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Jack Bowen Lives!

Jack Bowen

From the too-weird-to-be-made-up file:

Former KOCO 5 & KOKH 25 lead news anchor Jack Bowen is the Internet Sales Manager at Cable Volkswagen. The last time I heard anything about Jack, I think it had to do women’s clothes and shoplifting. And that was in 1999.

Anyway, it’s good to see that Jack has landed back on his feet. If you are like me and for some reason are thinking about buying a manssiere VW, you can reach Jack personally at 361.0217 and receive his internet only “no haggle” prices.

p.s.- I can’t wait for the day when Tyler Suitors is the Internet Sales Manager at Saturn of Edmond.

Update: It looks like a got my scandals confused.  Here is the transcript of an interview that Jack gave to Linda C. at Channel 4 a few years ago.  He was accused of stalking a mistress.  Nice.


  1. Do we have visual confirmation that this isn’t just a guy trading on having the same name as Jack Bowen?

  2. Jesus that article at KFOR is so badly written. “Jack Bowen’s life was in a [i]death spiral[/i]”, “..the victims at [i]ground zero[/i] included his wife and two daughters.” Victims at ground zero? You’re fucking joking me.

  3. I saw him a couple years ago. He was checking at Sams over by Quail Springs Mall! Some zit-faced checker was yelling at “Jack” to come give him a break. He had these $.99 Walgreens bifocals on and a little blue Sams jacket.
    Pathetic really.

  4. I bought a car from Jack a couple of years ago at Cable. He was pretty nice. He mentioned that some kid he featured on “Wednesday’s Child” back in the day later wound up on Jerry Springer or something.

    Also, the deal with his stalking allegations also involved him in some form of drag or disguise. I googled all that to refresh my memory back when I ran into him at Cable, wild stuff.

  5. for real, what IS up with that interview? please explain:

    “I am not a perfect person. I’ve done things myself, but God forgives me and he’s forgiven Jack. Jack has asked for forgiveness and we should accept that,” Linda Bowen says. “Oh, he’s got our dog. Our dog always goes with him all the time.”

    what the hell? “he’s got our dog.” what are you talking about? what does that have to do with anything?

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