Recycled Cinema: The Return of the AMC Robinson Crossing 6

Over the past few weeks, to many regular moviegoers across the metroplex, I seem to have become the bearer of bad celluloid after incessantly reporting on the handful of various local cinemas that, for one reason or another, have surprisingly shuttered their double-doors, apparently for good.

For once, however, I have a bit of much better news: Norman’s AMC Robinson Crossing 6, 1300 N. Interstate Dr.—a theater that quite literally has seen every incarnation of presentation in this business we call “show”—has formally returned as not only a first run theater, but as a first run theater that will give the larger movie-houses in their general vicinity a run for their, at the very least, box-office dollars.

And while I’m not sure that AMC is properly letting people know about it—I had only recently discovered they had unceremoniously re-opened while looking up Fandango showtimes for the new George Michael-based holiday flick Last Christmas—I clearly remember the many reincarnations of this theater in the past, from an AMC second-run house to a shady indie cinema, so much so that I was eager to see what changes were unquestionably made.

Oklahoma now “Hollywood East” after more Matt Damon & Jesse Eisenberg encounters

Oklahoma has some, let’s just say, bummer state nicknames. “Oklahoma, you’re OK.” Way to sell yourself short right off the jump. “The Sooner State,” as in could we get a better nickname sooner? But I guess “Cracker Barrel Country” didn’t have the right ring either.

Regardless of Oklahoma’s less-than-enthusiastic approach to nicknames, the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office has a new, yet naively optimistic, option – Hollywood East!

Leave it to Oklahoma to lose their everloving shit at the sight of a celebrity. I wish this state could be cool for five minutes without being the nation’s Cousin Eddie. But hey, it’s not every day that you get to have two celebrities in the neighborhood! Most of the time we’re in the news for a celebrity, it has something to do with a homicidal tiger zoo owner or something stupid one of our congresspeople said on camera.

Naturally, our favorite OKC mayor and way-too enthusiastic Dad at the soccer match, David Holt, got in on the action:

Ed Shadid unleashes on Mayor Holt, MAPS 4 and OKC Plutocrats!

On this week’s episode of The Lost Ogle Show, presented by The Red Shield Fund, Marisa and I welcomed former Oklahoma City councilman Dr. Ed Shadid into our Bricktown Digital Media Studios.

In one of his first interviews since leaving office – and only a week after the Supreme Court denied his appeal to block MAPS 4EVER on the grounds it’s unconstitutional – Ed shared some charged and unfiltered remarks on the Oklahoma City “plutocracy,” Mayor David Holt, MAPS 4 and lots of other local issues, from gentrification to marijuana to the who keeps all the money at the fairgrounds.

Give it a listen!

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Markwayne Mullin still too dumb to comprehend his own hypocrisy

Over the past week, Markwayne Mullin – a loyal defender and protector of Eastern Oklahoma hypocrisy and values – has gone on a barnstorming tour across his district to provide “impeachment updates” about our diabolical conman reality star president.

So far, the “updates” have followed a Fox News propaganda playbook designed to rally support for the president from his indoctrinated right-wing base. For example, check out some details from a meeting in Muskogee:

Mullin strayed from the format of prior town hall meetings, presenting slides and videotaped comments made by some of his Democratic colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives. Mullin used the video, which was packaged with a soundtrack, to bolster an argument that U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff cannot be trusted…

“When you have a chairman that goes out there and openly misleads the American people, there is a problem with that,” Mullin said. “It is not a question of if he has lied, he has openly admitted that he didn’t tell the truth, not once or twice but multiple times.”

Yeah, you can’t trust a man who “openly misleads the American people” and doesn’t “tell the truth,” says the guy who A) openly mislead Oklahoma voters by reneging on his pledge to only serve three terms in office, and B) supports the lying, cheating, stealing person we know as President Trump.

The fact that Markwayne is such a hypocrite shouldn’t be a surprise to Lost Ogle readers.

First of all, the guy’s name is Markwayne. I’m pretty sure that’s Cherokee for “Kicked In Head By Mule.” Expecting him to understand hypocrisy would be like expecting a guy named JoBob to understand nuclear engineering, or how to message his pregnant daughter on Snapchat.

Also, hypocrisy has been a central theme of Markwayne’s legislative career. Check out how he opens and closes his most recent newsletter to constituents.

Wichita Lineman: Taking a Hike in the Wichita Mountains

My father lived in Oklahoma most of his life, yet I’m pretty sure he had never really seen most of this intrinsically moving state before he died, probably due to a mixture of punishing loneliness and crushing laziness. But, after my own brush with the flames of Hell, I made a vow that I would take every opportunity to, if not see the world, at least see my home state.

My most recent trip took me to the Wichita Mountains and, conversely, their National Wildlife Refuge. Backpack loaded with bottles of lukewarm water, a couple of granola bars and, for some reason, a whole roll of toilet paper, my girlfriend and I set out like many of the explorers of old, but without all of the colonizing bullshit that traveled with them.

Sleepy OKC Cop files defamation lawsuit against Channel 4, Channel 9 and The Oklahoman…

Back in September, a local weirdo named Patrick Roth made the news, after he shared a now-deleted YouTube video where he toyed with and taunted an OKC cop that he claimed was “sleeping on the job.”

Naturally, our crack local news teams jumped all over the story.

Unlike us, the local media didn’t seem to care or notice that Ricketts was technically off-duty and working a private security gig with his wife in the car, or that Patrick Roth is a well-know and completely unreliable nutjob YouTube provocateur who routinely harasses government workers and the general public by filming them without consent. The local media had clickable “COP SLEEPING ON JOB!!! OMG!!!” headline and ran with it, leading to so much attention and controversy that the OKCPD had to organize a press conference to address the accusations.

Well, it now looks like the media may have run a little too fast.

On November 4th, Ricketts and his wife filed a defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and invasion of privacy lawsuit in Oklahoma County against Roth, one of his cohorts, and three local media outlets – KFOR Channel 4, KWTV Channel 9 and The Oklahoman.

In the lawsuit, the couple claims all defendants knowingly published false information and statements about the couple and that “slander and lies” have caused more than $75,000 in emotional distress and economic damages.

You can view the entire lawsuit below:

Free Queso Podcast: Ep 1 w/ The Pump

Welcome to the grand opening of the Free Queso podcast!

Last week, Judie and I had a soft opening show, and now we’re officially ready for business. We’ll be bringing you guests every other week from the service industry. There’s a slate of brewers, chefs, coffee professionals, and all sorts of others in the near future. But we wanted to come out of the gates with a party, so who would be better to bring in than some of the fun and talented staff from The Pump – Hailey McDermid, Meghanne Hensley, and Becky Ginn came to the TLO Bricktown studio and things got wild:

In this episode, we touch on topics like:

  • Drinking Smirnoff Ice
  • Sexism in the bar industry
  • Polishing turds and preserving historic buildings
  • Remembering your daily cocktail specials
  • Pig nipple soup and horse sashimi

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