WTF. Oklahoma Congressman is really being put in charge of NASA

Jim Bridenstine is ready for liftoff.

After months and months and months of waiting for Little Marco Rubio to pout and play politics, Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine – the guy who holds town hall meetings like this – is about to be put in charge of NASA.

Via a Justin Wingerter article in The Oklahoman:

U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine, the Tulsa Republican whose nomination to lead NASA has hung in the balance for seven months, narrowly overcame a major procedural hurdle in the Senate on Wednesday, setting the stage for a final confirmation vote later this week.

The Senate voted 50-48 along party lines. A final vote is expected Thursday afternoon…

Bridenstine was first nominated for the position last September and nominated again in January, but Senate Republicans have struggled to find the votes needed to confirm him. He has faced unanimous opposition from Senate Democrats, as well as from Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, of Florida.

On Wednesday, it was Rubio who cast a crucial vote in Bridenstine’s favor.

“While I wish the president would have nominated a space professional to run NASA, the unexpected April 30 retirement of the acting administrator would leave NASA, an agency whose mission is vital to Florida, with a gaping leadership void unless we confirm a new administrator,” Rubio said in a statement.

I think when Trump selects members of his administration, the first thing he looks for is loyalty. The second thing he looks for is someone who is unqualified for the job, in hopes that they will generate chaos, disorder and media attention. If so, he’s going to love Jim Bridenstine to the moon and back! Bridenstine’s big qualification for the job is that he was a former director of the obscure local non-profit Tulsa Air and Space Museum and Planetarium. This Daily Beast article explains how well that worked out.

Justin Wingerter did find this one silver lining in Bridenstine’s appointment. He’s going to save Oklahoma some money!

5 Sketchy Finds on the OKC Facebook Marketplace

If you owe more than the worth of your soul in student debt, have ever worked a minimum wage job as an adult, or are a fan of Pinterest projects you will never complete, you’ve probably visited the Facebook Marketplace for your supply of gently used shop vacs, once used ellipticals, and mattresses with stains that look something you’d see on Forensic Files. That being said, the Marketplace is also a great way to earn a few extra dollars for beer money or make a sketchy new friend, like Jason Henderson.


TULSA, Okla. – A man was arrested after allegedly selling stolen items on Facebook, according to the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO).

Authorities say it started when a burglary victim called officials after seeing his property for sale on a Facebook marketplace.

Officials arrested Jason Henderson, 44, after he arrived to meet the “perspective buyer” Monday night.

But how did they prove he was the culprit? Did the cops find his fingerprints at the victim’s home? Did the Tulsa Police Department hire a psychic? Did Jason Henderson undergo twelve hours of nonstop interrogation under hot lights in the back of a police van until the authorities secured a confession???

Here’s the answer:

Numerous stolen items were found in Henderson’s vehicle. Officials say he was even wearing the victim’s stolen clothes.

Well that was anticlimactic. So Jason was caught wearing the stolen clothes. But come on. If your sense of fashion is coveted by a man who looks like an extra on the set of Walker Texas Ranger, you need to change up your wardrobe anyway.

And what better place to shop for some new threads than the Facebook Marketplace! Seriously, you can find anything along any price range on the site. But like any other time you scrounge into the depths of the internet, there you are bound to come across something that you can’t unsee, no matter how much you pray or drink. So to save you from spending another 7 minutes wasting company time on Facebook to see for yourself, I’ve compiled a list that will help you waste 7 minutes on TLO. Here’s 5 of the sketchiest metro Facebook Marketplace finds!

10 Comic Book Characters with Okie Roots

Oklahoma City may not have as many superheroes as Metropolis, vigilantes as Gotham or mythological goddesses as Themiscyria, but when it comes to comic book writers, artists and creators, the Big Town has been assuredly crafting itself a decent-enough origin story over the past few years. Now it’s finally on the verge of its own “great power/great responsibility” moment, with the inception of Oklahoma Contemporary’s Comix OK exhibit.*

Dedicated to exploring the “thriving artistic culture of comics in Oklahoma,” the Comix OK exhibition has been single-mindedly dedicated to “comic books, zines, graphic novels and related forms of sequential art, as well as the universes created by comic artists of superheroes, fantasy, mythology and science fiction,” especially on a local level, showcasing the work of many Okies working hard behind the capes. The folks behind the exhibit wanted to represent the great diversity both on and behind the pages of Oklahoma comics. In addition to the expected superheroes, COMIX OK features characters, artists, illustrators and writers from a variety of backgrounds, genders, sexualities, races and careers.

The program reaches its apex this weekend with ContempCon, a free comic book convention that runs April 21st and 22nd at Oklahoma Contemporary, 3000 General Pershing Blvd on the Fairgrounds. The con will feature workshops, drop-in studios for kids and adults, panel discussions, 45+ artist, publisher and vendor booths, storytimes, board games, a movie screening and other activities for families, artists and fans of the genre. Click here for more info including event schedules.

As someone who’s covered various conventions for The Lost Ogle on a very sad, very lonely regular basis, the event inspired us to revisit what role Oklahoma has played in the history of both the DC and Marvel universes. With a nod towards a possible cosplay idea or two, here are 10 comic book characters that have straight-up Okie roots, no matter how insignificant or embarrassing.



Wyatt Wingfoot

Marvel’s Wyatt Wingfoot is a proud member of the fictional Keewazi tribe and was born and bred on their reservation in central Oklahoma which, inaccurately enough, is depicted as a Navajo village with multi-storied adobe homes, like those you’d find in the deserts of New Mexico. After accepting a scholarship to Metro College in New York, he becomes the Human Torch’s token minority roommate. When offered the title of Chief from his people, he declines, instead preferring to stay in New York and bang She-Hulk on the regular. Not that I blame him.



DC also attempted to beat the Native drum in the late-70s with the barely fleshed-out character of Owlwoman; of Cherokee decent, jeweler Wenonah Littlebird is a member of both the Super-Friends and the Global Guardians, aiding both those super-teams when they make the occasional side-trip to Oklahoma. Born with the owl-like ability to see in the dark, glide on the wind and snap a neck in two thanks to a pair of freakishly long fingernails, while much hasn’t been seen or heard from Owlwoman in the past few years, she’s seemingly long-overdue for a proper update and I’m not talking that DC One Million nonsense.

On the other hand, COMIX OK features Native American characters drawn by actual Native Americans, including Arigon Starr and Johnnie Diacon, who are both featured in the exhibit.

Oklahoma Fun Police making move on 420 Holiday…

Before I write anything else, I want to be clear about one thing – driving under the influence of marijuana is not a great idea. It can affect your judgement and reaction time, and depending on what strain you smoked, can make you either hazy and dazey or paranoid and lazy. You’re better off staying home and ordering Postmates than driving over to OnCue.

That being said, driving high is not as bad as driving drunk. In fact, according to The Marshall Project, driving while high is equated to driving with .01 to .05 blood alcohol content. That sounds about right to me. It’s also not as bad as texting and driving. According to a basic Google search, that’s actually more dangerous than drunk driving.

Despite all that easily available information, The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office has decided to use 420 as an excuse to target all drug-impaired drivers who may or may not be under the influence of the Devil’s Lettuce.

Via the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office:

5 More Badass Oklahoma “Dad Rock” Bands

A little over a year ago, we told you about some of our favorite dad rock bands in Oklahoma. Hopefully, all of those fellas are still kicking it, jamming out and not doing any drugs, but we decided it was time to showcase some other bands on the scene.

For those not in the know, ‘Dad Rock’ is basically any band that is predominantly made up of middle-aged men that play sports bars and weddings. Their repertoire is typically classic rock covers, but they’ll throw in some newer stuff and originals as well. In fact, a good indication is if their ReverbNation bio says something along the lines that the band plays “all styles of music.”

As goofy as some of these bands may seem, we applaud anyone who never put down their guitar because they picked up a mortgage. It’s hard enough keeping a band together when you’re young, and it doesn’t get any easier the older you get. The next time your uncle asks you to see his blues band play at a pizza parlour in Shawnee, do it. You’ll probably have a good time, and it’ll make him happy.