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Hot Girl Friday: Jillian Neville

Each year, the Washington D.C.-based publication The Hill takes a look at The 50 Most Beautiful people working at our nation’s capitol. Check out who made it in 2007:

Mary Fallin the hill

Way back when this was released, we conducted an investigation to find out which Molly Ringwald film the article was referring to. We’re pretty sure it was this one. Fast forward eight years, and now we’re investigating whether Mary’s daughter can live in a fifth-wheel at the Governor’s Mansion. It’s funny how things can change, but still stay the same.

Anyway, The Hill recently released its 2015 list of the 50 Most Beautiful People. The lone Oklahoman to make the cut was Jillian Neville. She’s an intern for James Lankford and apparently our Hot Girl Friday…

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107.7 The Franchise pissed off William Shatner


Throughout this week, fledgling OKC sports talk station 107.7 The Franchise has held a “Celebrity Call-in” contest where the listener who gets the “biggest” celebrity (as determined by a panel of judges) to call the station wins $500. So far, they’ve received calls from celebrities like Russell Westbrook, Jesse Jane and Joe Carter. Impressive, huh?

If the contest sounds kind of sad and gimmicky, it probably is. I wish the Franchise all the best in their uphill effort to dethrone The Sports Animal, but it reeks of desperation. It would be like Braum’s having a $500 contest to get a famous person to eat at their restaurant. That being said, I can’t really blame them for the stunt. They need listeners and callers about as bad as John Rohde needs a personality. Plus, it’s radio. It’s the medium where gimmicks are born and mastered. As a response, expect the Sports Animals to drop turkeys on the city so Jim Traber can make a big batch of soup.

Anyway, I guess some Franchise listener took things too far yesterday and started harassing THE William Shatner. The person tweeted, emailed and even called the pop culture icon’s office. The captain of the Starship USS Enterprise was not pleased…

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Friday Night in the Big Town: INKspit, Cat Videos and the Brothel of Boom

Two weeks ago I said in a FNITBT that the Real World reference I made would be my last. Well, not true. That lasted a fortnight. The Tulsa World reports MTV will hold an open casting call in OKC April 8th.

First, this show is still on? I watched seasons two and three. Thinking back about it, they were actually interesting. Both involved members being kicked out, including Puck in season three. He’s a jackass. Nobody likes Puck.

The casting call is for season 31. How on Earth did that happen? Nothing is fascinating after 31 rounds, just look at The Simpsons. Also, passive aggressive Twitter wars between roommates cannot be as interesting as this incident that resulted in the first ever eviction. However, there is one person that will be perfect for the show.

Here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town…

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Check out our new line of Oklahoma-centric graphic tees…

Look who’s getting back into the “awesome Oklahoma-inspired t-shirts you should buy” game.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered with our friends at The Okay See on Film Row to launch a new TLO line of Oklahoma-centric graphic tees and memorabilia. The first three shirts hit one of our favorite themes at the TLO Home Office: 1980s Oklahoma Nostalgia.

Check them out:


Crystal’s Pizza

The perfect tee to wear while taking a field trip, tossing ski-ball with friends, or watching old Casper the Friendly Ghost cartoons in a dimly lit theatre. If those references make no sense, you probably spent too much time at Showbiz. If they do, we’ll also accept 10,000 Crystal’s tickets as payment.


OK 89

The 1980s was a weird decade across the Sooner State. We had an oil boom, an oil bust and something strange probably happened to the Mathis Brothers. At least we ended things on a high note with the Olympic Festival. Show your support for aspiring Olympians in pursuit of their dreams… or at least, you would have if you were alive in 1989.


Oklahoma is OK!

And we wonder why Oklahomans have such an inferiority complex. Show your state pride (or at least a sense of humor) with the classic license plate slogan and design that let motorists from all over the country know that Oklahoma is simply… “OK!”

Each shirt runs $25 a pop, and we’re hoping to have a limited supply available for sale this Friday night at H&8th. You can find them at The Okay See booth located on 10th and Hudson in the INDUSTRY FLEA just west of Bleu Garten.

If waiting in lines at food trucks isn’t your style, you can also pre-order the shirts online at the The Okay See website. If these sell (and why wouldn’t they?) we hope to launch three news shirt every few months or so.

Anyway, we hope you like these and buy one of each for all your family and friends. We want to get rich. Also, if you have any design ideas, send us an email. If we use your idea, we’ll send you some free shirts.

Someone should cut the Canadian River rope swing

canadian river rope swing

One of my favorite things to do when I get with a group of people around my age or older is to count up all the things we did as kids that are now super illegal, or considered to be some form of child abuse. I’m not saying my parents did bad things. I’m just saying apparently you can’t let your kid ride their bike to the 7-Eleven these days without someone writing a 5,000 word think piece on the Huffington Post about the dangers of “free range parenting.” Oh, and when my parents weren’t home, me and a group of kids from the neighborhood used to swarm into my backyard to jump from the treehouse and onto the trampoline. Sometimes, you got enough air, you could almost jump back up to the treehouse. Almost. (Sorry Mom and Dad. But this is like one of the lesser things that you didn’t know about.)

Now as an adult, I can’t look at things like treehouses and trampolines, or even Turner Falls the same way. I care for my safety, have a rudimentary understanding of physics, know my insurance deductible, and am brutally aware of my own limitations when it comes to physical acts. However, not everyone is this way. In fact, more people than you’d guess seem to think they can successfully maneuver a rope swing. From

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