I got here.

I had a few leads about a Cuban food truck or two in town, but they didn’t really pan out. Knowing that I’ve been looking to write about this Oklahoma City culinary rarity, Patrick messaged me a couple weeks ago, asking if I had heard of Paladar Cubano.

No, I hadn’t.

7 Reasons Why Oklahoma Doesn’t Need A Mask Mandate!

Oklahoma might be rolling in hot with the second largest daily increase of COVID-19 yesterday, but that doesn’t mean we need a state-wide mask mandate. Just ask our esteemed Governor Stitt, who last week reminded us that he has no plans to aid in protecting Oklahomans from likely preventable deaths to implement one. After doing a bit of reflecting and doom-scrolling this weekend, I think I am starting to see where Stitt is coming from on the issue! In fact, here are 7 reasons why Oklahoma doesn’t need a state-wide mask mandate!

We’ve done a great job containing the virus so far

If Stitt’s “personal responsibility” initiative hasn’t worked so far, then why is he refusing to implement a mask mandate, allowing COVID-19 safeguards to expire for state board meetings, and ignoring the Oklahoma State Medical Association’s pleas to enhance safety guidelines across the state?

Aaron Brilbeck “let go” by News 9…

We’ve learned that Aaron Brilbeck – the beefcakey reporter for KWTV News 9 who achieved international fame due to a cameo in Tiger King – has announced that he’s been “let go” from the Oklahoma City news channel.

As opposed to the standard OKC TV news departures – expired contract, budget cuts, appearing intoxicated during a broadcast, etc. – Brilbeck was apparently fired over the always vague and intriguing “philosophical differences.”

Here’s how he explained the situation on Facebook: