Breaking News – Josh Brecheen is still a hypocritical homophobic religious zealot

With all apologies to Ralph Shortey, Joseph Silk, John Bennett, Justin Humphrey and 60 or so other elected officials, the top Derplahoman currently serving in Oklahoma government is State Senator Josh Brecheen.

This guy is the Lord of the Derplahomans. Each year, he does everything possible to impose his antiquated, religious-based moral code on law-abiding Oklahomans. And for added effect, does it in a hypocritical style that would even make Donald Trump proud.

For example, take a look at this gem from his Senate bio:

While in the State Senate, Josh will focus on job creation, low taxation, and reduction of government waste. He wants to reduce needless government regulations, improve education, advocate for agricultural interests and promote local control and constitutional rights.

Yep, there you have it. Josh likes to “promote local control and constitutional rights.” I guess that explains why he recently authored and introduced Senate Bill 694. If passed and signed into law, it will prevent municipalities from enacting ordinances the protect the LGBT community from housing discrimination.

Via Fox News 23:

State Senator Ervin Yen targeted by racist anti-vaxxer propaganda…

One of the few semi-sane bills to be introduced in the Oklahoma legislature is SB 83.

Introduced by State Senator Ervin Yen, the first Asian-American to be elected to the Oklahoma legislature, it would allow a child to skip a mandated vaccination only if a doctor says the immunization could endanger the child’s life. Otherwise, the kid can not attend public schools.

That’s a lot different than the current law in the books. Currently, a misinformed parent or guardian who believes everything on the Internet can also object to the immunization of their child, and in the process, increase the chances that their kid comes down with a serious, highly contagious illness that can be spread to other children who unfortunately have parents who believe everything on the Internet. This will be eliminated if Yen’s bill becomes law.

Naturally, the legislation has irritated the extremely vocal, militant, essential-oil peddling anti-vaccination crowd that you’ve likely already unfollowed on Facebook. Even though they probably home school their kids so it doesn’t matter if they go to public school or not, they responded to Yen’s legislation the best way they could – good old-fashioned American racism.

Check out these postcard mailers that an unnamed anti-vaccination group sent to some Oklahoma residents.

TLO Restaurant Review: Stagecoach BBQ in Newkirk, OK

What is it that Guy Fieri has that I don’t?

For me, there is no better way to spend the day than just driving to someplace in Oklahoma you’ve never been before and pulling off the side of the road at the first interesting place you see around dinnertime or so.  While I may not be all that “camera-friendly,” surely my mildly likable personality would translate to, at the very least, a weekly three-minute segment on Discover Oklahoma, right?

This past Friday, I was able to score press passes to see one of my favorite bands, Styx, at the Seven Clans First Council Casino and Hotel outside Newkirk, a town I had never heard of near the Kansas border. The drive up I-35 was pretty uneventful, but when we made the right turn into the backroads around Blackwell, that’s where at least you got to drive through a small succession of wonderfully rural towns, all loaded with Hunt Brothers pizza franchises and otherworldly gas stations called Jiffy Trips.

As the sun started to come down over the Oklahoma plains, my partner and I had reckoned that it was time to find some dinner, eating at the casino café before the show being a last resort. Driving through Newkirk, were just about to give up after counting about 30 different Subways when we happened upon a rustic little joint called Stagecoach BBQ, located at 400 W. South Street.

There are few things better in life than barbecue joints in small Oklahoma towns. Unrelentingly unpretentious dining at its finest, nine times out of ten these side-of-the-road Godsends will have some of what you swear is the best barbecue you’ve ever had in your life…until you hit the road again and stop at the next one, of course.

Stagecoach is no different. This is some darn good barbecue, son.

Appropriately named Oklahoma eatery fires staff for participating in “Day Without Immigrants.”

The real Oklahoma Standard is back in the national spotlight.

Last week, the owner of a restaurant in Catoosa fired 12 members of his staff via text message after they chose to participate in “Day Without Immigrants” protests.

The name of the restaurant is I Don’t Care, which apparently represents the owner’s commitment to quality food, service and basic human dignity.


7 Magical Moments from KD and Russ’s Awkward All-Star Weekend…

The NBA All-Star break is generally a time for the players and staff to relax and have fun. A lot of the guys who aren’t participating use it as an excuse to go on vacation, or spend time with their families. The players who attend get to hang out with each other, hit the clubs at night, and unwind from all the stress that comes with playing in an NBA season that’s about ten games longer than it really needs to be.

One person who didn’t seem to be having much fun was Kevin Durant.

The lanky shooting guard was making his eighth appearance in an All-Star game. Russell Westbrook was also playing for the sixth time in the ASG. This was the first time, however, that they had to represent the Western Conference when they weren’t best buds.

The duo played together for eight years with the Oklahoma City Thunder before Durant decided to take his talents to Silicon Valley. Their acrimonious split is becoming legendary: KD couldn’t even muster the courage to make a phone call, instead just sending a text message to Westbrook. That’s the pro sports equivalent of ghosting on a person you dated for nearly a decade. The pair haven’t spoken since, with Russell either casting petty jabs or just changing the subject from Kevin altogether:

Some members of the media, though, wouldn’t let the issue die: