Report: State Rep. Kevin McDugle Still a Moron

After Trump made his announcement that he would be holding a MAGA rally in Tulsa, the following “advertisement” calling for “MINORITY actors” to “hold signs at event in Tulsa” briefly appeared on Craigslist.

It was eventually deleted, but not before making the rounds on social media, and getting its own Snopes entry:

I have a pretty solid BS meter, and I’d guesstimate there’s a 95% chance the ad was a hoax or prank created by some angry copy, a Trump campaign staffer, or just some other mischievous white nationalist looking to either sow doubt, or reinforce the beliefs, of easy-to-dupe tools that Black Lives Matter is a legitimate movement. The dead giveaway is the “this may be applied towards community service if necessary,” implying that the MINORITY actors have probably been convicted of a committed a crime, and therefore need to perform community service. Hardee-har.

Despite the fact that the ad defies common sense and is probably a hoax and / or plant created by people who likely have bad intentions, some rubes who drink the red MAGA Kool-Aid bought it hook, line and sinker.

Naturally, one of those rubes is notorious Oklahoma State Rep. Kevin McDugle. He went to social media and used the fake Craigslist ad as an excuse to, I think, imply that Black Live Matter isn’t an authentic protest movement driven by masses who are sick of systemic racism and police brutality against blacks and other people of color.

Here’s his tweet:

Norman City Council reduces police budget by 2.79%

With the new movement to “Defund The Police” gaining steam across the country – and causing controversy amongst right-wing authoritarians who lack insight or critical thinking skills – the Norman City Council voted last night to reallocate about 2.79% of the Norman Police Department budget to community outreach programs.

Here are the details via a Storme “Lighting” Jones report with News 9:

Chuba Hubbard and Mike Gundy are maybe kind of possibly perhaps cool now

Yesterday afternoon, the local and national media went into full red alert when star OSU running back Chuba Hubbard called out head football coach Mike Gundy on Twitter for wearing an OAN t-shirt while on a fishing trip with his son.

The tweet quickly went viral, bursting through the sports / social justice / politics / news media echo chambers like a tear gas canister hitting peaceful protestors, generating hot takes from all sides covering all topics:

“Is Mike Gundy’s coaching career in jeopardy?!”

“They’re really flipping out over a logo!? This is censorship!”

“It’s probably time for Mike to go anyway.”

“Who cares! It’s a t-shirt and free country!!’

“What’s OAN?”

Then, right as all the controversy was starting to churn, Chuba Hubbard tweeted a video with Mike Gundy where it looked like they maybe kind of possibly perhaps somehow worked things out.

Watch it for yourself. When you do, try to block out the person heavily breathing in the background:

Tiger King hitman Allen Glover arrested on DUI-related charges in Valley Brook

We have learned via the Ogle Mole Network that Frank “Allen” Glover – the ex-con who was paid $3,000 by Joe Exotic to kill Carole Baskin, and then promptly fled with the cash and smartly spent it on strippers and blow – was arrested over the weekend on DUI-related charges in, naturally, Valley Brook, Oklahoma.

Here’s a screenshot of his booking detail:

For those in our national clicking audience, Valley Brook is a small, seedy suburb on the fringes of Oklahoma City’s southeast side that’s famous for its wide variety of strip joints, gentlemen’s clubs and all-nude juice bars. It’s also home to an overzealous, ticky-tacky police force that arrests and tickets strip club customers and employees, for almost any traffic infraction in order to fund the city’s operations.

Right now, we really don’t know any other details about the arrest, like which strip club Allen was visiting, if any tigers were involved, or if he was freshly bathed…

I did call the Valley Brook PD to see if they could email the police report, but the nice lady said I would need to come to the station and file a request. I’m lazy and don’t want to get glitter in my eye, so screw that. I also have a request to the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office to see if they have any other details.

