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Grading the Oklahoma Speakers at the 2016 Republican National Convention…

oklahoma replican convention

Say what you want about their backwards policies, insane rhetoric, rampant hypocrisy, negative fear mongering, and disturbed ways of thinking, the Republicans sure know how to get our attention! From blatant plagiarism to colorful shouting matches to booing the one man in the party with enough courage to stand up to the evil villain who hijacked their party, watching a young adult dystopian future film come to life sure is must watch television.

Obviously, everyone this morning is talking about Donald Trump’s speech (or Jon Stewart’s brief return to late night, which makes me wonder why America’s greatest satirist retired right when we need him most). There are plenty of reviews, critiques, and “Oh shit, this is really happening” hot takes out there. If you want to read them, go find them. Instead, I’m going to focus on how Oklahomans did at the convention. Although they didn’t get much attention, several of them got stage time at the event. Including:

• Mick Cornett (a.k.a. Casey Cornett’s dad)

• Harold Hamm (Our country’s next Energy Secretary)

• Pam Pollard (The state party chair who dreams of an idyllic society where women set aside their own personal goals and ambitions to stay at home to dutifully serve their husband, produce babies and educate children from the bible)

• Mary Fallin (Want to know how desperate the GOP was to find speakers who don’t mind being associated with Trump? She spoke twice!)

Anyway, let’s start things off with TLO Trivia Night League Captain Mick Cornett…

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Friday Night in Big Town: Art All Night, New World Comic Con and Bands for Books

For those living in a small to medium-sized city and born before 1995, a true cultural giant is now in its last days. The plug has been pulled on all the Hastings Entertainment Superstores, and there will not be any resuscitation.

It was announced yesterday that a bid to buy the company by liquidators was approved by a court. This type of stuff isn’t quite in my wheelhouse, so I don’t know exactly what are the next steps, but all signs point to the chain closing.

For many of us who were born in the aforementioned era and towns, Hastings was a Mecca of entertainment. I struggle to think of another store where you could buy new and used CDs, DVDs and books, plus rent movies. Add to that a colossal magazine section and a halfway decent cafe, Hastings was a place to hang out for a bit in the small town 1990s.

For those growing up in the current iTunes/Netflix/Amazon/YouTube world and can’t relate to why I and others are a little down about this news, I ask you to do one thing: Imagine those entertainment avenues don’t exist. While you’re at it, imagine the internet doesn’t exist. This was why Hastings was great.

For me this is also a bit personal. I worked in receiving at the Norman store for nine years. From 2002-2011, if you touched any product, there is a high percentage chance I tagged, prepped, stocked or inventoried it. I met many good people, friends and a robot there. I’m sorry, but I cannot delve any further information about the robot for fear of my life. It knows Goju.

With that, Hastings joins Borders, Circuit City and Blockbuster in the great brick and mortar store in the sky. Happy trails Hastings, but sadly we won’t meet again.

Here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town….

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Someone Stole An Upside Down Tin Bevo Statue From A Museum In Lawton


It looks like some people in Lawton are continuing our state’s fine tradition of robbing and stealing from Native Americans.

According to this story in The Lawton Constitution, an orange and white tin Bevo statue that was displayed upside down in a rock garden outside the Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center was stolen last weekend.

Here are the details from Lawton’s finest news source:

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Donald Trump wants Uncle Hammy to be his Energy Secretary…

harold hamm

Back when Mary Fallin endorsed Donald Trump for President, I questioned “how much Larry Nichols, Harold Hamm and the rest of the Oklahoma Energy Mafia would pay to make Mary Fallin the Secretary of Energy?”

Well, I guess the answer is not very much.

According to Reuters, Donald Trump wants to cut Fallin out of the entire equation and name Harold Hamm as Energy Secretary if / when he’s elected President in November. Considering both gentlemen are greedy business moguls with bad hair who have had their fair share of high-profile, costly divorces, the move makes a lot of sense.

Via Reuters:

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How to stay sane during an Oklahoma summer

Summer is hard. Not only is it hot, but it’s pretty boring too. There are no sports to watch. I mean, you could watch baseball, but who would put themselves through all that? Couple that with the fact that most of your favorite show seasons are over for now, and you’ve got yourself a real lack of things to do.

But fear not! I won’t let the summer boredom take over. That’s why I’ve created this list of things to keep you sane during an Oklahoma summer!


10. Order Dippin’ Dots at Roxy’s.

I’ve said this before, and I’m going to keep encouraging our readers to do it until Roxy’s makes a flavor called Marisa’s Dippin’ Dots. (It will be a cake batter ice cream with tons of sprinkles mixed in to represent the Dippin Dots.)


9. Drink somewhere other than a patio.

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