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So, what did we miss?


The Top 100 Oklahoma Embarrassments have come and gone. So far, the criticism has been pretty minimal. In fact, the only real complaint about the list came from a blogger posting a comment at Dustbury. She also made a similar post here. Her name is Lynn.

Lame. I think the guy should probably move. Actually, some things and people on the list are cringeworthy (Tom Coburn, Steve Largent, Oral Roberts) and there are a lot of people on it that I don’t know anything about but mostly the list just makes me go “Huh?” Also, I expected that noodling would make the list although I find that more amusing than embarrassing.

Personally, I would have included “People who don’t know the difference between ‘there’ and ‘their’ and “People who mis-use apostrophes” but I guess those are not limited to Oklahoma.

Granted, her criticism had more to do with our lack of basic grammar skills and her lack of Oklahoma knowledge, which is probably what you would expect from a lady who’s blog highlight is a post about Doritos marketing. But her post does make me wonder:

Is the scathing opinion of a random 50-year-old blogger the best we can do?

Right now it is, and we really need to fix it! If you get a chance, please leave a comment or two about some of the fine Oklahoma Embarrassments we may have missed. Just make sure that it has nothing to do with noodling or our grammar.

Also, starting next week, we will begin our next countdown: The Lost Ogle’s Top 100 Ideas for the Oklahoma 100 Ideas Initiative. According to the organization’s website, the 100 Ideas Initiative is a commitment to listen to the state’s citizens, to be guided by their ideas.

That’s perfect for us. We have some pretty good ideas. Hopefully, most of them will make Lynn go “Huh?”


  1. Other languagy embarrassments might be people who say “I seen” instead of “I saw.” Or who say “should have went” instead of “should have gone.” Or okie accents that produce, just for example, “jell” instead of “jail,” or “pin” instead of “pen,” or “aboot” instead of “about.” Oh wait, that’s Canada…

  2. One of my pet peeves is people who can’t figure out the difference between there, their, and they’re. Also, your and you’re. I think Lynn would approve of the grammar forum this is about to become.

  3. Was the movie Twister mentioned? What about Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s role in that movie?

    “The Suck Zone”. It’s the point basically when the twister… sucks you up. That’s not the technical term for it, obviously. – Dusty, Twister (1996)

    Another embarassment, all the storm chaser wannabes attracted to OU… the most obnoxious of which drive cars with instruments atop, as if their wind gust measurements are going to unlock the mystery of tornadogenesis. You ever been out on the road on the wake of one of these storms? Literally, it’s a traffic jam of these storm chaser yahoos converging on the same place at the same time, all jacked up on adrenaline and fooling themselves that they’re out “protecting the public” by giving advanced warning. No, really what they’re doing is hauling ass, driving their cars through the viewfinders of their camcorders, gawking up at the sky with mouths agape and just generally behaving like idiots. Someday a car full of these nimrods will get too close and they’ll all get killed, mark it down.

  4. I said this before but it’s worth repeating…Twister is embarrasing, but the fact that they play it on a continous loop in Will Rogers airport is even more embarassing.

  5. lol, i never noticed that they played that movie in the airport. you brought up a point of its own.

    Will Rogers “World” Airport is an embarrasment of its own.

  6. Will Rogers “World” Airport is an embarrasment of its own

    That is less embarrassing than the fact that OKC is a city that has, not one, but two airports named after people that died in an airplane crash.

  7. “Word out of Maysville is that Twister 2 is about to be filmed.”

    HOLY HELL! The apocalypse is at hand. REPENT!

  8. The fact that just about every famous musician from Oklahoma is a country act (Reba, Garth, Vince Gill, etc.)

    The fact that just about anyone who has never been to Oklahoma thinks all we have around here are oil wells, cowboys and indians…I was in the Navy from 94-98 and trust me, people from Florida, Virginia, New York, etc. really wondered if Oklahoma had civilized life and people…Seriously.

    The fact that our main football team and probably the most famous thing from or in Oklahoma is named after cheaters…Go Sooners!!!

  9. edmond is a pretty big embarrassment. everything closes at 8pm, the 162 foot cross, the lack (fear) of people who aren’t white… everytime i drive into edmond i say to myself “oh hello 1950’s america, so this is where you’ve been hiding.”

  10. Joel, some guys calling themselves “The Flaming Lips” are on line 1? They sound angry.

    That, and Merle Haggard left a message, he sounds disappointed you forgot about him.

  11. I’ll tell you what’s an embarrassment, the towns closest to Arkansas. People from Arkansas think Oklahoma is trash because of these towns and I can’t blame them. PEOPLE FROM ARKANSAS think this for God’s sake! Ever heard or been through Moffet?

  12. Don’t remember if it made the list, but The Rant by one of the found Ogles is the most insipid embarrasing wastes of airspace around.

    Jason White’s Heisman acceptance speech.

    OSU fans mentioning wrestling titles.

    Lifechurch.tv satellite churches.

    Al Eschbach’s grammar.

  13. What about Mark Shannon. Surely it worthy of some recognition when one is as annoying as, but not as competent as Al Eschbach.

  14. Meg Alexander…honestly, how many idiotic fluff pieces can anyone “star” in? And Meg, you can have roots touched up. Honestly.

  15. Was OKC radio mentioned? Jack and Ron suck. The KATT overplays Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Nirvana. Gary England on Drew and Casey’s show is not funny but Drew and Casey laugh at his comments for some reason. KRXO overplays The Beatles and Led Zepplin. Al Eshbach is a mysogynist. WKY 930 can’t figure out what kind of station it wants to be. Bob Barry Sr. should’ve retired from broadcasting OU football games years ago. KOMA is stuck in the 60s and 70s. KRXO and KHBZ insult OKC’s listeners by using non-Oklahoma on-air talent for weekday morning shows. The KATT employs Greg Zoobeck during the mornings intstead of the evenings. Jim Traber is a blow-hard.

    The best thing about OKC radio?: 97.3Jack-FM lacks on-air talent. it’s just music. Isn’t this why we listen to the radio? Music?

  16. How can that politician that proposed little boxing gloves on roosters for cock fights not be on the list?

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