Lost Ogle Show: Wil Norton and Danny Davis from Husbands

What connection does The Lost Ogle have with the local music scene?

More than you probably think.

This week, we sat down with Wil Norton and Danny Davis from the amazing OKC-based indie pop duo Husbands. They have a big album release show this Saturday night at Tower Theatre for “After The Gold Rush Party.”

We played some tracks from the new album, talked about Wil and Danny’s creative process, and dove into the late aughts OKC MySpace band scene. Also, Patrick spins a yarn about a mixed CD he once gave to a fellow coworker, and how that changed the OKC musical landscape forever:

To listen to Husbands, check out their bandcamp. You can get tickets to their upcoming January 18 show here.

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TLO Restaurant Review: Casey’s General Store

I was sitting in my office chair late Saturday night, a grin on my face having just finished this week’s restaurant review somewhat early. As I was getting ready to file it, however, I got a hurried text from Patrick that went something along the lines of “These gas stations are big news, kid! Get me a review of Casey’s General Store by Tuesday!”


While I had never heard of Casey’s General Store before, my girlfriend swore we had passed a handful on our way to Louisville. Either way, apparently a few are opening in the Metro, with one on the outskirts of Moore—the closest to me, at least at the time of this writing.

Will Oklahoma get its first minimum wage raise in 12 years?

Oklahoma sure has changed over the last 12 years. Think about this: in 2008, Mary Fallin had not yet begun her reign of terror, Mick Cornett was putting OKC on a diet, and TLO was rounding out it’s first year as Oklahoma’s premier local obscure social blog by rating 1990s music videos and hot girls. Yeah, our world looked a lot different a dozen or so years ago.

But unfortunately, one thing that hasn’t changed is our minimum wage. Thankfully, a new bill may soon allow minimum wage employees at least afford to live in the year 2013.


Oklahoma City wants to know why the hell you chose to live here…

There are many considerations families mull over when they decide where to make their homes. Factors such as good public school opportunities, quick and easy commute options, and the overall culture of a city are important. So it’s no wonder that Oklahoma City is basically asking residents, why the hell did you move here?

Via Fox 25…

Oklahoma City, Okla. (KOKH) — The City of Oklahoma City is trying to gauge the public on the state of housing and what’s important to you. The city posted an online survey asking people’s opinion to help understand what housing choices and considerations will be important to metro-area households in the coming years.

The anonymous survey asks about your living situation, problems you experience with your home, schools, safety, and proximity to parks, trails, dining, and grocery stores. There’s also a section where you can tell the city what would you change about your current neighborhood.

Look, I am all for OKC inviting residents to give feedback on the city. But by asking for their opinions on mundane things such as dining, schools, and safety, the City is missing out on a lot of vital information. In fact, a few other things the survey should be collecting data on include…

Planet of the Apes: Louis Fowler Goes to Kentucky’s Creation Museum

In the beginning, there was…Ken Ham.

Known to many believers as a fierce Aussie fundamentalist with a strong creationist streak, Ham is also the founder of Answers in Genesis, the organization that operates the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. But of all the questions I went into the museum with, the one that I desperately wanted answered was “Why isn’t the Creation Museum in Oklahoma?”

As someone who has recently left a personally destructive cult, I have been a bit burnt out on Okie religion and all the devout hatred that seems to go along with it. Still, roadside attractions—especially with a strong fundie bent—have always called out to me from high in the heavens and this multi-million dollar museum was screaming the loudest.

Lost Ogle Winter Trivia League Starts This Week!

Dust off your brain cells and gather your smart friends! Lost Ogle Trivia kicks into full gear this week with our $1,500 Winter Trivia League presented by Anthem Brewing!

In its simplest, least-confusing form, Lost Ogle Trivia Leagues are basically a loyalty-rewards program for our weekly stable of free bar trivia nights. Teams play trivia at any venue and earn league points based on how they place. After 12 weeks, the 15 teams with most league points – plus three wild card drawing winners – earn an invite to a special $1,500 Championship Match that will be played in April at Fassler Hall.

“That sounds awesome, Patrick! But tell me – where can my friends and I play Lost Ogle trivia?”

Funny you should ask, Internet Reader! We now host eight team trivia nights a week across the North OKC metro! In addition to league points, teams can win anywhere from $75- $110 in house-cash –and other prizes – at each venue!

• Mondays: New State Burgers at 7pm (Plaza District)
• Tuesdays: Top Golf at 7pm (Chisholm Creek); Fassler Hall at 8pm (Midtown)
• Wednesdays: Cock O’ The Walk at 8pm (N. Western)
• Thursdays: McNellies at 8pm (Midtown); Anchor Down at 8pm (Deep Deuce)
• Fridays: Buffalo Wild Wings at 9pm (NW Expressway)
• Saturdays: Anthem Brewing Taproom at 7pm (Jan. 18, Feb. 1, Feb. 15, Feb. 29, March 14)

If you’re a regular Lost Ogle trivia player, or thinking about becoming one for league purposes, you probably have some questions, like…

Internal Documents Reveal More About 7-Eleven Acquisition…

Yesterday morning, we went deep undercover and broke the news that all Central Oklahoma 7-Eleven stores are being acquired by 7-Eleven’s corporate conglomerate in Dallas, ending a nearly 60-year run of local, independent ownership of all metro 7-Elevens.

The news spread quickly across the local gas station scene like an infection in a Love’s bathroom, with patrons, current and former Seven-11 employees, and people who like to play lottery scratchers all discussing the news on social media.

Due to the clandestine nature of acquisition, initial details were about as murky as a cola-flavored ICEE… or Slurpee. Either way, not too long after we published the news, the Ogle Mole Network lit up with more information.

One Mole sent us this document:

We shared the document on Twitter, which led to QuikTrip responding to us:

In addition to that, another Mole forwarded us screenshots of what appears to be an internal employee Q&A about the deal that explains what employees can expect from their new corporate overlords. Because we believe that sharing is caring, we included screenshots below:

Central Oklahoma 7-Eleven Stores being sold to Corporate Overlords…

Are Slurpees finally coming to Oklahoma City?

Last night, we received a tip via The Ogle Mole Network that Central Oklahoma 7-Eleven Stores – the family run conglomerate that has owned and operated all metro-area 7-Eleven’s since the 1950s – is being acquired by 7-Eleven’s corporate ownership out of Dallas.

Check this out:

I tried calling the Central Oklahoma 7-Eleven corporate office earlier this morning to confirm the report, but their phone lines were not connecting. Curious, huh?

As a result, I decided to go undercover and visit my neighborhood 7-Eleven store – a miniature, 1990s rectangular time capsule that, like most 7-Elevens, doesn’t appear to have been updated or remodeled in decades – to play dumb, see what the staff had to say, and take advantage of the free ATM.

It went something like this: