TLO Restaurant Review: Railhead Bar-B-Q

It was after a few pure examples of absolute human error when we finally made it to the mixed-materials building that solidly holds, now and forever, Railhead Bar-B-Q, 13978 S. Douglas Blvd., somewhere in the aged backwoods of, according to the place’s printed materials, Guthrie.

With the sun setting in the sky in that alarmingly fast winter way, we entered through the heavy metal doors and found a seat somewhere deep in the corner. Completely soulless most of the time we were there, as we put in our order, the television jukebox—big deep TVs for big deep men, I guess—played an auditory circle of 90s country tunes.

James Lankford reminds us Oklahoma still has two dumb Senators…

For a guy who looks like a skeleton, James Lankford sure could use a spine.

Over the weekend, Senator Gingertor – the guy who’s supposed to be the more sane and reasonable of our two US senators – announced that he’s still aboard the latest obstructionist effort from the alt-right to stick it to the Libs… and attempt to usurp our country’s flawed, fake, money-driven democracy.

Here are some details via The Tulsa World:

Louis Fowler’s Most Humble Oklahoma Predictions for 2021

As the bell tolled for 2020, a small baby entered through the large door and took the still smoldering cigarette out of the old man’s limp hands. Freshly dead with a hard-fought and completely lost battle now far behind him, as the tiny toddler ripped the sash that proclaimed “New Year’s 2021” off his chest, he got right to work fixing mankind’s mistakes.

I’m sure that’s what we’d like to imagine for the state of this brand new year, but with 2020 being such an absolute horrorshow, if I’m being honest, all I’m picturing is a continually burning America with a maniacal Trump screaming “No one gets out of here alive!” and firing two large machine guns on the globe, his errand boy Stitt masculinely holding his tiny bullet belt.

That being said, I have a few predictions for 2021 that, like the above, I hope don’t come true but, if they do, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

TLO issues rare “Thank You” to members, advertisers and cheap losers who gave us nothing

The Frontier’s publisher Bobby Lorton recently wrote a nice little letter thanking the non-profit’s individual donors – and their backers in the more socially liberal wing of the Oklahoma ruling class – for all the support during a tumultuous 2020.

It got me thinking – “Maybe I, Patrick Riley, publisher of The Lost Ogle (not the artist), should also write a historic “Thank You!” to all of our readers who generously joined our Membership Club that we launched earlier this year when the pandemic nearly shut us down. It would be a nice gesture, and even more importantly, get more sign-ups!”

That’s probably a good idea, but before I do that. Here’s one last chance to be a part of this historic “Thank You” event:

(Looking to make a one time contribution, click here.)

Anyway, all set up now? Let’s get on to this rare Thank You.

Lost Ogle Show Year-End Spectacular Jubilee!!!

Even though 2020 has been a pretty terrible year for people who don’t own grocery stores, tech companies or bitcoin, we were still able to pump out 37 Lost Ogle Show episodes for your listening enjoyment. These episodes were downloaded and streamed a grand total of 35,000 times, with 1,000 of those coming from Marisa’s mom.

Anyway, in this week’s episode of The Lost Ogle Show presented by Stability Cannabis, we take a look back at some of our favorite guests, moments, and episodes of the year, and reminisce about the madness that was 2020.

Check it out:

As always, you can subscribe, stream and download The Lost Ogle Show wherever fine podcasts are bought, sold and traded. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

TLO 2020 Year In Review: November

November was the worst time in the worst year of my life. The week of the election, which had been a chaotic shitshow from the get-go, a massive ice storm sheeted the state. If you were lucky, you only lost power for about a week. Not to mention that the COVID cases (which are still rising) had hit an all-time peak.

Also, this is the final installment of our 2020 year series. You can read and view other months by clicking here.

Kevin Stitt Intensifies Efforts To Pray Away Pandemic…
Date: November 24, 2020

TLO 2020 Year In Review – October

October is supposed to be spooky season. It’s normally my favorite month of the year. Everyone dresses up like idiots and you get to go to parties and you and your friends laugh about each other’s silly costumes. The kids go trick’r’treating, movie theaters are playing classic horror movies, all that fun stuff. And, like everything else this year, it got cancelled.

But plenty still happened in spite of Halloween disappearing:

Cannibalistic Black Market Castrators Arrested In Eastern Oklahoma…

You can book the castration cabin for $45 a night

Date: October 22, 2020

TLO 2020 Year In Review – September

As we enter the last part of the year where the Nero-level vanity and fascism entered into pure absurdity, we witnessed one of the most absurd moments of Trump’s ill-fated political career. In September, as part of a political stunt, five boats in a ‘boat parade’ near Austin, TX sunk. Thoughts & prayers etc.

Here’s what happened ’round these parts in September:

Edmond woman to teach classes on how to prep for upcoming Civil War
Date: September 17, 2020