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Mike Morgan left a salty note on Aaron Tuttle’s Facebook Page…


In today’s installment of As The Doppler Turns…

Last night, an Ogle Mole sent me a screenshot of a salty Facebook comment that KFOR Chief Meteorologist Mike Morgan left on Aaron Tuttle’s Facebook Page. The comment was in response to this Washington Post article that Aaron shared with his 100,000+ followers. The article, which was written by Angela Fritz, was highly critical of the local and national media weather forecasters, including KFOR Channel 4, and the role they played in generating fear about Tuesday’s weather fizzle.

Yeah, that’s right. Aaron “Mr. F5 Tornado May Hit The Metro” shared an article that criticizes the fear inducing weather media, an exclusive group that Aaron Tuttle has been a part of for over a decade…

aaront tuttle washington post

Forget what Aaron said, I agree with the Washington Post article 100%. Tuesday was the wake-up call. We need a responsible weather media that doesn’t resort to clickable headlines and panic-inducing forecasts when predicting the weather. All that does is drum up fear, tv ratings and website page views. We need responsible, non-sensationalized weather reporting like what you’d find in the Washington Post…

washington post

Okay, so maybe the Washington Post isn’t the best example for non-sensationalized weather reporting, but on a positive note, it’s good to be reminded every now and then that hypocrisy exists in places outside of Oklahoma. Sometimes, like today, we really need it.


Mike Morgan didn’t like the fact that Aaron Tuttle shared the article on Facebook. We know this because Mike left this now deleted Facebook comment on Aaron’s wall:

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10 questions I have about the OKC Ultimate Epicenter Hat Tournament

ultimate frisbee

There’s truly a great big world out there like the one I’ve seen on TV. And it’s full of different and interesting things. Like the other day I say a pitbull corgi mix on the end of a leash, and I couldn’t contain all the joy I felt in my heart. Discovering new things truly is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

I felt the same joy upon seeing the OKC Ultimate website, and seeing the page about the Hat Tournament. It’s truly a magnificent world we live in! People can play games with a frisbee, and even organize tournaments named after articles of clothing.

But my excitement and joy soon subsided when I realized I had some questions, very important questions that needed answering. That’s why I’ve created my list of 10 questions I have about the OKC Ultimate Epicenter Hat Tournament.

Do people play ultimate frisbee outside of the north oval at OU?

I only ask because that’s the only place I’ve ever seen it happen.

Will Dave Matthews be providing the soundtrack to the tournament?

If so, then I’ll have to respectfully decline.

Will players be rocking that scoober?

Admittedly, 98% of my ultimate frisbee knowledge comes from one episode of Parks and Rec where this is said.

How many Phish/String Cheese Incident stickers will be on cars in the parking lot?

I really just want the over/under here. I like to make bets.

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Mike Morgan may have a thing for Aaron Tuttle…


David Payne wasn’t the only person who let things get weird last night.

KFOR Weather Chief Mike Morgan was also a bit off his game during yesterday’s bout of severe weather porn. When not trying to will a Gustnado to life, he seemed genuinely confused and somewhat disappointed that the devastating weather everyone predicted never really arrived. It was weird to watch. He was behaving like the fight he dropped $79 for on pay-per-view lasted only a few seconds, or that Marla got a sudden headache after a $200 anniversary dinner at Musashi’s.

As a result, we were presented with gems like this where Mike Morgan got all flustered and tried to go to Aaron Tuttle in Chickasha:

That’s funny. What’s even funnier is it happened again a few hours later:

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David Payne had a rough night…

mike morgan david payne

Unless you were hospitalized with a panic attack thanks to the week-long fear mongering of our local weather media, it looks like we made it through yesterday’s severe weather event with only a few bruises, scratches and down power lines.

Yes, the deadly PDS Weather Event – Copyright © 2016 Mike Morgan – that had been hyped for a week never quite materialized, leaving our local media and weather forecasting community with some massive Jimmy’s Egg on their face.

David Payne accurately and accidentally summarized the event early on. Check this out:

In case you care, the “mouth” David Payne was referring to belongs to the local weather media. The one doing the “business” was Mother Nature.

Seriously, that’s amazing. Outside of “That storm is going down on Val,” I don’t think there is a more raunchy way to describe severe weather. How did the phrase even land in David Payne’s vernacular? Does he use “That Mouth Is Open For Business” often, or did he just pick it up from Dean Blevins.

Then again, maybe he was just really hungry and wanted some Cinnabon:

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Meet some of Oklahoma’s snobbiest fast food connoisseurs…

The interest in food in America has been surging in recent years. Popular culture has been inundated with rockstar chefs and food personalities such as cool guy Anthony Bourdain, fun and inspiring David Chang, and the animated bag of Cool Ranch Doritos that is Guy Fieri. People are obsessing about where their food comes from and how it’s prepared.

Oklahoma has been following that trend. New restaurant concepts are springing up all over OKC and Tulsa. Food trucks have been cool and exciting long enough to where they are almost passé. Phrases like “farm to table” and “nose to tail” are slowly becoming as common as ones like “hold the tomatoes” or “drown my salad in gravy.”

Despite the fascination with carefully sourced and prepared food, Okies still love their garbage food. Chicken fried steak, onion burgers, bacon, deep-fried everything- if it’s full of meat, salt, and grease, then Oklahomans probably love it. We don’t have one of the highest rates of heart disease in the country for nothing, you know.

So it comes as no surprise that Durant, Oklahoma is apparently #2 in the entire country for fast food restaurants, according to this list that KFOR posted. With a population of over 16,000 people, Durant has 10.9 fast food restaurants per 10,000 citizens. I don’t understand math and numbers at all, which is why I’m a writer and not an engineer or something that actually pays money, but that sounds like a shitload of junk food.

This got me wondering what the food scene in Durant is like. I took to Yelp, a website that lets anybody post their uninformed and reactionary reviews for any restaurant. If the residents there eat a lot of fast food, they must be true connoisseurs of the drive-thru scene. Here’s a list of some of the places to stay away from next time you’re going to visit the World’s Largest Peanut:

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