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Redditor offers to drive people around OKC to hunt Pokémon…

As I recently mentioned, I made the plunge into Pokémon GO earlier this month. After spending a few weeks half-assedly playing the game, I’ve grown into a level 6 trainer and certified member of Team Valor.

pokemon patrick

Once again, I make for one good-looking, blue-haired, cartoon lesbian, don’t I? Now I know why Louis asked me to autograph that KD Lang “Constant Craving” cassette single he bought from Camelot Music in 1992.

Although I understand the fundamental basics of Pokémon GO, I still don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve never been to a Pokémon gym, and until this past weekend, I had no clue that eggs and incubators were things. Hell, I didn’t even know that Pokémon can evolve and escape from all those stupid balls you throw at them. I guess having friends who have kids finally paid off. They make great tutors.

I also have no clue how catching Pokémon really works. There were a ton in the Plaza District on Saturday night, but I generally just stumble across the creatures while walking the dog through my Pidgey and Rattata infested neighborhood. Are you supposed to hunt them? How do you know where to look? Maybe instead of figuring this out on my own, I should up my game and hire this dude from OKC Reddit to assist me:

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Channel 25 busts OK County Clerk for not showing up to work…

carolyn caudill

The lady pictured above who looks like she’s being asked why she didn’t flush the toilet is Carolynn Caudill. She’s the Oklahoma County Clerk, which means she, uh, well, I don’t really know what a county clerk does. I think they just stamp, file and organize things, which when you think about it, sounds like a boring, monotonous job, and probably helps explain why Ms. Caudill doesn’t like to go to work every day.


How often do you expect your elected officials to be at work or inside the building where their office is located?

Fox 25 Investigates has spent the last month investigating concerns about Oklahoma County Clerk Carolynn Caudill’s attendance in the office she’s asking you to elect her to once again. Caudill is a Republican seeking a sixth term in office. She failed to get more than half of the primary vote so she is facing an August runoff election.

However despite multiple , phone calls, text messages, emails and stops by her office she has never agreed to an interview to answer our questions about how often she is actually in the office.

While there is no official time sheet for any of the county’s elected officials – there is an electronic trail that will tell you when they are in or at least near the building.

FOX 25 requested the records that detail when the transponder in Caudill’s car opens the gate to allow her access to parking. We also requested records from when her personal electronic key card is swiped.

The records spanned a three month period from April through June, which included the time of the initial primary election in which Caudill ended up in a runoff.

There were 64 working days in the three months. According to the records there is no indication of Caudill’s vehicle entering, or her card being scanned for 40 percent of those days.

That’s awful. How dare this woman not show up at work and surf the Internet, text friends, send dirty emails to coworkers, and play Pokemon Go in the office like everyone else who hates their job. I’m outraged!


Caudill has said some of her missing days were related to running a campaign for re-election. For comparison we also requested records from county court clerk Rick Warren who was also running a political campaign during the same three months. His vehicle registered as arriving around 8-am nearly every work day. He too is involved in a run-off election.

The county office building opens to the public at 8 in the morning, however according to the records Caudill only ever arrived before 10 in the morning on eight of the 64 days. Of those 64 working days reviewed, there were only 10 days that have proof Caudill remained in the building even one minute past 4:30; the county offices close at 5:00 in the evening.

I’m kind of ashamed to admit this, but apparently Carolynn Caudill and I work the same schedule. Of course, it’s okay for me to do that because I’m professional blogger and not a public servant. I’m supposed to sleep in, fold mom and dad’s clothes, and then work a little bit before meeting friends for Happy Hour. It’s a different situation for Caudill. She just can’t mail it in and not show up to work. She has to at least pretend to care. That’s part of being an elected official, right?

In response to the KOKH report, Caudill emailed Channel 25. She accused Phil Cross of ambushing and threatening her:

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Is Kyle Singler working at a gas station in Oklahoma?

kyle singler fan

If you had to pick one Thunder player to get a summer job at a rural Oklahoma gas station, you would probably select Kyle Singler. You know the reasons why. Hard worker. People person. Bad basketball player.

Knowing that, imagine our lack of surprise to learn that Kyle is posing as a small town gas station worker named Jonathan and, in the process, doing nice, loyal things for the community.

From KFOR:

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Joleen Chaney is finally back on the air at Channel 4…


Back in June, I shared the exciting news that Joleen Chaney was returning to KFOR to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming my co-worker.

If you remember correctly, Loren Fultonberg and I were extremely excited about the news, but others around the office didn’t take it so well. Abby Broyles was so distraught that she had to take a quick trip to the New Mexico desert for a vision quest, while Linda Cavanaugh, who is usually not frazzled by the arrival of ambitious young starlets, staffed extra Social Media Bandits to guard her dressing quarters and now demands to be carried around the station in an over-sized palanquin lined with expensive silks sheets and fluffy goose-feathered pillows. I’m not going to lie, that thing is heavy.

After about a 45 day wait for the non-compete clause in her contract to expire, JoJo made her debut yesterday afternoon with Lance West on KFOR at 4. Here’s a pic:

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It’s time to not vote for Aaron Tuttle in The Best of OKC…

aaron tuttle best of okc

For like five or 20 years in a row now, we’ve been named the Best Blog or Website (and Best Person to Follow on Social Media) in The Oklahoma Gazette’s annual “Best of OKC” competition. We win this award each year because:

A) People nominate us

B) People vote for us

C) We’ve purchased six full-page, back cover ads in The Gazette, which according to advertising director Christy Duane, guarantees an easy victory.

Okay, I’m kidding about C. Every year the Gazette is accused by sore losers of rigging the ballot and/or providing preferential treatment to their advertisers. That’s not true at all. Yes, Gazette advertisers do rig the voting and nomination process, but not with their pocketbooks or an ad buy. They do it through ballot stuffing and aggressively encouraging their friends, family and employees to vote. There’s a big difference.

Voting in the Best of OKC can be a somewhat arduous process. As a result, here’s a brief guide on how to vote for us, and not our litigious rival Aaron Tuttle.

gazette best of okc

Step 1: Visit

While you’re there, be sure to read the “recent” article from April 29th about tour life coming at a real cost to local artists.

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