El Reno Councilman Goes On Drunken Golf Cart Ride

As we discussed in a previous article, the COVID-19 outbreak has shown that a lot of laws in Oklahoma were bullshit. We don’t need bans on alcohol delivery or waiting periods for unemployment to be a functioning society. And according to El Reno councilman Justin T. Chronister, apparently any laws that ban hot-rodding along city streets in a golf cart while wasted are also stupid.


Despite Pandemic, Oklahoma Lawmakers Are Still Getting A 35% Pay Raise

Back in the fall, a group of political cronies appointed by lawmakers voted to give Oklahoma lawmakers an astronomical, and completely undeserved, 35-percent pay raise.

Now that our state, like the rest of the country, is facing an astronomical economic hurdle due to the pandemic, you’d logically think that pay raise would be postponed, reneged or at least saved for more deserving people, like the tens of thousands of Oklahomans who have yet to receive their unemployment checks.

Unfortunately, Oklahoma is dark, demented place where logical thought goes to die. Via News9:

OKLAHOMA CITY – This week the state House of Representatives is expected to vote on a budget proposal that includes 4% cuts to most agencies. At the same time, legislators are gearing up for a 35% pay raise…

Last October, the Legislative Compensation Board; a five-member board appointed by the governor and legislative leaders, approved the raise increasing pay for legislators from $35,000 a year to $47,500 in November. It’s the first pay raise for the legislature in 20-years.

Fun fact – one of the people on the Legislative Compensation Board is News 9 political “pundit” Scott Mitchell. He’s a fair and impartial journalist… who just happens to accept advertising dollars from the people he voted to give a pay raise, too:

Oklahoma Lawmakers Want To Make Absentee Voting More Difficult

Earlier this week, Democrats, liberals and dead voters in rural counties cheered when the Oklahoma Supreme Court tossed out an Oklahoma Election Board ruling that required most absentee ballots to be notarized. Unfortunately for them, that joy lasted about 72 hours.

Just three days after the Court’s ruling, Oklahoma GOP lawmakers – a.k.a. the other virus that haunts Oklahoma – passed a bill that will make the notary requirement part of state law:

Free Queso: The Sandwich Show with Boys Podcast

I’m sure you’ve all heard, but it’s a pretty dormant time for the service industry at the moment. Other than the places doing take-out or slowly re-opening, most bars and restaurants and their employees have been sitting on their asses for over a month (raises hand).

Since we haven’t been able to get back in the studio, we did a remote Free Queso with our friends from Boys Podcast. They bring on great guests to talk and tell stories about adolescence and growing up. Their most recent episode is an interview with Leanor Ortega Till from Five Iron Frenzy, which should appeal to any Outer Cafe fans out there.

For this episode, we did a fantasy sports-style draft where we all build our perfect sandwich. Going snake-style, we chose our bread, spread, protein, veg, side, and beverage, and then added a wild card round at the end. Producer Randy played referee and chose the best sandwich at the end.

You can listen to Free Queso and Boys Podcast on Apple PodcastsStitcherSpotify, and probably most of the other places. If you like what you hear, leave us a nice comment and a 5* rating, and follow us on the social meeds at @freequesopod on Twitter and @freequesopod on Instagram.

Postmates de Plume: What is The Grilled Cheese Society?

Like many mostly decent and somewhat hungry citizens, during the pandemic I ordered a few meals off of an online delivery service, most notably from Postmates. And while they offer eats from many local favorites such as The Mule, Grand House, and Ingrid’s Kitchen, I came to notice there’s a plateful of restaurants on there that I’ve never even heard of.

With erotically-charged names like The Hot Italian, Firebelly Wings and Mothership Pizza, curiosity got the best of me and I looked up their listed addresses for, perhaps, a future review; my pseudo-investigation found that many of these sandwiches, wings and salads were coming from the same restaurants under different names, most notably either Pizza House or Henry Hudson’s.

I was going to initially write them off, but one eatery that caught my eye was a joint called The Grilled Cheese Society. Located at the home of a Henry Hudson’s on Google Maps—it mostly intrigued me because, I’m ashamed to say, a grilled cheese sandwich is the one thing that I can’t make and here was a secret club that holds them in high esteem.

While I’m sure this may garner a few insults, I think that making a grilled cheese is something that might be a bit of problem for many of us—I mean, I just recently learned that you’re supposed to butter the bread on both sides. So, really, a restaurant such as The Grilled Cheese Society is an ingenious idea. But how is it in practice?

Kong’s Tavern threw a Covid de Mayo party…

Last night, the Ogle Mole Network lit up with dispatches reporting that Kong’s Tavern – an Axe Body Spray infused meat market located in the heart of Midtown – was packed with Brosephs, Beckys and other douchebags celebrating Cinco de Mayo, and / or their own perceived invincibility to the Coronavirus.

Here are some photos and videos that were sent our way:

TLO Restaurant Review: Taqueria Rodriguez

Even though Oklahoma has skipped a few steps and reopened many of her beloved restaurants for business recently, I feel that, with my minor history of major health problems, I probably shouldn’t be in an enclosed building with too many people just yet.

Still, everybody’s got a hungry heart, and for now, my hambriento corazon is playing its part, dutifully craving a safe-enough taco truck, most notably the new-ish Taqueria Rodriguez, perfectly situated in front of Guzman Auto Detail, 3303 NW 23rd St. Better yet, just keep an eye out for the spray-painted sign that reads “Tacos Gordita Sopes y Mas.”