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Gay Californian + OU Football = Comedy Gold

Apparently this aired last week, after the OU/Texas game, but I don’t watch Jay Leno, preferring the comedic stylings of Letterman or Stephen Colbert or really anyone who is actually funny. So I came across this late, on the internet. If you’ve seen it already, complaints can be mailed to youarenotpunctual@thelostogle.com.

My favorite part, of course, is that “Sooner Man” does not know what a Sooner is. How embarrassing is this? And tell me, is there any school in the country that has a worse collection of “faces” of the program? Toby Keith, the Horsepigs, this “Sooner Man” guy, and “Boomer” the horse that ABC had introduce the starters during the Texas game? It enough to make me want to go all Gundy on somebody.


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