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It’s time for the wiener dog races

Like any red-blooded American, when I think of this great country of ours, I think of mom and pop, baseball, apple pie, and wiener dog racing. As everyone knows, today is the 3rd annual Oklahoma Gazette Dachshund Dash. Frankly, I don’t think it takes much to get fired up for an event that can be sponsored by a company called “Dog Gone Poop.”

A few things strike me about the Gazette official program for the Dachshund Dash. First, the fact that there is a Gazette official program for the Dachshund Dash. Secondly, there seems to be a pretty strong correlation between owners who enter wiener dogs in wiener dog races and owners who dress their wiener dog in stupid outfits. This means that if you’re anywhere near the Fairgrounds this afternoon after 1 o’clock, there is a good chance you will be affected by the enormous amount of Annoying in the air. I particularly like the dog that is dressed up to look like a hot dog. Thirdly, I had no idea that the wiener dog was such an intelligent breed of dog. It seems that each and every one of the entrants in today’s races actually wrote their bio and sent it in themselves! And finally, I would like to say that it is not lost on me that the very next story in the Gazette following the wiener dog race preview is a feature on an Edmond restaurant with this headline: “Hot diggity dog! A subtle neighborhood gem, Iggy’s fills the yen for an all-American hot dog — and more, served by folks all the way from Sarajevo.” The editors at the Oklahoma Gazette have an outstanding sense of humor.

Also, for you you amateur filmmakers out there who think you’ve got a great idea for a documentary and are planning on heading down to the races with cameras in hand, I’m sorry to inform you that, astonishingly, someone has beaten you to the punch.


  1. There must be some reason that watching a wiener dog “run” makes me smile. While watching greyhounds race makes me feel weak and hungry. Watching these goofy little sausage legged creatures got me thinking, we all have one of those friends that we have never seen run, there is a very good reason for this they look stupid doing so. Everyone has there price, for wiener dogs it may be a fallen piece of cheese, for our non athletic friends it may have to be a make out session with that girl in his Biology lab, or cash. What ever the price it will be well worth it, imagine for a moment 10 pudgy legged funny eared racers most likely falling every two or three feet until one of the silly kids find the finish line. Now theres an Olympic sport.

  2. will you please give me the info on when the weiner dog races will be.we want to enter our dog.

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