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Top 100 Oklahoma Embarrassments: 40-31

40. Ronnie Kaye

My first memory of Ronnie Kaye is from when he anchored the Oklahoma News Report segments on Channel 25 during the 1980s. For some reason, I guess the powers that be thought it would be a good idea to give the kids a quick Oklahoma news update between GI Joe and Transformers. At the time, I remember thinking, “How embarrassing. If I ever contribute to a list of Oklahoma’s Top 100 embarrassments, Ronnie Kaye and this stupid news report is going to be on it. Now where did I put my glass of Tang.”

39. Jim Traber
Over the past three months, we’ve written so much about Jim Traber that we considered leaving him off our list. But really, what type of Oklahoma embarrassments list would it be without Traber? Maybe we should ask Al.

38. Biker Fox

According to some sources, Biker Fox is allegedly a real person. If he is a real, mentally disturbed person, then he’s not an embarrassment. But after looking at his website, it’s still hard for me to believe that Biker Fox is not the work of some down-and-out actor looking to get some fame or notoriety in any way possible. And after looking at this page, maybe he is kind of succeeding.

37. Steve Largent
The image

Some people would think Steve Largent made this list because her got “angry” with a Channel 25 reporter when questioned about the 9/11 statement he made while hunting in some remote area far away from civilization. This is not true. We are still pissed off the Steve Largent inspired an entire generation of slow, chubby white kids to think they had what it took to be a wide receiver on their little league team.

36. Rowdy the Redhawk

Why Rowdy is here:
1. At every Redhawks game, Rowdy races a five year old kid around the bases. At every game, he loses.
2. We are still kind of fond of Robo Niner.

35. Harland Stonecipher

Ada mega-millionaire Harland Stonecipher is the founder and CEO of PrePaid Legal Services. PrePaid Legal is a company that sells “legal insurance” through a gimmicky multi-level marketing scheme. So if you ever show up to a friends house for “dinner”, and by the end of the night find yourself begrudgingly listing the names of three friends and then their three friends, blame the Harland Stoneciphers’ of the world.

34. Oral Roberts

In 1987, during a fund raising drive, Roberts announced to a television audience that unless he raised $8 million that God would “call him home.” At least his first name is Oral.

33. Sooners (actual)

As Oklahoman’s, we all know that the Sooners were the people that jumped the gun in the land run. That pretty much means that the first true Oklahomans were cheaters and thieves. If that’s not embarrassing enough, the State’s University goes off an makes these people the school’s mascot. Fortunately, most people from outside Oklahoma think that a Sooner is a either a covered wagon or a paid collegiate football athlete .

32. Richard Dumas

Know what’s bad? Richard Dumas is a former Tulsa native and Oklahoma State Basketball player that had a potentially stellar NBA career cut short by drug abuse. Know what’s worse? Dumas isn’t the highest ranked former Oklahoma State Basketball player on this list!

31. Jason White*

Sure, he won a Heisman Trophy, but he seemed to choke in the Sooners biggest games. Then he ‘retired’ from professional football after showing up at training camp for a few weeks. And now he’s the biggest OU autograph whore this side of Billy Sims. How dare you, Jason White!

*Clark Matthews, our resident OSU fan, demanded that Jason White appear as an Oklahoma embarrassment.

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  1. J-White can be on the list. Just as long as Dexter Manley tops the list of football embarrassments.

  2. One thing you guys may not realize about Jim Traber is that he played ball in the major leagues. Just sayin’…..

  3. “boz says:
    One thing you guys may not realize about Jim Traber is that he played ball in the major leagues. Just sayin'”¦..”

    And he has Cal Ripken Jr’s phone number in his cell.

  4. Jason White should be higher, those horrible teeth, and the illegitimate child are enough to make him a huge embarrassment to this state.

  5. If there is someone higher than Dumas, then it’s got to be Starks, right? Ahhh the ’94 NBA Finals. My dad and I didn’t know who/what to hate more; the intrusive OJ chase coverage or Starks shooting (it was this). Just kidding though, I know it’s going to be Reeves who gets the nod on the list.

  6. i cannot tell you how much fun it was to explain what sooners were to kids from new england when i lived there. mostly because it’s really boring and i don’t want to talk about it, but also because it’s humiliating. really? sooners?

  7. At least you had something to say Blythe. It’s not like you’re from Indiana and trying to explain why you’re a Hoosier.

  8. I was listening to KOMA one day, and they had Peter Noone from The Herman’s Hermis on. The lady was talking about a concert from 1965, and Ronnie Kaye butts in and says,”I was there.” Ronnie, Peter was the star of the concert, not you.

  9. I actually ran into biker fox at a bar in Tulsa one time, I had my picture taken with him, he is a huge celeb!!

  10. I preferred Abner 89er to Robo Niner. He had the sweet flat-top hat and a chin that would comfortably sleep three small children.

  11. Free Wheeling Gas & Energy Bill

    We should get rid of Thousands of cars on the road. Crazy drivers.

    140.00 dollars a barrell. $4.50 a gallon. Oklahoma how high does gasoline need to go before we start riding bicycles to work? How high? $10.00 a gallon? $20.00 dollars a gallon? It only takes 30 minutes to go 5 miles on a bike. Did you know that? We could set a presedent. Showers a must at the workplaces. Come on Tulsa! I have not heard one politician in Oklahoma or anywhere else talk about have better avenues for bikes to travel without having to worry about cars. Maybe thats why Bikerfox was created. Old people thinking old I guess. No love in their hearts. No Imagination folks.!!!!!!! Same old Same old.

    I am the world famous Bikerfox! Do you believe in God? I do!

  12. What the hell is a “former Tulsa native”??

    Did he usta be born in Tulsa and now he’s not??

  13. A couple of months ago, I was at Penn Square and I saw Jason White… wearing a Jason White t-shirt…

    He should be bumped up a couple of spots for that fact alone.

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