The Oklahoman offers job to new OSU beat writer. Rescinds it two weeks later.

Back in July, Ryan Sharp – one of the few remaining employees in The Oklahoman’s sports department – hopped on Twitter to excitedly announce that Ellis Williams had been hired to join the paper’s Oklahoma State sports beat.

That’s pretty cool. Just like the University’s coaching positions, the Oklahoma State sports beat has been a decent stepping stone gig for writers over years. Hell, if Mike Gundy cooperates, there’s even a chance you can become an overnight viral video sensation! Who wouldn’t want that job!

Unfortunately for Ellis, the gig lasted about as long as a Jenni Carlson paragraph. While he was packing his bags and searching Apartment Finder for a place to live, The Oklahoman’s HR Department called and rescinded the offer…

10 tips for incoming OU freshmen

Outside of being an OU senior staring down student debt and the current job market, there is nothing funnier and sadder to watch than a herd of doe-eyed freshmen and their parents touring campus. It’s about the same look a cow gives as it’s being led down the cold, metallic slaughterhouse assembly line. But it’s that time of year once again…

Via The Norman Transcript:

The University of Oklahoma campus and surrounding area is about to get a lot busier, with the first students for the school year moving in this week.

OU Move-In starts on Wednesday, Aug. 7, though the majority of students won’t move in until next week. The university has provided move-in instructions for students and their families coming to Norman before classes begin on Aug. 19.

Soon, fresh-faced idiots will pile into dorm rooms not fit for human habitation. From there, they will mature into the hardened cynics we have all become. Before they take that first step into pseudo-adulthood, we wanted to give the newbies some advice to help them in their college career.

1. Pace yourself

This isn’t Animal House and not every night is a party night; we save those type of nights for after midterms and finals. You have 4+ years to figure out the routine. Go to The Deli or O’Connells if you’re looking to make weekday regrets.

2. When in doubt, go to The Mont

There are many staples of Norman, but The Mont is king. If you have a decent fake ID, this place will get you the right type of day drunk on swirls to conquer whatever anxiety-inducing class you have. According to The Lost Ogle show, if you don’t get their cheese fries, you’re not doing it right.

3. Stay away from Sugers

Opioid Trial Judge Bow Wow Wow Yippie Yo Yippie Yayed with Snoop Dogg…

Yesterday afternoon, an Ogle Mole emailed us a couple of pics of judge Thad Balkman getting all funkadelic with Snoop Dogg.

Snoop is one of my favorite rappers, and Thad Balkman – a former Oklahoma lawmaker – is one of the favorite judges of the Oklahoma ruling class. Not only is he doing everything possible to make sure the state wins a record settlement in its signed, sealed and delivered trial against Johnson & Johnson, but he also helped OU block release of the Joe Mixon sucker punch video for as long as legally possible. Basically, he has a long and luxurious career ahead of him.

In addition to the photo, the Mole included this autograph that Snoop sent to the judge:

That’s cool. If I was kicking it with Snoop, I’d ask him to sign my G-pen. That would make up for it breaking after two weeks.

So, why exactly was an Oklahoma judge hounding Snoop Dogg for photos and autographs? Fortunately, our Mole also emailed The Oklahoman, so they were able to get all the details.

Via a Randy Ellis article in The Oklahoman:

A Tale of Two Grills: The Rebirth of Azteca Mexican Grill and Armando’s Mexican Grill

Over the past year or so, two long-standing Mexican joints along May Avenue—San Marcos and Chelino’s—shut their doors for good and, rather quickly, were replaced by a pair of somewhat similar restaurants, Azteca Mexican Grill at 4024 N. May and Armando’s Mexican Grill at 5900 N. May, respectively.

Both former favorites of mine, I was admittedly trepidatious about these new cantinas, thinking that they both were going to be imitaciones pálidas of those former eateries that has held Oklahoma City in queso-covered rapture for an untold number of years. But, after trying these self-described grills over the past few weeks, I can wholeheartedly say that they do live up to any and every Tex-Mex standard that border-based food-fans have come to expect around here.

Oklahoma lawmakers blame mental health and lack of #ThoughtsandPrayers for gun violence…

This weekend we were reminded that our nation is facing a crisis. With shootings in El Paso, Chicago, and Dayton killing 33 and harming dozens more within a matter of hours from each other, Oklahoma lawmakers are answering calls to action by their constituents with pleas for “thoughts and prayers” and mental health care reform. I have mixed feelings about this.

As the owner of an Oklahoma handgun license and Ruger LCP II (a gun), I am taking this time to reflect on my own values. I cringe at how easy it was for me to get a license, and gun for that matter. But I can honestly say I’ve never had a need to carry in public, so I’ve never carried my weapon with me outside of traveling to the range. So, as a gun owner, I am sad, remorseful, and reconsidering my own gun ownership. But as someone with a Master’s Degree in Psychology and thus a pretty good grasp on the subject, I am pissed about our lawmakers blaming the epidemic on mental health. So, buckle the f%*k up for this article, ya’ll.

Via News on 6…

MAPS 4EVER – Taking a look at the new MAPS pitches (Part 4)

Welcome back to our ongoing coverage of a beloved pastime of Oklahoma City: the trotting out of MAPS presentations!

Yes, every few years, it’s time for local agencies, non-profits, special interest groups and the like to write out their Christmas lists and pitch them to city council in the hopes that they’ll be able to get some sweet sales tax money and make their wild dreams come true.

We covered proposals from the first and second and third meetings, and will continue our coverage as the meetings happen and we get a clearer idea of what everyone is wanting out of MAPS.

Now that all the proposals are out in there air, here’s the last of them:

OKC Seeks 400 Unpaid Laborers to Work $1.5 Million Kings of Leon Concert…

As you may recall, the Oklahoma City Twitterati ratioed us earlier this summer, when we brazenly pointed out the feel-good free Kings of Leon concert at Scissortail Park was actually going to cost anywhere from $1 million to $1.5 million to produce.

One of the big complaints was that, by pointing the exuberant price tag for a free municipal event that was planned without any public input, The Lost Ogle expects people to work for free.

For example:


Well, I have some news that’s guaranteed to fire up these social media warriors who vigorously fight online for workers rights and fair wages for all: We have learned that Oklahoma City is seeking hundreds of “energetic” unpaid laborers to do things like pick up trash, work retail sales booths and serve drinks to the gracious and honorable Love’s family at the big Scissortail Park grand opening.


Rough Oklahoma road guarantees to rattle dentures and jiggle breasts…

Shitty roads are as connected to Oklahoma life as DUI’s are for Republican lawmakers.

Seriously, a defining moment for any Okie native or newcomer is to hit a pothole so directly that you apologize to your car. The thing that’s surprising in all of this is that driver’s can’t go anywhere in this state without running into some sort of construction. And yet, drivers still have to drive around potholes like a rousing round of Mario Kart.

While we groan and complain online, people from Dewey County District 3 took it upon themselves to warn drivers in the best Oklahoma fashion.