Either way, stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

TLO Restaurant Review: Chicken Shack 2 Go

I was traveling on I-35 for personal reasons a few days ago when, outside Guthrie, I passed a mile-high sign with three letters of temptation at the very top: B, B and Q. My stomach churning for down-home eats, I pulled into the parking lot just to give that ol’ devil a poke or two.

But, as I’d soon learn, the barbeque joint was long gone, now nothing more than a memorable grease-stain on my road atlas.

See, at this roadside pit-stop, there used to be a gas-station diner called Rodeo Corner BBQ, but I guess I was a few weeks late in catching them and their meats; however, now an old favorite of mine, Luther’s Chicken Shack, and their latest outing, the Chicken Shack 2 Go, has taken up residence at 901 E. Seward.

Mike Gundy May Have New Career as Right Wing Political Pundit

Earlier today, a photograph that shows Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy in a One America News Network (OAN) t-shirt made the rounds on Twitter. It was apparently taken last week at Lake Texoma:

Wow. This Mike Gundy redneckamorphosis has been something to watch. In the last 10 years, we’ve seen him transition from a fiery, respected football coach who protects his players from bad sports columnists into a noodling troll who taunts them with dead fish and right-wing logo apparel.

The fact that Mike Gundy is wearing an OAN shirt should not be surprising. This is because:

A) He’s conservative

B) He lives in rural Oklahoma

C) He has a mullet

In addition to that, check out the nice words Gundy had to say about the network during a press conference he’d eventually have to apologize for back in April:

It’s One America News. And it was so refreshing. They just report the news. There’s no commentary. There’s no opinions on this. There’s no left. There’s no right. They just reported the news. And I’ve been watching them the last week, because they’re given us the news and given us more information — in my opinion — some of the positives are coming out. So, that was refreshing.

Gundy’s glowing show of support of a right-wing cable propaganda channel that peddles alt-right conspiracy theories doesn’t sit too well with some of his players. Earlier today, star OSU running back who should have turned pro – Chuba Hubbard – sent a tweet stating that he was done with OSU “until things CHANGE:”

Church Accused of Running Abusive Internship Program

Last week, a gentleman by the name of Branden Palesano left a strongly worded note about church internships on his Facebook page. Check it out:

That’s scary. Internships and organized religion are emotionally and mentally abusive enough on their own, so just imagine what type of preachy, coffee-carrying, file cabinet organizing hell church interns must go through on the reg. Oh well, at least they’re not interns at the State Capitol.

The place of worship that Brandon was apparently referring to is Church of the Harvest. I, admittedly, don’t follow the OKC church scene all that closely, but based on its website, I guess it’s one of those LifeChurch.TV-style places where everyone puts on their nicest jeans to gather and dance to shitty live Christian rock music while washing away their Saturday night sin.

Brandon’s post at one point generated over 4,500 comments. In many of them, people openly accused the church’s leadership of enabling, allowing and conducting multiple forms of abuse, while others shared their own terrible experiences working in the church’s internship program, which apparently had a lot in common with Oklahoma’s slave labor drug rehab centers.

What we’d see if Netflix’s “Queer Eye” took place in Oklahoma

The older I get, the more I  am starting to enjoy TV shows that make me happy cry. And none has made me tear up more than Netflix’s Queer Eye! The series follows the Fab 5, a team of folk who travel around the country to swoop into the lives of average people and teach them how to cook for, care for, and, most of all, love themselves. While binging the latest season this weekend (and bawling my goddang eyes out), I began to wonder if the Fab 5 would ever think about making a pit stop in our state. Here’s what would happen if Queer Eye season 6 took place in Oklahoma!


Karamo Brown: Culture and Lifestyle

As the Culture and Lifestyle expert on Queer Eye, former social worker Karamo Brown works to bridge communication gaps between family members and help participants realize that self-care and personal development are vital for a whole, happy life. In Queer Eye: OK edition, Karamo will help average Oklahomans realize that talking about your feelings doesn’t make you weak and being a Trump supporter is not a personality trait.