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I HEART Amy McRee & I STORM Gary England T-Shirts

The Lost Ogle T-Shirts

So, I had this idea to make these t-shirts. Sometimes I wish I had better ideas like how to stop world hunger or even how to make Jack and Ron funny, but when you’re blessed with the abilty to design cool t-shirts that maybe you and 50 other people on the Internet may get, you just go with it.

Anyway, I put these designs up on Zazzle.com. You can check them out (and a couple of TheLostOgle.com logo shirts) at Zazzle.com/thelostogle. I chose Zazzle over CafePress because Zazzle offered American Apparel tee’s, which are the most comfortable t-shirts ever. Of course if you don’t care how the shirts feel, you can choose different and cheaper styles.

Also, if you need to be reminded of the inspiration for one of the shirts. Check out our favorite anchorwomen and her pink bikini after the jump.

Doesn’t that feel better? And Amy, I’ll always heart you.


  1. If you would make an “I heart Linda Cavanaugh” Medic Alert bracelet, I’d buy one for my grandmother.

  2. Has anyone in this town actually gone out on a date with this woman? With all the gossip on the Net, you’d think someone would spot her on a date, but in all these years I’ve never seen it.

    TheLostOgle needs to shake the bushes and put out a “call for gossip”. Readership would soar, and you guys would be legends of journalism.

    Inquiring minds want to know…

    We need to get her on The Bachelorette TV show.

  3. I’m not sure we actually want to make the jump from admirer to stalker. I’ve had friends see her in restaurants, so I’m sure she goes out some. But, barring some sort of public outburst, I doubt you’ll see a whole lot about her personal life here.

  4. I know someone who once dated her, but he is now married and I don’t want to tell the story for him, so I won’t.

    Of course, she does have an elementary school child as well.

  5. I heart Amy McCree and her four friends who all appear to have implants (except for the one on the left). But, she’s pretty hot too.

    Ok thats a long t-shirt title, but damnit it’s true!

  6. One more thing. Am I the only one that thinks her bathing suit looks like something from the early 90’s?

  7. Ah, 1936D, a very good year.

    That swimsuit is about 4 square inches from an R-rated movie. She must be really hacked that this picture leaked onto the Net. It was taken in July 2005, and originally appeared on Flickr.com from the orginal photographer. It vanished about a month later, but by then it was too late. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

  8. From what I understand there were other photos hacked from that account that got deleted because a jealous wife found them on the computer.

  9. I think the shirts are a great idea something funny for OKC…But Amy on 1??? I don’t think that’s justice. I think the new princess of oklahoma city air waves is now LAUREN RICHARDSON…I would buy it with her on it….I think they would be great an better to look at… I think they should have promotion in the morning on billboards, they should havs a big pic of lauren and they should read “who doesn’t want to wake up to this in the morning.” with that show it destin for grestness she is the show..

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